ALWAYS REMEMBER: The media will NEVER inform us of whatever progress we make

I’ve had quite a few interesting exchanges on my last post. Though I regard it my duty to read every comment, due to time constraints I rarely get too involved in conversations via comments. I will say, though quite a few people disagreed with my original post, it’s good to see people making their point without indulging in personal insults. One particular conversation with Gale Obler resulted in something I believe everyone should embed into their brain……
Gale: I do read posts and know people who fear Trump will be the new Hitler, but targeting Muslims instead. What do you all think about this? Certainly hope this will not become America’s future.
Me: Gale – I can answer that – targeting Muslims & targeting Muslim extremists which are actually controlled by Mossad, are two different things entirely. I’m sure you’ll agree with that. If Trump targets Muslims in any way I’m with you. However, we know also, the media presents things in a way to make others think this is precisely what he may do just so these uninitiated folk think Muslims in general are bad. We know how the media operates but Trump is an unknown quantity & the media continues to attack him. Therefore, we should give him the opportunity to do the right thing. These ‘Muslim’ extremists are merely mercenaries which the CIA & Mossad hire & train.
Gale: Your response helps. Although I am aware that the MSM is a propaganda machine, causing fear and uncertainty, that many people buy in to. This could become like a runaway train, or snowball into more hysteria, hate and violence in the US, then Marshall law being declared.
Me: That’s precisely what they wanted; precisely what they tried to initiate! Now I ask you – DID IT HAPPEN? ………NO! So now you should ask yourself why. In short, it’s because people en mass are wising up. I just told an old friend who like me, is going through a tough time with all the censorship & website attacks. I said don’t ever forget – THE MEDIA WILL NEVER TELL US OF THE PROGRESS WE’RE MAKING! I’ve reiterated this time & again on FB. The media will lie up until the very last minute of their existence! Look what’s happened in the last year regardless of the media’s bullshit – Corbyn; Brexit; several other European nations making it clear they’ve had enough; Trump & the end of the TTIP. We’re kicking ass yet most of us are almost brainwashed into believing we’re fighting a losing battle! Never forget – the media will never admit they’ve got it wrong & the people are fed up with their bullshit!




  • Lynne

    That cheered me up !~ Thanks and please keep up Michael with your excellent posts.

    • That’s the spirit Lynne. But do you see how powerful the media is? I always refer to the great quote of Malcolm X – ‘the media is the most powerful entity on earth! It will have you believing the victim is the aggressor & vice-versa.’
      Well, even though we’ve had outrageous successes, the media make out everything is normal. It’s as if we haven’t done anything! This is why I say ‘always remember: The media will never inform us of our progress.’

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