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Brexit wins. We lose Cameron. 24 June – I LOVE IT! Now the question – will we leave the EU?

More to the point, what are the real power-brokers going to do to put a spanner into the works? But first & foremost, I’m as pleased as punch this has resulted in the premature end of Cameron’s tenure as our PM. June 24 2016. Game changer? No way. Two steps in the right direction? YES! This man has been a disgrace,

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Kiss my arse Brussels

Undecided about leaving the EU? Hardly surprising! You see if you were told the truth, YOU WOULDN’T BE UNDECIDED! YOU’D SAY – UP YOURS CAMERON & BRUSSELS! So first, watch this 3 minute clip & listen for once to people who speak the truth. This is what occurred in Norway when the same liars tried to get them to join

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