38 DEGREES: Have your say on the future of our BBC.

Today I received this survey regarding the BBC & the fact that these liars in the Tory Party are toying with the idea of placing the BBC into the hands of the greatest liars in history – RUPERT MURDOCH. Apparently our answers will feed straight into the Government’s BBC consultation. Apparently this is a great way to make sure the voice of the public is heard on the BBC’s future. Frankly I doubt our voice is worth a can of beans.


Nevertheless I completed the survey & then I realised – what an idiot! I clicked SUBMIT before I copied & pasted my answers & 3 seconds later I thought I could have used them in a post. So I had to re-do the survey. Please feel free to use my answers for the 8 questions in this survey – 





You might want to talk about how well the BBC serves you. Which parts of the BBC do you particularly love?

Answer: IT’S SERVING JEWISH, ZIONIST & ISRAELI AUDIENCES ADMIRABLY. The question should be – which parts of the BBC do you particularly hate? Answer – the fact that in every aspect of any story the Arabs, the Germans & the Russians are always the bad guys & the Jews, Zionists & Israel is forever the embattled victim! NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!



This question sounds a bit like gobbledygook! It looks like it’s asking about the BBC’s aim of ‘providing something for all of us’. The BBC has TV and radio channels, as well as being online. It produces children’s programmes, drama, documentaries, entertainment and news. It also shows national events like Wimbledon and the Royal Wedding. You could talk about whether you think it’s important that the BBC produces this range of programmes and content. You could also talk about whether it’s important to you that these things come without adverts!

Answer: The BBC is a national institution. It’s supposed to do all the things you say. Of course the BBC caters for those who don’t like adverts but that’s why there’s a fee. However, the most important aspect of the BBC is that it’s Zionist controlled. This means we only get to listen to the story they want us to hear. WE NEVER HEAR THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY & SINCE THE ISRAELIS ARE THE GREATEST TERRORISTS ON THE PLANET BY A PROVERBIAL MILE, THE LIES WE ARE BEING TOLD ARE POSITIVELY MONSTROUS. 

Malcolm X (2)


You might want to talk about programmes the BBC produces that you feel are different from the sort of things you might expect to see on other channels. Other 38 Degrees members have talked about the Proms, the Ten O’clock News and David Attenborough’s nature programmes – or drama shows like Sherlock. If you have any ideas about what the BBC could do to make its programmes more special, you could write them here.

Answer: I refer to the answer I gave for Q.2. though I will say, admit the truth about 9/11 & the fact you reported the collapse of WTC 7 when it was standing perfectly upright. Then 23 minutes later, THAT SAME BUILDING JUST HAPPENED TO COLLAPSE INTO IT’S OWN FOOTPRINT IN A PERFECT CONTROLLED DEMOLITION? This proves the BBC was party to information that would have led directly to the true conspirators behind 9/11. What’s more, you never once mentioned this building too was owned by Netanyahu’s buddy Larry Silverstein.

MSM Bull

If you value having independent news that comes without adverts, you could write about that here. Or if you think that the BBC produces groundbreaking drama or documentaries that helps bring up the standard on all channels, you might want to mention it here.

Answer: How can the BBC have a positive impact when it was a haven for a rampant pedophile ring? You’ve never once apologised to the public & moreover not one BBC employee was jailed for this scandal of monumental proportions. Indeed those who wanted to speak out were duly give their marching orders with huge severance pay courtesy of the tax-payer just to keep quiet. You’re corrupt to the core. And the mere notion BBC news is independent is so ludicrous it’s actually an insult. There is but one problem with the BBC – IT IS CONTROLLED BY ZIONISTS!



The BBC provides more services than it did 20 years ago – things like iPlayer and the BBC news website. You might want to write about whether you value this because of the choice it provides. If you feel it’s important to have alternatives to commercial news media like Sky TV or Capital Radio, you could highlight this here.

Answer: That’s because you charge more than you did 20 years ago. Once again you are so presumptuous by nonchalantly stating there’s any difference between the news we get from the SKY TV & Capital Radio than from the BBC. THEY ALL SING THE SAME ZIONIST TUNE!

The crux of our problem!


You might want to write about whether you think the BBC is worth the licence fee.

Answer : An emphatic no! In fact no one should pay the licence fee because the BBC is in breach of its operating requirements. The Royal Charter states – THE BBC MUST BE TRUTHFUL & IMPARTIAL. In both cases this most definitely is not the case. This is tantamount to asking a shop thief who’d been caught stealing if he felt the service he received in the shop was satisfactory! 

BBC Journalism


You could write about how you feel about paying the licence fee as we do now. If you think there is a more modern way of paying the licence fee, you could write about it here.

Answer: Once again you deliberately avoid the one important question – who controls the BBC? Modernising the way we pay? You’ve got some nerve! NO ONE SHOULD PAY. I haven’t for almost 4 years. In that time I’ve been sent 46 reminders threatening me with prosecution. On the first 10 I wrote back literally begging the BBC to take me to court. I said ‘the BBC is in breach of the Royal Charter & what’s more I can prove that they are not impartial & they are not telling the truth. Needless to say I’m still waiting for the BBC to take me to court.


You might want to talk about whether you think the BBC should be independent from politicians. What do you think about politicians being able to decide how much money the BBC gets? If you think there should be special rules to keep the BBC at ‘arms-length’ from the government, you could talk about this here.

Answer: The BBC should be entirely independent – period!

Media lies


  • Normally I value and repost your stuff but you start with an antisemitic statement. It is one thing to oppose the Israeli policies , another to phrase things about The Jewish roughly equivalent to the way the Fascists do. Also its not particularly accurate to report BBC as pro-Israeli. They provide little coverage of this point of view. Personally I totally disagree with the Israeli government policy and actions but recognise the difficulty when Hammas openly calls for their destruction and deliberately provoke them to be stupid enough to react they way they do in front of the world media.. Easy to take a simplistic position. Very hard to understand the geopolitics. As a matter of record the only channel that nearly presents a balanced position although it is more Pro Palestine is Al Jazeera. However they state the Israeli’s side much more accurately and far more fully than BBC… I have spent a lot of time with both sides. I have actually attempted to understand this situation. I recommend you do the same before putting out posts of this nature…as we say in my part of Scotland “Have a word wi yersel’ !”

    • John – do you even know what anti-Semitic means? Palestinians are Semitic. So are Iraqis. Incredible as it may seem over 80% of Israel’s inhabitants do not possess a drop of Semitic blood. THIS IS HOW MUCH THE MEDIA BRAINWASHES PEOPLE! As for the BBC not being totally pro-Zionist don’t you think I’d be inundated with people telling me I’ve erred. I can assure you of one thing – I DO MY RESEARCH & if you did yours you’d soon discover almost every major position held at the BBC is either by Zionists or those who are pro Zionist. Why do you think nothing’s been done about the Pedophiles where the BBC provided a haven for these wretched monsters? Furthermore I do not for one minute buy the notion that Hamas is to blame for anything. Were the French Resistance branded terrorists when they attacked the Nazis? When one is occupied the admonishment should be directed at the occupier. Mere talk that Hamas openly calls for the destruction of Israel, even if true, counts for nothing because at this moment in time the Israelis are in the process of committing Genocide.

  • The BBC should be shut down until they become independent of government interference and be more commercial let advertisement pay for it and not the public


  • A lot of people say that England is the center of a lot of this shit. i don’t buy it Jack. I think the BBC represents Israel.

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