Lately I’ve been inundated with material much of which I’d like to highlight but the only way I can is by putting together a package of connected stories under the heading – ALL THE STORIES THE MEDIA AREN’T TALKING ABOUT. It really takes some believing how the MSM can be so callous & deceitful but this is the nature of the beast & why I feel I simply have to keep harping on about this.
Also I’m the kind of guy who’ll dig in & try even harder to make a point when all I see is one-way traffic. I cannot believe the amount of bad press Trump is receiving. My email inbox is loaded with Soros tripe on how to usurp Trump, I’m now using a new email address, something I haven’t done in 15 years. My greatest worry though is I see many people falling for this crap. Trump won the election fair & square. BLOODY WELL LIVE WITH IT! Better still, ask why some people aren’t prepared to give him a chance.
I’d like to commence with this story because when I tried to highlight the outrageous anomaly of the media ignoring 16 years of mass-murder of Muslims & Arabs a la Bush & Obama, only to go overboard criticising Trump’s travel ban, a few people had the temerity to blame Trump for killing a child in Yemen. Whether these morons weren’t aware of what the media neglected to report is not even an issue. They’re idiots & they’ll probably always be blithering idiots. Check out this clip (4.38) & tell me if you think it’s right for people to say that about Trump.



Not that I did nearly enough to highlight the awful plight of Yemenis but mainstream media hardly said a word about this either –

‘No food, no medicine, no money’: Yemeni town faces mass death by starvation


– or this. I mean isn’t this a step in the right direction? Significantly, wouldn’t people all over the world be decidedly pleased to see a President finally telling the Saudis to get their shit together? –

Saudi king agrees in call with Trump to support Syria, Yemen safe zones: White House
It’s about time someone run roughshod over the Saudis. They’ve got 100,000’s of these air-conditioned tents & THEY’RE LYING EMPTY!




Defending Travel Ban, Trump Lashes Out At GOP Critics McCain & Graham –

I know I’ve torn the arse out of this story but it really takes some believing. If ever there were two geriatric yo-yo’s who wanted to go out with a bang, here they are – John McCain & Lindsay Graham. As Trump so rightly says they have the gall to criticise his travel ban on Muslims but when it came to killing 100,000’s of them, they couldn’t wait to unload! I mean it’s just unbelievable!


Trump Vows To End ‘Student Loans Scam’ –

We have the same problem here in Europe. This is merely another example of how ordinary folk are being saddled with debt when they shouldn’t be. What so worrying about this is what can be more important than education & how we go about it? This is all part of the NWO plan to widen the gap between the haves & the have not’s. What Trump has done here should be widely applauded.


Trump Vows To ‘End Cancer’ By Deregulating ‘Hidden Drugs’ –

I touched on this the other day. Once again Trump has bucked the trend & is doing the right thing. Why didn’t Bush or Obama do this? Under them, big Pharma never had it so good. Just another example of how big business runs roughshod over ordinary folk, trading misery & people’s lives & health for profit. Once again I cannot commend Trump more.


Trump Authorizes Congress To Pursue Criminal Charges Against Hillary –

And who said he decided to let Hillary off the hook? We were all but led to believe Trump done a Gerald Ford on us but it turns out it’s just another bullshit story to make him look bad. If there’s one person I want to see suffer, it’s Hillary. If she goes down it will be a luxury!


Clinton Friend Jeffrey Epstein Accused Of Child Sex Trafficking –

Jeffrey Epstein, long-time friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, faces fresh allegations of operating a child sex trafficking operation involving powerful figures in Washington D.C. How on earth have these vermin escaped justice?




Clinton Investigators Discover Child Pornography On Weiner’s Laptop –

And to think the media tried to destroy Trump by accusing him of being a pervert. This alone should alert people as to who the real Pedophiles are & why the media protects them.


