All lives matter. So who is responsible for the sudden spike in police brutality?

As I started writing on FB in 2011 I remember posting something about the awful case of Kelly Thomas, a white homeless man. If my memory serves me well, half a dozen coppers just steamed in. It was plain cold-blooded murder. There was no justification whatsoever for the man hardly posed a threat, as I said there were 6 coppers there. Home of the brave? Land of the free? Are you kidding me? Look what they did to this poor man…..



Don’t get me wrong. I lived in the States for a year & Americans are among the nicest, friendliest people I’ve ever met. All the more reason for officers of the law to abide by their oath to serve & protect. Surely if they can’t handle the heat then they have no right being an officer of the law? There’s serious responsibility involved here. This is not the bloody Wild West! We simply cannot have trigger-happy cops indiscriminately unloading left, right & center! At least so I thought. The media seemed to have an altogether different outlook.


Quite why this was happening at the time was mysterious. However, I noticed more & more of these horrific incidents where unarmed civilians were being mowed down by US cops. Belligerence off the Richter scale! This is all off the top of my head but there was a case where police opened up on a car, 78 bullets fired, killing a Black man & woman. They were unarmed. Then there was a horrendous case of a Sunday school teacher gunned down for no reason in her own car. She was a pillar of the community yet so petrified was she of the fat thug who literally accosted her, like a blithering idiot he construed this fear as resisting arrest & duly opened up.
Yet even though the Police were seriously abusing their powers, each & every time the authorities refused to prosecute. Not only that, it was obvious whose side the media was on. It got me thinking. Where was the outrage? What if it was their child? It wasn’t even a case that it all but seemed the media didn’t care. No. It was as if the Police had a right to defend themselves ……. Now where have I heard all this bollocks before….. bullshit about defending oneself when you’re the only one properly tooled up? It hit me.
I remember thinking to myself no it can’t be? Not these bastards again! So I did something that a rarely do – browse the net. Sure enough I came across a link that confirmed my worst fears – members of the US police force were travelling to Israel to receive training from what effectively were mass-murdering thugs! Now the first question that came to mind was the obvious one – what earthly reason did the US police force have for doing this?’ After the brain cells had been nicely lubricated the crucial question came to mind – WHY IS THIS ALL BEING DONE ON THE QUIET?
This article, ‘The High Cost of Using War Criminals to Train U.S. Police’ was from Nov 2011. I first learned of this in 2013 & most of my American friends had no idea this was happening.


In my early days on FB I incurred the wrath of several American friends because I insisted –
I’m a touch more tactful now by saying America, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia are all Occupied Territories. What’s occurring today is a process where eventually we may end up in a situation where we will suddenly realise what its like to be a Palestinian. Sure enough, on the quiet the UK police force is doing the same thing – they’re being trained by the murderous IDF! It’s just unbelievable & it’s all being done behind our backs. Therefore, one can derive but one conclusion from this – WE’RE BEING SET UP!
Up until about two years ago race hadn’t really entered the equation. Whites, Blacks, Hispanics – we were all game. Suddenly the goalposts moved. It all but seemed Blacks were being singled out. Two years ago Michael Brown was mercilessly gunned down by a US cop & all hell broke loose in Ferguson. Since when did US cops shoot to kill when they were up against an unarmed civilian? This was out-&-out murder. Shocking as it was, hearing what vermin like Sean Hannity & Bill O’Reilly had to say about this made it all obvious – we were being played but this time the stakes were a lot higher. I thought here we go again – Divide & Conquer! This encouraged me to write a piece in August 2014 because above all, I felt it was imperative we remained united. After all, ALL LIVES MATTER!

‘Please don’t bring race into Michael Brown’s death. The media will do that.’


