Pedophilia is ok. Woe betide if you are Pro-Palestinian or anti-war

On the one hand we have footballer Christiano Ronaldo who has a long list of charitable donations. On the other we have Greville Janner, for years Chairman of the Board of Deputies for British Jews & serial Pedophile. Guess which one is portrayed as a sexual predator?

How come over his long, illustrious career we’ve heard so little about Ronaldo’s amazing deeds? As far as footballers go, there are few, if any, who are more charitable. Yet for some time now, the media has kept us in the loop on the alleged claim that as well as being a tax cheat, he’s a sexual predator. On the former, I don’t blame him. On the latter, would such a high profile footballer who could pick & choose any woman in the world be so daft? It’s possible, yes but what we also know – being in the public eye & being pro-Palestinian or anti-war is incompatible. In fact it’s nigh on impossible being either without having your name dragged through the mud. The fact no one is spared means this has to be by design. And being squeaky clean matters not. The media can & will make you dirty!

Cristiano Ronaldo has long list of charity contributions

What’s so infuriating even though almost everyone’s heard the saying ‘the media build you up only to bring you down’, invariably when I put forward this notion, it’s not that it’s dismissed out of hand; it just tends to go over people’s heads. I suppose the stigma of pointing the finger at Israel & warmongers bears heavy, yet the pattern couldn’t be more obvious. Woe betide if you’re in the public eye & you criticise Israel & war. At best, the media imposes a blanket boycott on any news they deem ‘controversial’ as they did with Muhammed Ali. Trying to make the great man look bad had long since become an impossible task. So when Ali visited Gaza & the West Bank as he did on several occasions trying to highlight the terrible plight of the Palestinians, he received zero fanfare. Even though I was a huge boxing fan I only discovered this after Ali’s death.

It was the same with George Michael. Generous to a fault but he incurred the wrath of the warmongering Ionisers. As a result character assassination took on a new meaning for him. He, like Michael Jackson, was literally hounded to an early grave. Similarly, totally fabricated allegations of sexual deviancy have effectively destroyed the life of Julian Assange. What makes this all so sickening is when it comes to all the bonafide child molesters in the Zio-West’s upper echelons of power, the media does all it can to ensure open & shut cases of pedophilia, not only aren’t prosecuted but those accused are never even charged! The media protects the real pedophiles.

There is no greater example than how Lord Greville Janner violated, raped and tortured children, yet for decades these crimes were covered up. Janner was one of many politicians accused but I’m sure being Chairman of the Board of Deputies for British Jews had plenty to do with him side-stepping the law.

Lord Greville Janner ‘violated, raped and tortured’ children in the Houses of Parliament


  • linda

    Thanks Michael great article.
    when you get past the Christian preaching at the beginning of this video the guys on Tru News are absolutely brilliant. They talk about pedophilia reaching to the top. Watch until the end if you have time Michael. It’s refreshing to hear these guys talk about the topics MSM won’t touch. If it wasn’t for voices like your own we would all be in the dark about whats happening..

  • Eileen

    They will ban you again on Facebook Michael!! ha ha ha, I love your courage and your posts. I am sharing them on MeWe social website. ( I think you should try posting on there too.

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