Zionist Disinformation by Brandon Martinez

I’ve finally made up my mind to dump Alex Jones. Up to now I’ve subscribed to Infowars but after seeing this toe-rag Paul Watson I’m unsubscribing right now. There. Feel much better. I should’ve done this long ago but I’ve always worked on the premise if someone does some good, don’t attack them; concentrate on those who are all bad! To be honest, in almost 4 years the amount of times I’ve plugged Alex Jones you can count on one hand. There’s a limit to how much one should rant & rave & he goes way OTT. Anyway thanks to the inscrutable Brandon Martinez for tipping me over the edge.



As much as I’ve been labelled a lover of Islam, I know most of my friends are aware I’m not into any religion. As much as I do not have any desire to live in a world run by Zionists, I equally do not want to live in a world run by Islamic fundamentalists. I despise all forms of nationalism & religion. I’ll say it again – we’re all humans & our problems are universal. However, I do believe in right & wrong…… & I know who’s bloody well in the wrong! This video clip is more important than most people would believe.


Of course Brandon Martinez so rightly points out that we have these liars like Paul Watson who claim Muslims are being protected; racists like Pamela Geller being given the green light to incite anger among deeply religious Muslims. We have this brainless moron who proudly declares ‘I’m a Zionist’ given a platform to spout the usual bile that’s been rammed down our throats for goodness knows how long – that Israel has this right to exist MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE! It’s one-way traffic. Malcolm X hit the nail on the head when he said –




Why do you think few people have any feelings for the horrific migrant crisis that the UK’s foreign policy has been instrumental in creating? It’s same with the Palestinians. People are so easily programmable. And sure enough as Brandon says

“Paul Watson’s attempted portrayal of the war on free speech as being directed upon critics of Muslims & Islam is disinformation of the worst sort; is pure propaganda to deflect attention from the fact that the war on free speech is being spear-headed by Zionists to suppress criticism of Israel & Zionism.”

At the end Brandon states you don’t get on mainstream media if you’re 100% a Truther. Certain people like George Galloway, Ron Paul & Noam Chomsky do because they know there are several red lines they must never cross – Zionist role in 9/11, election fraud & of course the truth of Rothschild Zionism.


Under the Zionist thumb



  • Brad Blinstrub

    For years and years and years I have been a guilt tripped robo-Christian barfing up Christo-Zion epithets like a trained parrot at Vaudeville show. “Israel is God’ Plan for the return of Christ.” “Israel is God’s time piece in the prophetic plan of the ages.” “Israel has a special place in Bible prophecy!” “Israel is surrounded by the enemies of Christianity!” “Israel is a place of refuge for the Jewish people!” That’s always a good one. The bottom line is that the “Jewish” leadership manipulated crisis after crisis starting primarily with WWI and its aftermath, to engineer this man made unscriptural nightmare called “Israel”. During WWII as late as 1942, Zionist Terror gangs like Irgun and the Stern Gang were trying to get a special elite standing with Hitler’s Wehrmacht. They left the cause when they realized Hitler would not help them get their “Israel”. Always playing both ends. The Chosen Zionist, in many cases got special passes out of the death camps. The World Zionist Organization had their money in Switzerland and the Nazis were always ready for a “Jewish Deal”. While “lesser Jews” were destroyed in death camps.
    Finding this info is becoming less and less easy on the Web. Samuel Untermeyer is a Satanist Zionist who should also be researched. He was instrumental in getting the commentary ridden Schofield Bible underway. A Bible that continually twists Zionism into any scripture it can get away with. Bottom line” Christianity is Zionist Ridden Useful Idiot Brigade that questions nothing Israel does wrong and equates criticism of Israel as “unjust” and “Fascistic” and “not Biblical”. The last word on anything involving Israel is Jerusalem being referred to as spiritually “Sodom and Egypt where our Lord was crucified.” The people of Jerusalem dance when the greatest prophets of the last days get killed. I guarantee you the dancers will be Zion Nazi Jews for the most part. But the wimp “church” coddles Israel because to challenge her will be suicide to the pastor or evangelist who has family and friends in the Zionist-Christian Power Bloc, and needs the paycheck to live his or her life of ease in the belly of the anti-Christ last days “church”. There is really no word on a restored “Israel” of a political and militarist presence in the Mid-East after the last day finish up. The Last of Book of Revelation mentions no restored national Israel. Ever…I talk of the Bible here not to offend anyone but to emphasize that Christianity has been hijacked by a political movement called Zionism and Christianity of a whored out political type is a powerful tool used by Israel during elections, and in war plans that have already killed over 2,000,000 people in the Mid-East since 911. This is where Zionism gets a lot of grass roots support in the United States and Great Britain. A real duo there folks.

