100’s of pilots have stated the official account of 9/11 was impossible. Why doesn’t the media ever report this?

One crucial detail has for the best part been either ignored or simply missed by most 9/11 truthers. In fact, I’ll hold my hands up & admit, I made ten 9/11 videos & I missed it altogether. It was only when i read what several pilots said on the site Patriotsquestion9/11 did I realise that passenger planes cannot travel anywhere near top speed if they’re near the ground ie under a few 1000 feet. Apparently the wind resistance would be so great, intolerable pressure would be placed on the wings. The plane would literally be torn apart!


The video from the link –

While it’s obvious a plane’s speed drops as it comes into land, I never realised that a passenger plane had strict restrictions to speed according to height. This was just another reason why the official account was simply ludicrous. No large plane could have hit the Pentagon at the speed they said it did. Of course they needed to say this because they wanted us to believe the ludicrous notion that the plane vaporised! Yet even at full speed we should have clearly seen flight 77 slamming into the Pentagon. Thanks to Marilyn Wisbey for this link which gives us something the media inexplicably neglected to do – give us an insight on what an experienced pilot thinks of the drivel we were told about 9/11.

Mystery solved!

Mystery solved!


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