Allowing Zionist skulduggery to forever slip under the radar merely serves to give them licence to commit ever-greater crimes

Fantastic video featuring the superb CHRISTOPHER BOLLYN. It’s obvious 9/11 was planned & executed by dual national Zionists. The last 3 days I’ve been writing a piece which specifically deals with the non investigation. In fact every rule in the book was broken. The key here is the media’s role in this. Not only did they fail to ask patently obvious questions, for the world they were doing all they could to help cover up glaring discrepancies. Now why would media mogus choose to do this? If they were genuinely concerned about the 3000 dead US citizens, if anyone other than Zionists had carried out 9/11, the media would have dived into every nook & cranny. No stone would have been left unturned. It is undeniable – the Zionist controlled media are only going to protect Zionists. Moreover, a prerequisite to conducting a successful false flag operation, is across the board media cooperation. Thanks to Kevin Brant for this beaut.







The real conspirators of 9-11

The real conspirators of 9-11





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