Zionists Move to Criminalize ‘Anti-Semitism’ at UN

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Zionists Move to Criminalize ‘Anti-Semitism’ at UN

Whatsupic — This is madness – freedom of speech should be sacrosanct. It is a god-given right to think or say what we want. Is it not the case if one chooses to spout drivel one merely succeeds in making oneself look decidedly foolish? However, what makes this move to criminalize anti-Semitism at the UN so utterly reprehensible are two things – firstly, Zionists aren’t Semitic! They originated from Khazar which is now a region known as Georgia. Zionists do not possess a drop of Semitic blood! Rather like the way they’ve stolen Palestine, they’ve usurped Judaism too. The mother of all ironies as Rabbi Weiss once said “the greatest cause of anti-Semites is Zionism!” Secondly, Zionists are without a shadow of doubt the most racist, wicked, deluded people on the planet and if the truth were ever told, (and this is what all this nonsense at the UN is all about) the world would soon realize – much of the grief today is of their making! 

French philosopher and writer Bernard-Henri Levy addresses the United Nations General Assembly, Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015. (Photo: Richard Drew/AP)

But before I elaborate on this, Canada, France and Austria passed laws making it a criminal offense to question the Holocaust. Over 200 years ago the great French poet Voltaire declared – TO LEARN WHO RULES OVER YOU SIMPLY FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CRITICIZE! I often wonder if Voltaire imagined people would actually be jailed for questioning a historical event? I mean a fine is bad enough but to lose one’s freedom over an opinion? This is insult to injury …… but wait! We’ve yet to add salt into this gaping wound! Astonishingly, the official Holocaust figures have been revised down to under 2 million dead. This effectively proves those who questioned the Holocaust HAD EVERY RIGHT TO! 

So surely, those who suffered horrendous miscarriages of justice would at least receive compensation? Not a murmur! Not even an apology! Worse still, I’d like to bet 19 out of 20 people still believe 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust! It matters not that the official figure has been revised. This is the beauty of owning the media – YOU MAKE THE NEWS! Not one Zionist has been made to answer for this outrageous lie even though they’ve been well and truly found out. They know if they impose a blanket boycott on a news item, even one that in normal circumstances would qualify as a fully-fledged front page headline, it’s almost as if it never happened. And the Chutzpah that’s derived from this ungodly power to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes – it’s business as usual – full steam ahead! The Zionists won’t stop. Sure enough, now they have the gall to coerce the UN into initiating a universal ban on anti-Semitism! This is beyond the pale. Freedom of speech is a fundamental right. Our right! Laws justifiably are designed to punish wrong-doing ie human actions. Anyone responsible for ushering in a law that curtails thought or speech IS A CRIMINAL – PERIOD! 

What kind of Mickey Mouse mass-media is this? The Zionist run Corporate media bombards the public with their fabricated version of events, even vehemently trumpeting total falsehoods but when the truth doesn’t suit them, they clam up tighter than a camel’s arse in a sandstorm? What is this? The Zionists haven’t simply told a lie – they’ve maintained it for 70 years, never allowing so much as a slither of an opportunity for memory loss. They’ve used the Holocaust as an excuse to justify their wanton disregard for international law. This, to all intents and purposes, has given them carte blanche. Small wonder they openly display belligerence and cruelty on a scale that’s unparalleled. Now we hear it wasn’t 6 million. Okay if it was 5 then it’s not such a big deal…… but when the official figure’s adjusted to under 2 million……. especially when one considers how many Poles, Czechs and others died in the camps? We were deliberately lied to because the Zionists, above all, needed worldwide sympathy. The plan all along was to create their own country. Easier said than done, strolling into someone’s territory saying ‘get on your bike pal. This is ours now!’ How would you like half of your country donated away without so much as a by-your-leave? The Holocaust clinched it. 