A segment from the piece………
One must understand this is all by design – the Police have been given a licence to kill. Why else have US Police forces acquired the expertise of Israelis who specialize in riot control & mass-murder? This along with sudden erosion of civil liberties, the outrageous Patriot & NDA Acts; the construction of 800+ state-of-the-art Fema camps; the heinous spying activities of the NSA; the incarceration & persecution of whistle-blowers! Add to this the astonishing attempt to confiscate firearms Americans have legally purchased! All I can say is if by now you fail to sense something is very seriously amiss, then you’ve definitely got the brains of a rocking horse!”
Most importantly, those responsible don’t care who dies – Cops, Blacks, Whites – they don’t give a shit. What I also know is those 5 Policemen would be alive today had their colleagues not murdered two men in cold blood. I don’t need to see or hear what the US media is making of all this. I know their agenda. We are all being played including the police. They want us to end up fighting each other. Civil unrest is the goal along with the confiscation of weapons. The latter must never happen.
As per usual what drives me nuts is this indiscriminate spike in Police killings occurred as a direct result of this ‘special’ training in Israel. Is anyone ever going to mention their involvement? I mean once again the Zionists are engineering the whole thing – they make all the decisions; they own our politicians; they own the media; they love Divide & Conquer so much I’m amazed it’s not completely worn out! Yet no one has the balls to mention the Z word. Those cops died because of the decision to seek training from the Israelis. What’s worse, they’re laughing at us!
This guy, passionate as he may be, only gets it half right. Once again the real perpetrators slip under the radar. Herein lies the problem.



  • Arrow Durfee

    Black and white are murdered almost equally by police in the USA when adjusting for statistical differences in population.

    But the level of violence has increased. I remember when I was a kid the cops were considered your friends and to be trusted but no more. This guy in the video above calls it out. I believe that many policemen are afraid of those they work for and with. There is, I also believe, and issue with steroid use for body building amongst some police. This will increase violence tendency significantly. There are lots of different opinions here but to counter Black Lives Matter types I also listen to what conservative black people say, and we do have a lot of conservative black people. If you are on fB you will be able to see this video

    And then we have the Muslim issue also and it seems that this shooter that was killed in Dallas may have been associated not only with the Black Panthers but also with Louis Farrakhan and this is what Farrakhan has to say about killing white. Scroll to about 2:25 to hear what Farrakhan says. Farrakhan is the leader of the Nation of Islam in the USA. :

    What appears to be happening is that there are multi factors setting us up for a race war and some believe this is to be implemented before the election to establish martial law and prevent the selection of a new president.

    • I couldn’t agree more with what you say. However, those in power have all cards. The media & government should be where our anger is directed – not other cops. As I said in my piece, those policemen died because of what their colleagues did. Their colleagues were literally encouraged to commit murder be those in power & the media has been instructed to do their usual hatchet job. Since the common denominator is Israel & the Zionists, here’s where our anger should be directed. What they want is for us to fight each other.



        • Thank you Donna – often I think to myself I hope I’m wrong but in my mind I’m pretty sure. I know how evil these people are & I feel I read them like a book. We’re going to have to do it the hard way for their crimes have already passed Nuremberg status. They won’t stop. They have to be stopped!

        • Thank you Donna – often I think to myself I hope I’m wrong but in my mind I’m pretty sure. I know how evil these people are & I feel I read them like a book. We’re going to have to do it the hard way for their crimes have already passed Nuremberg status. They won’t stop. They have to be stopped!

  • Arrow Durfee

    I agree… but I also believe that there is a layer of drug use involved. I suspect that some cops are using steroids that make people fly off the handle.. There is also a whole new generation of legal street drugs that police have been using that amp up their adrenaline and is also used for body building. I think that cops probably need to be drug tested, but Im not even sure there are tests for these newer drugs, typically purchased in head shops. This angle should at least be investigated.

    What you may have not received reports about on the other side of the pond is that many Dallas cops were actually marching with BLM and being very supportive of the march. Dallas has had a good history of peaceful marches including marches with BLM in the past.

    On the other hand, when the bullets are flying, and they certainly were that night, anyone with a gun will be a suspect.. Its one of the risks you carry when you choose to carry a firearm because you can never know how another person will react to it. Is an apology merited? I guess he feels like it is.. for me, I would be thinking that I’m glad that they are disarming and questioning anyone remotely suspicious. Many newspaper articles have noted that he was questioned and released and is not a suspect.

    I do not believe that this incident will jeopardize our gun rights in this nation over all. The conservatives have a good hold on that and states are taking individual actions to maintain the second amendment… unless you are from California or Washington….a liberal haven for the brain dead you will be disarmed. I anticipate that many will be moving from California state pretty soon due to restrictive gun laws, the new law that says illegal aliens can vote in state elections, and the mandatory vaccination program for all children, no exceptions.. It’s becoming a state controlled fascist regime under the auspices of the NWO.

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