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Most Jeremy Corbyn groups on FB actually seek to undermine him

Here’s a paradox – As most of you know, I’m a big Jeremy Corbyn fan. Why? Because he’s one of the few decent, honest politicians we have. Want to know what I think of most Jeremy Corbyn FB groups or at least ones I found myself plonked in? THEY’RE NOT WORTH A BAR OF SOAP! In fact, they’re worse for I’m

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Getting Real News From Aleppo – Ron Paul Liberty Report featuring Vanessa Beeley

Wow. Ron Paul interviewing one of my favorites. Vanessa Beeley is just sensational. With the Zionists more desperate than ever to censor those who speak the truth, we need the best people out there. I’m so pleased Vanessa is getting some decent airplay. Not only is this lady brave as hell going to war-torn regions, getting right in the thick of

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ALWAYS REMEMBER: The media will NEVER inform us of whatever progress we make

I’ve had quite a few interesting exchanges on my last post. Though I regard it my duty to read every comment, due to time constraints I rarely get too involved in conversations via comments. I will say, though quite a few people disagreed with my original post, it’s good to see people making their point without indulging in personal insults.

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