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I dont know if I’m back like Arnie. What I can say – these here Armenian batteries are fully re-charged

Finally back home, fully recharged…… I hope. Taking my old faithful laptop on holiday trips in the past served me well. I normally use it to back up my work. I take it with me because it has all the stuff I need. However, expecting it to perform without having serviced it with updates & what have you, proved to

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When it comes to hoodwinking the public there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Over 100 years of experience has gone into perfecting this art.

Back in April I wrote a piece regarding how certain phrases are conjured up out of thin air by the Zionist propaganda machine, more commonly known as the BBC, CNN, FOX & all the rest of the garbage, seemingly tame & unassuming, while providing an opportunity for those who wish to appear a touch more intelligent than they are simply

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Canada’s crackdown on freedom – New anti-terror law slammed as democracy killer

I was in the middle of writing a piece about the Rothschild Zionists and I wrote the line ‘what I can’t understand is how Harper hasn’t been arrested for Treason.’ And then I remembered I had this RT report that I wanted to post because here we have Canadian politicians passing laws that can only hurt the very citizens they’re

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America’s failed war on terror? No. It’s Israel’s successful war of terror in order to create Greater Israel.

Yesterday I made a pig’s ear of a most crucial post. After a sleepless night I thought to hell with it – I’ll do it properly this time, without rushing. First & foremost GREAT SHOW! Way to go guys…. though in his intro Peter Lavelle talks of the ‘failed war on terror due to America & Obama’s foreign policy.’ Let

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