You can believe what you want but please, allow me to do the same. The Zionists never stop bringing up the Holocaust, so is it not my right to question why no one ever mentions the Armenian massacres or the more recent genocide in Rwanda? So let’s for now ignore what we’ve been led to believe regarding the holocaust. Let’s think logically. The concentration camps were in the East, on the Russian side. Those in charge of the camps knew waiting for the Russians simply wasn’t an option. With 20 million of their own dead, the Russians weren’t taking prisoners. In any case, sooner or later, supply lines would be cut. Food and water would not get through, so well before the Russians reached the camps, the Germans upped and left. Of course camp internees could have left too – many most probably did but where would they go? They were effectively in a war zone without food and water. Those who stayed in the camps at least had shelter and the genuine hope that help would soon arrive. So far, have I said anything unreasonable?

However, even though defeat was a formality, a raving lunatic was in charge. Hitler inexplicably insisted every German should fight to the death. Anyone with half a brain would have long since brought out the white flag! Just to give you an idea, imagine Hitler surrendering at the end of 1944. How many lives do you think would have been saved? You see the truth of what occurred in 1945 in terms of casualties has never been told. Here’s something for you to digest – MORE PEOPLE DIED IN 1945 THAN IN THE ENTIRE WAR PRIOR! …….. Takes some believing ……. yet it’s true. The vast majority of deaths in the camps occurred in the final months of the war when the Germans were well and truly in retreat. Then there was the carpet bombing of Germany and Japan which killed millions of civilians. There was the street to street fighting which inevitably incurred horrific losses – the Russians lost 100,000 men merely taking Berlin! 

Those left in the camps had little chance of knowing exactly what was going on. Certainly they were aware Germany’s defeat was imminent but as each day went by, without food and water, what could these poor people do? What options were available to them? Most were already so malnourished and weak, all they could do was wait for relief. They couldn’t go out and get it! As each day passed, slowly but surely, the camps inhabitants succumbed to dehydration and starvation. As each week passed, more died; the bodies piled up. Those alive literally had no strength to bury the dead. This served to exacerbate the dilemma for it led to the outbreak of disease which in turn caused the death count to rise exponentially. Have I said anything unreasonable here? Okay. Now let’s see if my synopsis fits well with the photographic evidence and TV footage. 

What did we see – piles of dead emaciated bodies left unburied. They weren’t gassed or shot. They died either from starvation or disease. Survivors were down to the bone. Disease was rife. In other words, what I’ve said from my own thoughts in the last few paragraphs fits like a key in a well-worn lock. What didn’t we see – there were no massive burial grounds. Now how could this be? Consider how our laws require a corpse before one can be charged with murder. This is not just a serious anomaly – it is the most critical detail, one that cannot under any circumstances be brushed aside! If 6 million died there simply has to be evidence of mass graves strewn all over the place. To this day no such evidence has been uncovered. Moreover, none of the survivors ever told the Russian liberators they were systematically being gassed to death. There was a good reason – the Russians would have immediately said ‘where are the gas chambers then?’ There were no gas chambers. However, some may have mentioned Allied or Russian bombing put paid to quite a few of them! 

To say something is terribly amiss is a chronic understatement. Historical events should always be open to question not just because the winners write the history books but because everything should be open to question! It is our right, most especially when there’s little or no evidence to corroborate the story we’re being told. Yet hold the phone – now they want to make it illegal to criticize Israel. You see that would be anti-Semitic……. but wait – Zionists aren’t Semitic….. the Palestinians are though; so are the Iraqis! This whole sordid affair has long since past the farcical stage. Zionists don’t want people to question the Holocaust for 2 main reasons – firstly, for 70 years it’s acted as a tool to draw sympathy and so justify the creation of Israel as well as ward off criticism they so rightfully deserve. Secondly and most importantly, if their account of the Holocaust was above reproach, would they give two hoots if someone chose to investigate? Think about this because this is the big giveaway. They throw a fit each and every time and it’s obvious why. Serious researchers can only discover one thing – the truth. The reason they don’t want anybody questioning the Holocaust is because they know – any meaningful investigation will rapidly arrive at one conclusion – the Holocaust was a massive Zionist con trick! 