Hundreds Arrested In Huge Los Angeles Pedo Ring Bust –

This shows how rampant pedophilia is all over the world. I’ve always believed this is how Zionists Rothschilds have managed to attain the enormous level of influence they have. Sure enough, countless victims signed sworn affidavits but with the media in their pocket, the power-brokers have been able to protect politicians & senior officials even though they were bang to rights. No wonder we’re in a mess. Up to now, the scum of the earth have side-stepped the rule of law & the ultimate humiliation of being branded a child molester. Is this the turning point?
Years ago I learned for every 25,000 people in the UK, there was one sexual predator or pedophile. Now I’ve no idea how accurate this was but when David Icke exposed the rampant pedophilia in the BBC & names were named, something became glaringly obvious – out of 600 MP’s there were around 30 perverts, a 20 to 1 ratio! How on earth could there be such an inordinate number of sexual deviants in Westminster? Moreover, what’s incredible is most of them were senior politicians, in other words ones who made big decisions. If this doesn’t make you think then nothing will.
If Trump means what he says about giving power back to the people, exposing all the major pedophile rings will be a massive step toward that goal. 474 arrests were made & we’re only talking about Los Angeles.

NPR: 25 Million Votes For Clinton ‘Completely Fake’ – She Lost Popular Vote –

And finally, for years I’ve been trying to drum into people our whole electoral process is rigged from top to bottom. But how many of you remember how I put my money where my mouth was when I flat out said Hillary had no more than 10% of the vote? This was before one vote was cast. The media & the bookies had made Hillary a massive favorite. Not that I had any concrete evidence to justify my claim. How could I living over here in the UK? What this link shows is my gut feeling is good & I certainly feel if people disagree, they should be a touch more respectful.
Over 5 years ago when I said Ron Paul had more votes than all the other Presidential candidates put together, both Republican & Democrat, many people thought I was either exaggerating or my canister was shot. I lost several so-called friends over it. I also stated the media was part & parcel of this process to cheat Americans, adding what they were doing amounted to Treason & warranted a firing squad. Without full control of the media, Zionists could not have got away with such blatant voter fraud or for that matter one false flag event, let alone a plethora of them!
Since I’ve received a ton of criticism & grief over my contention Trump might turn out okay & since I feel most people have no right to cast judgement until he’s at least had some time, why shouldn’t I give it the ‘I told you so’ shot? I find it particularly frustrating that some who disagree not only are downright rude but when my predictions turn out to be accurate, those who disagree, all of a sudden, suffer a serious case of Amnesia. So just for the record here’s a piece I wrote on Dec 26 2015 –

Tell me lies, tell me massive, great porkies – CNN
Here’s a segment –
‘THE BARE-FACED LIES OF THE ZIONIST CONTROLLED MEDIA. Not that it wasn’t obvious long ago Israel would be perfectly happy to see the psycho slag as President but the lies they’re telling just so it appears Hilary has a realistic chance of winning so that when they cheat, only a few people will scream foul & so it won’t be such a big deal, they can bury the story & onward we march to edge of the precipice!
I’d go as far to say I’d be flabbergasted if 10% of American voters could be daft enough to vote for this evil woman. Forget about stooping – CNN are already on the floor because even by their pitiful standards, this one really does take the ticket. The only people who can fall for this crud are literally the brain dead. Though Bernie Sanders isn’t a great choice, I’d feel a whole lot safer if Hilary Clinton is as far away from the Red button as possible.’
Finishing off I just want to say when it comes to Israel I know Trump is making all the wrong noises. I’m not an idiot! Whether he’s doing this because he feels it’s the only way he get on with his job & stay alive I’m not sure. It’s all conjecture. What I do know is if the media has got it in for him then so has Netanyahu but the Zionists can’t just iron out Trump – we don’t like you & bang! They’re specialists when it comes to this sort of skulduggery. They’ll set the whole thing up which means Netanyahu, right now, has to make out everything’s hunky dory. Then when the time’s right they may go for it but you can be sure when they do, they’ll have a patsy & two birds will be killed with one stone – MUSLIMS, ONCE AGAIN WILL BE BLAMED FOR HEINOUS ACTS ZIONISTS CARRY OUT! This is probably why the media is making out Trump is anti-Muslim, when in truth, his predecessors were infinitely worse.
The Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves.




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