    • Thanks for that Brad. Religion is hardly my topic but I can perfectly understand most of what you say. Of course it’s a closely guarded secret that Zionists killed some 66 million Russians in the Bolshevic Revolution of 1917.

    • well said this is what i have been trying to tell people they still wont listen

      • To me it seems there’s a pattern where as one’s popularity rises the Zionists turn the screws & it almost appears as Brandon says in this interview that there are certain red lines where people are told not to cross – with RON PAUL, I believe it was 9/11 & election fraud, the latter being something no one can mention on the MSM; with Chomsky & George Galloway it’s 9/11; with people like Abby Martin & Jesse Ventura it’s never mentioning the Zionist role, though in Abby’s early days she used just as Alex Jones did. I think this is a case of Zionists mafiosi style frightener tactics. Of course with people like Philip Marshall, Michael Hastings & Andrew Breitbart no quarter is given. Similarly Manning, Swartz & Assange are given special treatment. I think all too readily too many people jump to the wrong conclusions because they never bother to consider what it’s like to be told ‘WE WILL KILL YOU IF YOU DON’T WATCH IT!’ Bear in mind too, the reason I’ve dumped Alex Jones is because of that slime-ball Watson.

        • Jeremiah

          He’s split the Zionists into two groups: “the Neo-Cons” & “the Libtards”. He also just says “Globalists”.

  • Harry Ecks

    You sound like a Muslim loving, jew serving read stuffed full of cultural Marxism whose a snivelling sack of self hatred as far as the parasites at the gates of Europe are concerned.

  • Sam

    Totally agree about Watson, I’ve never liked him and it seems his agenda is becoming all too clear now, the slimy little bastard!

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  • stevieb

    Brandon Martinez is also a zionist disinfo troll. I know you won’t believe this now…and its not terribly important (right now). If you’re going from Alex Jones to B.Martinez then you’re progressing. …but, you’ll figure out that our Zionist enemies love to confuse people (literally 3/4 of Europeans had no idea what they were fighting for or against in WW2)…I think he’s either a crypto-Jew (I think) or just on JINSA’s payroll.(, they have no trouble paying people to lie for them). But I’m imaging he’s having trouble lately because of Putin’s war on the zionist west’s ‘ISIS’…His whole assignment is to pose as an anti-Zionist and drive a wedge into the movement by attacking Putin and trying to portray him as a Zionist psyop….which gets harder and harder to do. I haven’t read anything recently from him, but I’m sure he’s either ignoring Russia completely or trying to convince his readers that Russia is part of the anti-Assad zio-mafia, OR, that Assad is a terrorist and evil Putin is trying to protect him. Am I right?

    • Well Stevieb – very interesting because I’ve had a bit of a run-in with Brandon over the very issue you’re talking about. While most of us know all leaders are of a certain unsavory ilk, he has this deep hatred of Putin that is so over the top it literally beggars belief. What’s more his scathing attacks on Putin come at a time when the Russian leader has kept a cool head in extremely difficult circumstances & pretty much made all the right moves. And your right also – since I had my spat with Brandon I haven’t heard much from him & I was actually wandering if he was ever going to admit that he perhaps may have erred.
      Look. I owe Brandon nothing. In fact I’ve tried to help him. He sends me his stuff & I believe it’s good enough to promote on my website & on FB. And I was very disappointed with the condescending manner he responds to those who believe different. However to say he’s a Zionist disinfo troll I think is pushing it way too far. I’ve heard him talk about the Zionists on the radio & he does not hold back one bit. He even says the truth about the Holocaust so I can’t imagine any Zionist being prepared to pay him & allow him to say what he does just for the sake of slagging Putin. I think what Brandon has done is lose the one thing he cannot afford to lose – credibility!

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