There’s another way of look looking at this – Israel regular as clockwork claims the Palestinians, Hamas & Hezbollah are terrorists & their aim is to wipe Israel off the map. Now after looking at the map, HOW DEAF, DUMB, BLIND & POSITIVELY BRAINLESS DOES ONE HAVE TO BE NOT TO CONCLUDE SOMETHING STINKS LIKE A POLECAT? That is unless –


1) Here are the most incompetent, useless terrorists in history!

2) The word terrorist means anyone who so much as looks boss-eyed at Zionists.

3) These terrorists are up against………. much better terrorists!

4) Some terrorists leave their ID’s behind. Maybe this mob left their weapons behind!

5) Since Palestine is very nearly wiped off the map, the Israelis may suffer from Chronic Paranoia Schizophrenia.

6) The Israelis are pathological liars; the Zionist controlled media love telling porkies!


You can believe what you like but don’t give me any crap about terrorism or who the terrorists are because at the end of the day. map don’t lie.

To steal so much & still be the victim

To steal so much & still be the victim


  • I was deceived one time about the Jews in Israel until I listen to a radio program and got other information beside lying brainwashing Jew controlled MSN and when I found out the truth and my inner spirit told me truth I woke up and now am trying to tell others truth about Israel land and the socalled lying Jews whom say their true Jews are DNA proven false ones as Jesus Said and our televangelist in USA like John Hagee types and Osteen pushing Israel but the prior is really bad at it since he preaches in his church war got to destroy Iran, Syria, etc. He preaches Isreal and honoring Israel more then honoring Jesus Christ himself. He and many on TV I firmly believe are false teachers. Gaza people are suffering. Israel is committing crimes against humanity. Their goal is to exterminate Palestine and the whole world for their god is not the God of Abraham b ut their god is Lucifer and love of money. America is controlled by Jews and that is why were in mess were in. WE have blessed Israel and gave them billions of dollars cause many believe if we bless Israel we will be blest, but I tell you truth here and please I beg of you believe me and take this to heart. Truth is maybe God is warning usnot to bless Israel . Does America seemed blest or cursed these days? Think about it.

  • D. Johnson

    All we can do is stay informed and constantly strive to let people have access to the truth. BDS apartheid eretz Israel.

  • In the Bible where it says to bless Israel, I believe that it is referring to the Israel of God, to the Christians, not to the geographical land location of Israel

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