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Frank De Martini: the 9/11 video every American should have seen.

WHAT KIND OF INVESTIGATION INTO 9/11 DOES NOT INCLUDE THIS VIDEO? ANSWER – ONE THAT’S NOT WORTH A BAR OF SOAP! This interview alone is virtually proof that not only was 9/11 an inside job but it clearly shows the complicity of the Zionist controlled media. Yet some idiot yesterday in an article referred to me as a conspiracy theorist.

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9/11 Finale – How best to convince people 9/11 was an inside job.

I made this video mainly because I felt there were two major problems with the 9/11 Truther movement. Firstly, instead of concentrating on the mountains of evidence, indeed proof, various movements quarreled among themselves over detail. Secondly, way too many Truthers fell for the lies of people like Dr.Judy Wood. As a result, instead of channeling our efforts to get

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