76% of Brits want out of the EU

Not that I’m surprised. Why do you think Cameron on both occasions included an EU referendum in the Tory party’s election manifesto? It’s because they know most people want to leave the EU & so offering a referendum can only be a vote winner. It’s a typical stroke because the very people who decide what goes in the manifesto are universally those who not only don’t want to leave the EU but have no intention of allowing us to leave. Rest assured – the vote will be rigged.
How can I be so sure? One only has to observe the media’s actions. Why do I say this? Because the same people who own the media, own our politicians too! Therefore, it stands to reason – media ‘presstitutes’ are going to do everything in their power to firstly convince as many as possible that leaving the EU would be a grave error & secondly, making sure a climate is created so that people erroneously assume the vote is touch & go, when in reality it is nothing of the sort. This will open the way for another rendition of Zionist vote-rigging.


Why do you think these polls are never shown on mainstream media or included in any newspapers?
Why do you think the media played down the astonishing outburst from the Queen? This was totally out of character, yet she revealed in no uncertain terms her desire to leave the EU.
Why do you think the media is making nothing out of Boris Johnson’s belief that we should leave the EU? Correct me if I’m wrong but 99 times out of 100 this guy makes the news no matter what! 
But here’s the real killer – now the media is actually pushing the the quite preposterous notion that voting to leave the EU is playing into Putin’s hands! 


I would just like to go on record by saying –






76% want out


What people should realise is this shows just how desperate they are. However, what is of paramount importance is understanding what the TTIP is all about. It effectively means big business will be able to literally run roughshod over us. We will be powerless!


If we stay in the EU, our treacherous politicians will sign it. This is a virtual guarantee. If we leave the EU though, there’s a decent chance we’d also be saving ourselves from the undoubted nightmare the TTIP will bring to countless ordinary folk. It’s an absolute no-brainer. We have to leave the EU.


Queen for Brexit



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