We are fast-approaching a point where we could well find ourselves living in a world where criticizing the greatest criminals on the planet, indeed the greatest gangsters ever, is a criminal offense! I know it sounds crazy but diabolical as it may seem, this is what the Zionists want more than anything. Why? Because the Internet threw an almighty spanner in the works. Suddenly, their control over the flow of information, painstakingly acquired over 150 years, hadn’t just been breached; it had been ruptured! The internet was a phenomenon. Type in a few words and hey presto – all the information you need is there. Not that initiated folk weren’t aware of corporate media lies. The Internet though allowed us to discover what we weren’t being told. As a result, the past 10 years has seen mainstream news channels all over the world haemorrhage viewers. No one watches CNN anymore. If it was down to money, they’d have shut up shop years ago. Trouble is they can’t do that. It would be the mother of all show outs! Their only option was to soldier on, smile as if everything’s sweet, never give any inkling their news channels are ironing out absolute lumps. All they could do was tell even bigger lies. They had to, because now we’re on the clock. 

Naturally, the power-brokers would love to pull the plug on the Internet. They dabbled with the notion, bizarrely trying to sell it saying it was for our security. Talk about desperation. They quickly realized any move on the Internet would be universally despised. I’m convinced they’ll kill it only when they’re ready to declare Martial law. However, this is no good for Netanyahu. He knows only idiots believe what the Israelis say. There’s only so many lies you can tell. Why do you think the media never reveal the results of independent polls which state categorically Netanyahu is a raving lunatic and Israel is by far and away the greatest danger to world peace? This is why all these false flag events, one after the other, are occurring. They have to raise the fear factor so that people believe there’s a genuine terrorist threat. Though I’ve zero interest in Religion or Nationalism, the demonization of Muslims has reached a point where I feel ashamed. I’m a member of this species and to see it sink so low? Of course, it’s nigh on impossible gauging the level of disgust because the media only promote what suits the Zionists. That’s why all we ever hear is anti-Islamic protests, trying to create the notion everyone’s against them. Like a stuck disc I’ve said, the news is what we’re not told!    

So lo and behold – those who are responsible for all the False Flag events; those behind the JFK assassination, the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 where 34 US sailors were killed in a botched attempt by the Israelis to pin the blame on Egypt and above all, the very people who planned and executed 9/11 – are now trying to make it illegal for anyone to criticize them! You’d think it couldn’t get much worse than this! Wrong! Zionists are of the Ashkenazi tribe. They are not Jews. They were originally from Georgia, Russia. By the time of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, they’d assumed control of virtually every significant position. What followed was murder and mutilation on a scale that truly beggars belief. I read Alexander Solzhenitsyn book ‘Two Hundred Years Together.’ After all, this dissident won the 1970 Nobel Prize for Literature. His credibility could not be questioned yet this book was a blow by blow account of how 66 million Russians were butchered by the Ashkenazi. So I had to read it and my oh my – some of the methods of torture were so revolting at times it was positively stomach churning. Families would be forced to watch their children being mutilated one by one. It still gives me nightmares. To take someone’s life for no reason is deplorable but I cannot for the life of me comprehend how any human could wish to inflict such unimaginable fear, pain and horror upon anyone. I don’t care what upbringing one may have had – this is sick. 

Needleless to say, Solzhenitsyn book was banned in the West. I’ll hold my hands up and say if it wasn’t for the Internet, I would have remained ignorant, not just of the cold-blooded slaughter of 66 million Russians but the vast majority of what I’ve outlined here. The harsh reality though is the vast majority of Israelis, 80-90% are Ashkenazi. Is it therefore any surprise they display such hatred towards the Palestinians? What worries me more than anything is this – every single Israeli Prime Minister is of Ashkenazi origin. The good news is they control the US, UK, France, Canada, Germany, Australia; they control the banking system and Wall Street; they have the entire corporate media in their pocket! The bad news is – they’re never going to stop! They want it all! I’m undecided on whether we deserve what’s coming for being so complacent. The price paid in terms of pain and suffering is already incalculable….. yet what I’m in no doubt of – at best we’re going to pay a far, far bigger price; at worst mankind may pay the ultimate price!


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