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The BBC: A Biased Propaganda Arm of Anglo-American Power

I’d go further for Anglo-American power is at best a loose term. Why not say Zionist power because that’s exactly what this is! Other than that this article by Steve MacMillan regarding the BBC’s outrageous pro-Israeli bias is excellent. Once again what we’re not being told is critical.      Former economics editor of the BBC’s Newsnight show, Paul Mason said “Not

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Today I received BBC TV licence fee reminder No. 40! This is what I told them over 3 years ago

The reminders are up to 80 now! 5 years have now passed since I wrote to the BBC telling them come hell or high water, I would not be paying the BBC TV licence fee. I actually pleaded with them to take me to court. Sure enough, every month they sent me a reminder, wasting even more money but I

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