Zionist media inciting Islamophobia


Since I’ve inexplicably been banned from spreading the truth into all the groups I belong on FB, thankfully I have the time to catch up on my filing system, watching videos, reading links & checking out more tags. The last one lately I’ve had no option but to neglect because I simply cannot fit everything in. As you’ll see this something I normally like to do for obvious reasons – Nicholas Cliff asked – “What is your opinion on this Michael Aydinian, out of interest.” I stated –


This very thought went through my mind as I was hearing the story for the first time – THE ZIONIST PROPAGANDA MACHINE IS WORKING WONDERS IN GERMANY! If this wasn’t a set up job then I’m a Chinaman! I can go on & on about this but the media NEVER investigates. It’s the same old story. This is occurring at the highest level where secret services & Mossad are working to manufacture events for the purpose of inciting Islamophobia.
Here’s the full report – Cologne New Year gang assaults: Victim, 18, says up to 30 men groped and robbed her and her 11 friends.
I’ll add – to all those out there who’ve fallen for this, don’t bother telling me I’m wrong. If you do you’re only telling me you’ve got the brains of a rocking horse because this cannot be more blatant. I’m not in the business of making myself look daft. Do you think I earn money doing what I do? I’ve never been busier but not only have I rarely had less money, I also often have to suffer the ignominy of having my life threatened!
Throughout my life though I’ve always put my money where my mouth is & I’ll tell you now – there’s a lot of people out there who pay attention when I talk. Many of them are wealthy & many of them are smart folk too. There are those who make out they don’t pay attention. They do really. Their problem is they’re as jealous as hell. Then there are those who don’t – hence they enter the ever-burgeoning ‘brains of a rocking horse’ club. Just try to stop & think –
1) Blame is attached in no time. Case in point – the media declared ‘of Middle Eastern or North African appearance.’ YET THE POLICE HAVEN’T EVEN ARRESTED ANYONE! It’s clear their tactic is to attach blame immediately so that in most people’s minds the damage is done. The media’s job should simply be to report the news. How can they do this? This is not the way they went about their business in the past. 
2) Or should I say, since when did the media become judge, jury & virtual executioner? In the climate they along with the politicians have deliberately created today, they know full well by saying ‘of Middle Eastern or North African appearance’ that people will automatically assume Muslims. The fact this could mean they could quite easily be Israelis never enters the equation.
3) And all these determinations are derived from this video evidence? I mean IS THAT IT? I’m sorry but to arrive at such conclusions with the result people hate Muslims & refugees even more on this flimsy evidence alone, in my opinion, the media is the one who’s committing a criminal act.
The groped


4) Now before any awful specimen tries to claim I condone ‘gropers’ I most certainly do not. However, we have headlines stating ‘mass sexual assault’ yet this 18 year old victim who claimed she was groped, all of a sudden goes on German TV & is qualified to say the city of Cologne is a NO-GO ZONE for women? I mean, are you kidding me?
5) Needless to say this young lady cannot be named. What a surprise! So she was allegedly groped. Not nice but doesn’t this happen EVERY DAY, EVERYWHERE? What about women who are raped? They forever have to go through a system that leaves them open to severe cross-examination while the alleged attacker looks on. Of course for years my calls to utilise lie-detector machines are ridiculed when it’s a cast-iron guarantee a test will prove if the victim or the accused are telling the truth. Oh but an 18 year old is groped & as a result a major city could well be a no-go area for women! I mean I can’t believe I’m even saying this. I wonder what the Police think of that?
6) And speaking of the Police – WHERE WERE THEY? It’s the same old story. At a time of a heightened terror threat there’s never any old Bill about. In this case it’s bloody New Year’s Eve! There’s a large concentration of people who are probably all out on the piss. Fireworks are going off & yet we’re told 118 German women reported being sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve. So wait a minute – are we talking about this one incident or does this figure apply to Germany as a whole? Both present little justification that Muslims are responsible but to even suggest it’s the latter is a flagrant contradiction of media ethics.
7) And speaking of the media that cares so much about women being allegedly groped, this is the same media that for 40 years has covered up the greatest Pedophile scandal in the UK & has gone out of their way to protect known child molesters in Westminster. So don’t you dare even show me your moral high hat. Apparently 118 German women came forward to report being sexually assaulted. Well, the UK Police have well in excess of 1000 sworn affidavits from victims who stated categorically that when they were minors they were sexually, abused, assaulted & sodomized. They named names; they even passed lie-detector tests & THE MEDIA HAVE DONE NOTHING! Oh no. Not quite. No. THEY’VE LIED & COVERED UP FOR THESE VERMIN. So are you telling me you’re quite prepared to believe everything these bastards say?


Thanks to HAFSA KARA for sending me an interesting piece which confirms there’s nothing special about this apparent incident in Germany I’ll say it again – YOU SIMPLY CANNOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS! Why on this occasion there were no international headlines but in this case, the media have suddenly gone overboard. One is obliged to ask this question of the media.

Oktoberfest in Germany are notorious for sexual assaults. In the 2012 edition as many as 91 women were attacked with one raped behind a tent by the first weekend.



Is it such a surprise that every last one of these child molesters are Zionists puppets. No one but no one has dodged justice more than that vile pervert & Zionist Greville Janner. There are several victims who’ve named him! So while the media understandably successfully protect these pedophiles, it’s up to us to see through their lies especially when we’re talking about the horrendous consequences of an ever-worsening situation between Muslims & the rest of us. This is the Zionist hallmark of Divide & Conquer.
Just ask yourself a simple question – who caused this refugee crisis? WESTERN FOREIGN POLICY! Before Libya & Syria was ever attacked only Zionists & the brain-dead weren’t aware that the Iraq war was an illegal one. So how in the blazes can we justify what’s happened since? The most significant question everyone should be asking though is why isn’t the media blaming Western foreign policy & our politicians for the plight of these hapless refugees? The exact opposite is occurring.
Nothing I’ve said here requires any brains. It just needs some serious thought. Over three years ago after the Aurora shooting in America I wrote a piece stating ‘be prepared for more of the same, at ever-increasing frequency.’ This drive to create Islamophobia will not stop. Every so often a major staged event will occur & in between, every day, if possible, filling the gaps will be some reference to Muslim terrorists. Today we had a classic example of such media spin – a man wielding a knife in Paris was shot dead. This was spun as a possible TERRORIST ATTACK.
So now we have reached the bizarre situation where if you’re a white person who stabs & kills someone, the chances are it won’t even make national news. However if you are from the Middle East, Africa or Asia & you just happen to have an Epileptic fit or just go into one, forget about actually stabbing someone – don’t pull out any object because you may well be considered a terrorist! What a way to have entered the 21st Century!


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