You call this Serve & protect?

How come the indefensible is somehow being justified. She’s in a wheelchair for christ sake! Considering the sheer thuggery & blatant criminality of the Israeli trained US police force, how much longer do we have to wait for politicians & media to be held to account? Shouldn’t I be saying the Police are the ones who should be held to account? Well yes but…. NO! The police are only following their orders. 

Whether you like it or not THEY WERE TOLD TO BEHAVE LIKE THIS! WHY DO YOU THINK THE US POLICE FORCE NEEDED TO SEEK THE ADVICE OF IDF THUGS? No. US politicians take orders from their Zionist overlords & pass them on. The media’s job is to turn a blind eye to this wanton violence, rather like what they do with the IDF & make sure the Zionist quest to Divide & Conquer is never mentioned. Their role must remain firmly under the radar. 

And just to add insult to injury here’s an article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts where none other than a US 4-Star Army General is abused by Fayetteville, GA, Goon Thug Police

Think for yourself


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