With the West Now Free to Bring ‘Democracy’ to Syria, Netanyahu Once Again is Beating the Iranian War Drums

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With the West Now Free to Bring ‘Democracy’ to Syria, Netanyahu Once Again is Beating the Iranian War Drums

Whatsupic — Netanyahu rapacious appetite for death and destruction seemingly holds no bounds. Once again he’s beating the war drums for an attack on Iran. One by one, Israel’s enemies are being taken out. The Palestinians will soon have no land of their own, yet talk about being on the warpath? One should not take lightly how almost on cue, Netanyahu couldn’t wait a second! Iran is back on the grid! Bear in mind, up to now, he’s always had his way. The equation here is a relatively simple one but, this time, the stakes couldn’t be higher! As he moves closer to achieving his goal, the odds of WW III becoming a frightening reality, shorten!

For quite some time Iran was his focus. ‘They are the great Satan; they are this; they are that!’ He never let up. As per usual, every reason given for the need to launch an unprovoked attack on Iran lacked one critical ingredient – EVIDENCE! There was none. All the posturing was simply a pack of lies. How do I know this? Iran opened its nuclear facilities for inspection. 16 out of 16 Intelligence Agencies reported back saying Iran was not seeking to acquire nuclear weapons. The irony of it all is compounded by the fact only one country refuses to open it’s nuclear facilities for inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency – ISRAEL! 

You’d think this would shut Netanyahu up? Not one bit! With the media always donating an unchallenged platform, he simply continued to spout the same unsubstantiated bile. He then made an absolute fool of himself at the UN by holding up a drawing of a bomb more akin to one Guy Fawkes may have used 350 years ago! It was so ridiculous one could be excused for thinking this guy’s a comedian! It most certainly should have ended the career of this psychopath! Of course the reason why most people are oblivious of the fact every major Intelligence Agency confirmed Iran is not the threat Netanyahu so vociferously claims is because, AS PER USUAL, the Zionist controlled media only report what suits them. 

Yet our Zionist puppets traitors Cameron and Obama were perfectly happy to join the fray, with the same rhetoric, feeding us the same lies! And why not? Since the vast majority of the public are so dense, they know if these lies are repeated often enough, it will eventually sway public opinion. The truth is Iran is a peaceful nation. The last time it ventured onto foreign soil was in 1798! Israel, however, inflicts untold pain and suffering on almost all its neighbors. Whatever nuclear ambition Iran has, with Israel having not one iota of respect for international law and a war-mongering monster like Netanyahu at the helm, who’s made no secret of his hostile intentions, you’d have thought Iran has every right to do what Israel always say it does – DEFEND ITSELF! I’ll tell you now, if I was Iran’s leader I’d burst blood vessels to acquire nuclear weapons.

This was a year ago. Russia then stepped in and brokered a deal that scuppered the 6th stage of a Zionist plot to rid Israel of countries opposed to them. 5 had already been reduced to rubble or had leaders subservient to the West installed. Syria would clear the way for the final stage which was to eliminate Iran as a perceived threat. However Syria’s stay of execution came about because as cut-throat as the CIA/Mossad ISIS mercenaries were, they could not defeat Assad’s forces without Western air support. As a result any talk of attacking Iran had to be placed on hold. In that time, much to the chagrin of Zionists, America and Iran, once again, were on talking terms. For a year Netanyahu never mentioned Iran. Lo and behold, now that the US has wangled it’s way into Syrian air-space to commence bombing, like a Jack-in-a-box, Netanyahu leaped out of his pram – yesterday at the UN he said – IRAN IS A BIGGER THREAT THAN ISIS! Here we go again!

Every so often Zionists reveal their true colors, one the media does its level best concealing. If only people were aware of the true hell the Palestinians are going through. Israeli soldiers use kids for target practice, killing them, then celebrating by patting each other on the back. In the recent bombing of Gaza where neighborhoods were being flattened, Israelis who gathered on a hill to watch the carnage unfold cheered wildly as bombs went off! Some Zionist rabbis openly declare how it’s their right to murder non Jews! None of this is ever reported yet Zionists have the gall and the audacity to push for new laws regarding ‘hate speech’. 

What about wealthy Zionists who contribute millions in political donations? What do they think? Well, Sheldon Adelson wants the US to drop a nuclear bomb in a desert region of Iran! I quote “then you say, see! The next one is in the middle of Tehran. So we mean business. You want to be wiped out? Go ahead and take a tough position and continue with your nuclear development.” Why is not the public informed of what this lunatic thinks? Sheldon Adelson happens to be a multi-billionaire and he is by far and away the Republican Party’s biggest donor! So, here we have a diabolical situation where a delusional fool is ready and willing to provide funds that will virtually guarantee electoral success. The one condition is ………… Does one really have to spell it out? 

I’ll say this – ISRAEL IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO WORLD PEACE BY A MILE! The public is being hoodwinked for two main reasons – the entire corporate media quite simply is a well-oiled Zionist propaganda machine. They own 5 of the 6 giant media corporations, the other being News International owned by Rupert Murdoch who’s as right-wing as Dick Cheney! Secondly, for years Zionists and Jewish lobbies have sought to infiltrate the upper echelons of power in countries that matter, notably the US and UK as well as Canada, France and several others. Their power base has grown to such an extent, we’ve reached the absurd situation that when it comes to fashioning policy, successive US and UK governments are placing Israel’s interests at the top of the agenda. Moreover, these policies are pursued regardless of the fact that the US and UK have nothing whatsoever to gain and in all likelihood are detrimental to the very citizens they’re supposed to represent. 

You’ve got to hand it to them! Regardless of right and wrong, what they’ve achieved is nothing short of miraculous. Like it or not, the Zionists have us in a stranglehold so tight, even though it’s becoming increasingly obvious they were responsible for 9/11, along with a host of other heinous crimes, it’s one thing knowing they’re up to no good; what to do about it, is another story altogether! Quite how we turn this around is not for me to say. I’m hardly qualified. What I do know, the dilemma we find ourselves in is compounded by the fact they will not stop. They’ll do whatever it takes to maintain their stranglehold over proceedings, for they know only too well – if Americans somehow manage to overthrow the cabal of gangsters on Capitol Hill and in turn free the media from Zionist shackles, at best Israel’s days as a belligerent bully will be over; at worst, the hunter, who so often ruthlessly preyed on weaker foe, would suddenly become the hunted.

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