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All lives matter. So who is responsible for the sudden spike in police brutality?

As I started writing on FB in 2011 I remember posting something about the awful case of Kelly Thomas, a white homeless man. If my memory serves me well, half a dozen coppers just steamed in. It was plain cold-blooded murder. There was no justification whatsoever for the man hardly posed a threat, as I said there were 6 coppers

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After an unprecedented year of indiscriminate slayings, Obama praises the US Police Force.

As if Obama hadn’t done enough, today I saw him actually praising the US Police force. They’ve been going at an astonishing clip of mowing down 100 US citizens every single month this year. Before some traitor decided the US police should seek training from none other than the hideous IDF in Israel, Americans were around 8 times more likely

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