William Kristol is terrified – Trump could try 9/11 perpetrators

Here is one of the main terrorists behind 9/11. I believe he’s a founder of the PNAC group. I think he also was way too quick to blame Muslims for the attacks. I think the death sentence, while deserved, is simply too good for this vermin. Here’s a man that deserves torture for he’s directly responsible for pain & suffering on a scale scarcely imaginable. If there was a book which listed 100 of the most despicable specimens to have disgraced this planet, this piece of shit would most definitely be in it!
Thanks to Jonathan Kiner & Press TV for this report but most especially to Dr Kevin Barrett who I’m proud to say is a FB friend. He always does a great job & here he pulls out all the stops. I bow to thee sir.





How I ever got dragged into this social media lark I’ll never know. Long before I ever sat by a computer I was well aware Mark Twain hit the nail on the head when he said – 

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled.”

This is why I never wanted to get involved trying to wise people up. I always found when I made a brave prediction & was proved right, no one ever wanted to acknowledge it. Yet even though 80% of the time I was proved right, when it came to the one instant out of 5 where my prediction went arse about face, all of a sudden, it was like all the Amnesiacs under the sun came out the wood-work! From a very young age I realised, humans had serious issues!
Then from 1986-90 I went to Geneva to work for my Uncle & there I would discover a strange anomaly. Cut a long story short, my uncle tended to mix with millionaires & billionaires. However, for me, those who have lumps coming out of every orifice simply signifies they’ve either inherited a fortune, they know how to exploit people or they’re good & lucky crooks. Most people would keep their mouth shut in such company. For me, that’s impossible. I simply had to show I knew more than these guys could ever know.
Small wonder, after a while, these people were suddenly interested in what I had to say. They really listened & these were the very wealthiest mo-fo’s! Of course, at the time, being a proper twat, I never realised – these people were picking my brains. Of course if my predictions fell flat on their face, someone sooner or later would have told my Uncle that I’ve got a big mouth & nothing much to go with it! The thing is, none of them did that. In fact, when I spoke I had their undivided attention. And there was me thinking I was so clever! It was only when my Uncle told me –

“You’re the brains of the family but you’re a complete & utter idiot!”

Naturally I said, isn’t that somewhat of a paradox? My Uncle said ‘paradox, maradox, what the bloody hell’s that?’ PAUSE…… He said ‘you know what the most important word in the world is?’…… ‘Money’, I retorted. He shook his head. I pondered – ‘sex. Gotta be.’ He shook his head again. I shrugged my shoulders. He said – ‘INFORMATION……. & you like a fool can’t wait to give it for nothing.’……. Talk about the penny dropping!


And you know what? Even though I know this I still have this insatiable urge to show people that I’m right. I know it’s a thankless task; I don’t do it for money. In fact I find I’d much rather be with my cats or the company of dogs & animals than humans. If my friend hadn’t pushed me to do this 4 years ago, I wouldn’t be here & I’ve already let it be known I’m struggling like hell just to carry on. Why?

More of the excellent Dr Kevin Barrett Press TV interview – 



Investigate 911


Today was spent answering all the comments about Trump’s revelation about Bush & 9/11. I must say many people who I’m well aware are not Trump fans realised this WAS a step in the right direction. OF COURSE IT BLOODY IS! However, no surprise, there were quite a few people who as per usual, couldn’t wait to put their worst foot forward – ‘aaahh this isn’t about 9/11; Trump’s only doing it for this; he’s only doing it for that’ & blah, blah, blah! I gave many answers but the main theme was ‘Look. One step at a time for crying out loud. What’s the matter with you?
Moreover, I stuck my neck out. I told everyone what to do – spread the word – Trump is pushing for a 9/11 investigation. I said in my headline – this is a game-changer! Moreover, I told Muslims – BACK HIM! Who would do that? Yet…. I know I’m right. This is what we should do. Trump has set the ball rolling & as I said yesterday, he’s ruffling Zionist feathers & that above all is what America needs. Someone has to stand up to these bastards because if no one does, not only can America can kiss itself goodbye but we’re all well & truly cooked. Time & again I’ve said. America is an occupied territory & what the Zionists want to show you is what life is like as a Palestinian.
All those who said ‘oh Trump didn’t go the whole hog’ are blithering idiots! I’m sorry. I’m not here to court popularity. The situation’s too grave to pander to people who can’t see the wood from the trees. You’re judgement is appalling & I’ll tell you something else – the Zionists with all their death threats haven’t fazed me one bit. If anything, seeing so many Truthers, initiated folk on my side of the fence be so tactically inept – THIS IS WHAT HAS UNNERVED ME! I’ll say it again – our ONLY chance is a step by step advance. Whether Trump turns out to be a shining light is neither here nor there. So many scenarios can occur, trying to second guess all of them would inflict brain damage.

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