9/11 Finale – How best to convince people 9/11 was an inside job.

I made this video mainly because I felt there were two major problems with the 9/11 Truther movement. Firstly, instead of concentrating on the mountains of evidence, indeed proof, various movements quarreled among themselves over detail. Secondly, way too many Truthers fell for the lies of people like Dr.Judy Wood. As a result, instead of channeling our efforts to get the perpetrators into the dock, the Truther movement is duly presented by a media that itself was complicit in 9/11, as a bunch of loony conspiracy theorists. I just like to point out there is nothing theoretical about what I say but most importantly this video is a guide in how best to convince people & it’s involves a bit of reverse psychology……

1) Are they aware for instance of the warnings Britain, Russia & many other countries gave to the US of impending attacks with aircrafts being used as missiles?

2) Are they aware of US civil air defence procedure?

3) Are they aware of Dick Cheney’s order for US fighter jets to STAND DOWN?

4) Are they aware of what happened to WTC 7 on the day of 9/11?

5) Do they know Kerosene plane fuel’s maximum temperature is 900C?

6) Do they know grade A steel can only be compromised if temperatures reach 1500C?

7) Do they know owner of the Twin Towers Larry Silverstein was paid $7.1 billion due to 35 separate insurance policies taken out soon after he bought them for a paltry $15 million that very same year?

8) Do they know the President’s brother Marvin was in charge of security at the Towers?…….. NO! They most certainly do not know because if they did they couldn’t possibly believe the official account……… yet these same people have the gall to label 9/11 truthers conspiracy theorists!

No one has the right to open their mouth if they cannot answer all the above points correctly.




  • Sam

    Hi Michael,
    Great video full of verifiable facts not theories! Once this information is loaded into the brain, the official conspiracy is dead in the water, cognitive dissonance notwithstanding!
    I find that for the technically minded or anyone who might dabble in physics(as bill hicks would say) it is worth showing them the twin towers blueprints which are on the AE911truth website. Even if one believed the ludicrous truss collapse and pancake theory, there would still be 2 x 1100ft tall indestructible steel and concrete cores standing and no plausible theory as to how these dismembered themselves. There were 47 steel box columns in the core of each tower 57″x22″ and with 5″ thick walls! ( the lower floors columns had a further 5″ spine of steel down the centre, making them almost solid steel!) Which were 40 ft sections, socketed together vertically like giant tent poles, then rivetted together then finally welded. Anyone with any experience of steelwork can see these would all have had to have been cut simultaneously! They are required to support 5 times their usual load(not just gravity but dynamic wind loads too) NO WAY!

  • Absolutely right Sam – the official account would have been torn apart within 24 hours had the media been independent. To have an explanation that defies the laws of physics is simply beyond the pale. It’s ridiculous how anyone can believe this.

  • Triuwida

    Another indisputable fact is the twin towers were specifically designed to withstand the impact of a commercial airliner, yet the media’s images show the planes passing right through the building envelopes as though they were made of nothing but glass.

    Those “planes” would have had to shear through multiple layers of concrete floors, as well as stout square structural steel framing. And they managed to do it without losing the tailpiece or wingtips, both notoriously weak parts of a plane.

    Note how eyewitness after eyewitness all said it looked like a military aircraft, and was definitely not a commercial airliner. And how odd it was that, in the midst of all that carnage, media shills were out there with early PC tablets, showing the eyewitnesses their footage and browbeating them to doubt what they saw.

    And who controls the mass media? “Inside job” only in the sense that our government is controlled by Israelis.

  • Sid

    There were no planes that hit the tower. All the footage of a plane hitting the tower are false. We’re only ever shown 3 clips on every news station of bad CGI. Don’t be distracted by the plane theory.

    • Robert

      I was in NYC the day it happened, I SAW THE PLANES HIT BOTH TOWERS. You people are either liars or just plain stupid.

      • I agree Robert. This no plane nonsense was every bit as bad as Judy Wood’s BS. The irony is – they got this from the Pentagon & Shanksville where it was obvious no passenger plane crashed in either case. So what do the Zionist controlled media do? They perpetuate the utterly ludicrous notion no planes hit the Towers just to make us all look daft!

    • Sid – I think you telling people not be distracted is a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black!

  • william

    If the tower 7 collapse was controlled then it means explosives were most likely involved in the main tower collapse. Those explosives must have been placed at a level predetermined and then programmed into a missile system or electronic targetting system for the aircraft to hit precicely on the area where the collapse began. The fact that most ‘credible’ eye witnesses of the planes did in fact have connections with the news media is also signs of movement within the media to be positioned to spread the official line as the tragedy unfolded. Unless tower 7 can be explained then I will say it was blown which shows the entire event was organised and planned as an inside job. I did not believe that to be the case in the few years after it happened but have changed my mind now.

  • Deborah Funderburk

    When the first plane hit the tower there was a.missle or torpedo of some sort that was fired out of the plane and hit the tower before the plane hit the tower. But they deleted it in later showings. But I distinctly remembercit. I dunno who is
    responsible, our government or
    some other government or who
    or what. But God knows and
    there’s going to be a
    judgemennt day for the one or
    ones involved in such a horrific
    loss of lives. Of that you can
    be sure. And God wont make any mistakes about it. Jesus is coming, you better be ready.

  • Saskia

    Michael, I have been on the fence for years now. Today I have climbed that fence and you have convinced me.
    Thank you for freeing my mind.

    • Since FB banned me for a week simply for supporting the BDS movement I’ve been feeling down. Well Saskia – you’ve given me the best pick-me-up I could have possibly had. Thank you ever so much.

  • Kevin B

    Thank you Micheal. I’ve known what you’ve said in your video because I too flooded my brain with the good, bad and ugly and had to filter all the “red herrings” out there (like no plane theory, and Ms Wood’s BS, and all the trolls that seek to use psychology to discredit the messengers of truth ect..) My background in Science and ceramics has helped me understand melting points and energy requirements for the collapses, and I know pulverized concrete when I see it. You have helped the movement by letting people know that everyone needs seeds of thought, not insults, as cognitive dissonance gets worse when the ego is hurt. Every individual has to see it for themselves, but with a guided nudge. Unfortunately, there are just too many thick skulls out there who have heard the lies too many times that they cant snap out of it as easily as the creative, lateral thinkers. Good luck all. So that this does not repeat itself, for the sake of children and world peace. Love to all. K

    • Thank you Kevin – the sad reality is even among people who’ve managed to work out 9/11 was a inside job, there is a plentiful supply of those who are clueless. Why argue the toss over detail when there’s mountains of irrefutable evidence? Lets get GW, Cheney & Blair in the dock first. I’ve always said – tactically the Truther movement loves to put its worst foot forward!

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