Will Israel Nuke the entire Planet? Google the Samson Option

Whether Standing Order 11110 was the catalyst for his assassination or the fact he said ‘under no circumstances should Israel acquire nuclear weapons’, one thing I’d bet my life on – herein lies the reason JFK was murdered. Anyone who thinks an American President can be taken out by any Tom, Dick or Harry is dreaming. This is partly down to Hollywood, the masters of subliminal brain-washing, along with the dumbing-down process which lamentably has been a resounding success. As a result so many people now possess a serious disability when it comes to asking the simplest of questions.  

The truth is altogether a different story. What’s more, the answer as to who was behind JFK’s demise is as clear as daylight. It couldn’t be more obvious. One only has to ask how could the media neglect to mention Standing Order 11110, which on June 4 1963 effectively relinquished the Rothschilds control of the Federal Reserve Board or the fact JFK was adamant Israel must not acquire nuclear weapons, the very fiefdom created by the Rothschilds? Of course it would have been game, set & match had the media done it’s job. Can one even imagine what would have happened had the nation’s finger been pointed at the Rothschilds? Well, I can guarantee one thing – the world would have been infinitely better off & wouldn’t be in anything like the dire straits it’s in today!

So, one is obliged to demand, why did the media protect the Rothschilds by covering up the very strong motives they had? What earthly reason could there be? Again the answer stares everyone squarely in the face – the media is owned & controlled by the very same people! It’s as simple as that! If any other billionaire was responsible, the media would have gone to town!

Moreover, when one looks at 9/11 & what’s happening today, the only reason this occurred is because the greatest gangsters in history own mainstream media. My only hope is that JFK was right when he said, “it’s never too late, just remember that.” The good news is he was 100% correct about everything else he said! Check out this brilliant clip (2.49) I came across in the group ‘Truthers Against Zionist Lobbies.’ The Samson Option is just another fact people should know about –


And speaking of assassinations, can you imagine what an uproar there would be if some idiot stated Theresa May should be assassinated. Don’t get me wrong, she deserves the firing squad for committing Treason, just like Blair & Cameron but this has to involve the due process of the law. However, any daft talk of assassination they’d use as just another excuse to usher in more laws that further erode our fundamental rights. One thing for sure, the media would have a field day…… yet when some bastard states Jeremy Corbyn should be assassinated, not only is there zero mention of it on mainstream media but FB inexplicably deemed, THIS WAS NOT HATE SPEECH & so refused to take it down! I’m fed up with saying the chronic double standards literally beggar belief. Only RT bothered to highlight this…..

Facebook refuses to remove Corbyn death threat as it ‘doesn’t go against standards’


I cannot recall one warmonger who’s croaked in suspicious circumstances. Only the good ones die prematurely. I’d like to bet Timothy J. Russert, the great anchorman of the US show ‘Meet the Press’, was heart-attacked just like Labour leader John Smith. His untimely death when he was full of beans opened the way for mass-murderer Tony Blair. They better not try the same thing with Jeremy Corbyn. 


Finally, while we’re on the subject of chronic double standards, assassination & murder, let’s remind ourselves how UK & the EU reacted to the alleged assassination of a Russian double agent. For now, let’s ignore the distinct likelihood this was yet another false/flag Mossad set up job. What we were told is, what so angered Theresa May was the fact this happened on our soil. Okay. Right. Now look at the caption below….. 

What we have here is the IDF plotted up on the Gaza border, all set & ready for target practice! I know scant few people seem to give a damn but the only way the Palestinians can protest in order to bring attention to their horrendous plight is by organising mass demonstrations like the current ‘Great March of Return.’ The thing is thanks to these cowardly murderers, so-called IDF soldiers, already 17 Palestinians have been killed; over 500 injured. Why? Because the world says nothing when they open fire on unarmed civilians!

WHY DOESN’T THERESA MAY SAY ANYTHING HERE? THE PALESTINIANS ARE ON THEIR OWN LAND. THIS IS OUT-&-OUT MURDER YET THIS EVIL WOMAN SAYS NOTHING! Here we have an open & shut case of multiple acts of cold-blooded murder & once again, there is hardly any mention of this in the media. 

