Wikileaks just revealed who leaked Hillary’s Emails

The mere notion Russia had anything to do with the outcome of the US Presidential election is so preposterous it’s hard to believe anyone would have the nerve putting such drivel out. Moreover, when are these media whores going to elaborate – tell us perhaps how Putin pulled off such a miraculous feat? Even though I’ve been aware of media lies for quite some time now, I never imagined they could sink this low. When they set up Lee Harvey Oswald at least they did a proper number on him but to come out with such whoppers while possessing zero back up?


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Not that this deserves any serious contemplation but if one bothers, was not Bernie Sanders a far more popular candidate than Hillary Clinton? I featured how his rallies were loaded while Hillary’s were sparse by comparison. The media simply lied their butts off. They knew the truth – the election for the Democratic nominee was rigged. It mattered not how many votes Bernie received. Their job was to make Hillary appear the more popular candidate so that when the fake election results were announced, there wouldn’t be a major scream up. As it happens, hard as the media tried to play down any talk of a fix, this fiasco alone caused irrevocable damage to her party. It was obvious untold numbers of Democrats were seriously pissed & they had every reason to be.



So if the Russians were that opposed to Hillary & to be perfectly frank, how could they not be concerned a crazed lunatic was a gnat’s whisker away from taking up the reins, surely it would have been infinitely easier helping Bernie, the man who would have been the rightful winner rather than rigging the actual vote for the Presidency? I mean this is beginners stuff here for Christ sake! Not to mention how no concrete evidence has ever been provided. If there’s one good thing to come from this – at last it seems people are not falling for the media’s bullshit any more. That’s not to say they’ll stop making up the most outrageous porkies. They will because they’ve nowhere else to go but at least people en mass now are beginning to realise this.


I thought this story Gale Obler sent me pretty much summed up this farce. It does not surprise me in the slightest someone close to Hillary was responsible for the email leaks that in all likelihood cost her the Presidency. Why do I say this? Because when one conducts any meaningful research regarding the Clintons, one rapidly discovers what truly vile people they really are. Everyone close, however loyal, however conscientious, is treated atrociously. No surprise therefore, someone close to Hillary pulled the plug on her. I, personally, would love to shake that person’s hand.


IT’S OVER! Wikileaks Just Revealed Who Leaked Hillary’s Emails! This Is TERRIBLE News For Her!

“The person responsible for the email leaks is a Clinton insider that apparently hates her so much they were willing to risk their life to expose to the world just how terrible she and the rest of the Democrats truly are. If there is one thing Hillary is good at it’s making enemies, and this time she pissed off the wrong person!”




Since I have a few links regarding Julian Assange in the ‘waiting to incorporate’ box, what better time than to throw a few in. The first one is an article from a guy I’ve plenty of time for – Glenn Greenwald. He makes a total mockery of Ben Jacobs’ article in the Guardian regarding Assange…..

It made two primary claims – both of which are demonstrably false. The first false claim was hyped in the article’s headline: “Julian Assange gives guarded praise of Trump and blasts Clinton in interview.” This claim was repeated in the first paragraph of the article: “Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has offered guarded praise of Donald Trump.”


The second claim was an even worse assault on basic journalism. Jacobs set up this claim by asserting that Assange “long had a close relationship with the Putin regime.” The only “evidence” offered for this extraordinary claim was that Assange, in 2012, conducted eight interviews that were broadcast on RT.


A while back the Guardian was the only newspaper reporting anything remotely near the truth. The only decent editor around was their editor but he was hounded as if he’d head-butted the local vicar! Inevitably the Zionist malignant tumor extended to the clutches of this newspaper & soon, as Greenwald points out in this excellent piece, the Guardian would be pumping out the same old regurgitated Zionist claptrap!


I was sent the 3rd link because of George Michael’s untimely death & Sony. It’s another Wikileaks revelation which once again shows just how we really do live in a world where a virulent strain of cancer is spreading. The antidote is the truth which Zionists are working overtime to suppress.

Wikileaks Sony Hack Reveals Hollywood’s Hand In Repairing Israel’s Broken Image

Finally a link from TruthKings which evolved around the time rumors of Assange being abducted were all over the Internet. It deals with the alleged torture of Bradley Manning, the overthrow of Gaddafi & the fact Hillary Clinton involvement in both cannot be understated.


ASSANGE: ‘U.S. Tortured Our Source’




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