RT: Moscow condemns Israeli use of force during protests on Gaza border


PressTV: Iran FM slams ‘Zionist tyrants’ for murdering Gaza protesters



  • Linda


    This is the live footage taken by my friend Walid it is heartbreaking. I hope you watch it, Walid is the most gentle caring person I have ever spoken to. How the media managed to find one guy with an axe among 30 thousand unarmed people is staggering….well done Mossad . I would quite willingly pick up a gun and shoot the Zionist scum myself. I am filled with rage at these bastards. I could walk into AIPAC and wipe them out and not feel one bit of remorse. If that’s how I feel, how on earth must the Palestinians be feeling?

    • Linda – I can’t watch that sort of stuff any more. My blood pressure is already high. It makes me so crazy. I have to limit myself to merely showing people what scum these IDF murderers are. Sadly you’re 100% right – to kill someone you don’t even know for absolutely no reason? How can they feel remorse? The very fact they even consider doing such a thing proves they’re evil beyond comprehension.

  • venner

    That is a good piece, clear and concise, hammering out point after point, I like it.
    I did not know about standing order 1110, that is very interesting and most definately would have added fuel to the fire.
    I have long believed JFK was assassinated for his threat to withdraw US support for Israel if Ben-Gurion persued a nuclear weapons program. I actually went to Dealy Plaza in 2004 and was thrown out of the Book Repository (which is now a museum) for arguing that point with the guy who was the leading the visitors tour, he got very agitated as soon as I mentioned MOSSAD, and even though other people in the tour seemed very interested in the points I was making, I was asked to leave. I then talked to the guys outside who tout JFK assassination memorabilia.They just stared at me blankly when I said Mossad did it and explained why. I had a friend of mine with me, he started getting scared that we were attracting too much attention so we got in our car and left.

    • You did great V. Well done mate. It’s the kind of thing I do all the time. The skill is doing it in a way where people can’t so easily take offence. Only that way can you keep these brainless morons from stopping you get the message out. However I will say – read about Standing Order 11110. On June 4th America effectively started printing money which was backed up by Silver. Some $4 billion was printed (a large figure back then) & it was all backed up by certificates of silver bullion. This meant the Rothschilds had lost the greatest power they possessed. It is far more likely therefore this was the reason they killed JFK.

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  • Richard

    Does anyone have a source for the quote by John F. Kennedy, “One day after I am gone…that”? I am not inferring that it is not factual. I just haven’t been able to verify it.

    • Richard – while I understand the necessity of wanting to be sure one is dealing with fact rather than fiction, one simply cannot underestimate the role Zionists constantly play. They see to it the truth never comes out. The ADL for instance, just one of countless Zionist organisations whose role is to suppress the truth, is given some $150 million every year! Their’s is an ongoing process & it’s worth noting they have untold resources. I can only talk of the horrendous censorship I’ve suffered. Almost all the videos I post are taken down. Therefore, what you are asking has probably become unverifiable & it’s all down to Zionist censorship.

  • Theresa May as head of the Tories,leads the rest of the pack,where she & many others are in hock to the Jews & their globalist/NWO agenda,so it’s perhaps not so surprising at all that she remains silent on the latest round of Israel-Palestinian atrocities !
    As for Facebook/Fakebook – well,it’s simply just a leftist rag page – say anything in the slightest that contradicts /violates their guidelines & you get suspended – i’ve just had a 3 day suspension & it seems to have been extended to over 3 days – try complaining & one has difficulty in reaching their administration/customer service !
    Hopefully if all goes well FB now has it’s days numbered,after the Cambridge Analytica scandal – it’s time to migrate to other social networking platforms such as gab.ai

    • Absolutely right Terence. And I share your opinions on FB too. Many of my friends are joining VK.com. It’s similar in format to FB but it doesn’t have daft restrictions & one is allowed to get on with it.

  • Patrick Dohmen

    Actually, Kennedy had THREE strikes against him; the other:

    “There has been only one serious attempt to register AIPAC, undertaken by President John F. Kennedy in 1963, shortly before he was assassinated.”


    • Yes Patrick but as I just told someone – the more detail one gives, the less people read! Though this may well have been one of JFK’s swings, this alone would probably not have been enough to warrant assassination, whereas I can safely say the two reasons I mentioned most definitely were.

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