An update on Gary Lineker’s post & perhaps the reason behind the caging of Palestinian kids

I got to say I’m delighted with the response for the Gary Lineker post where he said, seeing the IDF cage young Palestinian boys was ‘sickening’. It was truly gratifying seeing so many people support Gary Lineker. However, this post is for the purpose of highlighting one of the few who were critical. A chap named Mike Moreno came out with the usual drivel. Unbeknown to him, though I don’t usually get involved in these tit-for-tat slagging matches, this is what can sometimes inspire me to write. First, here’s what he said – 

Always remember that if the Palestinians were to lay down their arms, there would be peace but if Israel lays down its arms, there is no more Israel!

My response –

Always remember you talk complete & utter shite!

Him –

Well, that’s rich coming from you, you bigoted, deluded man. And I use the term “man” in the loosest possible sense of the word!

Me –

I don’t normally talk with such ignorant people like you Moreno but just this one time – Lay down their arms indeed! I’ve never heard so much bile in all my life. They have no arms you idiot. That’s why they throw stones! If they had arms they’d return fire. As if Israel would lay down it’s arms too. What pure unadulterated tripe you talk. Trying to make out Israel would ever consider such a thing, while also you make out the most evil brutal regime on the planet are forever the victims! No more Israel my arse! THERE’S NO MORE PALESTINE LEFT YOU BLITHERING IDIOT BECAUSE ISRAEL HAS STOLEN ALL THEIR LAND!

Him –

Stones??? What about the rockets Hamas endlessly launched into Israel from Gaza, killing innocent civilians? What about the Hamas leadership who directed operations from the safety of Qatar and who cynically placed refugee shelters underneath rocket-launching sites (like Saddam did in Iraq)? Israel tried giving autonomy to Gaza and even removed Jewish settlements from the area. What did the Gazans do …. elect Hamas! I rest my case.

And what a case he rests!

Of course, when international laws & fundamental human rights are violated so, there has to be an ulterior motive. First of all look at the tactics the IDF are deploying in order to capture young Palestinians. Ask yourself – why are they doing this? Since they’ve been getting away with mass-murder for goodness knows how long, why not just kill them? 


I’ve always believed in freedom of speech so I’ve tried to keep ‘friends’ who disagree with my point of view. How else can one encourage debate? Everyone, myself included, wants to be liked & told their opinions are appreciated, yet I have no need for such reassurance. When I say there’s no doubt in my mind, it’s because there isn’t any doubt. I’ve arrived at this juncture not so much because I’ve an insatiable urge to be right but because I’ve exhausted all other avenues of thought so no bias can ever be attached. All the pieces of a puzzle must fit. That’s not to say I cannot err. The difference is, if & when this happens, I’m the first to admit it – something which most people are loathed to do!

But lately the displeasure of having to read comments like the above, basically regurgitating garbage the media uses to justify Israel’s evil regime, has been all too much. Often I want to say ‘if it means I have to suffer such ignorance then screw freedom of speech!’ Yes, from time to time, we all say things we really don’t mean. However, I’ve long since reached the point where I feel those unable to grasp the three key points I’m about to raise are simply unfortunate souls, bedeviled with brain cells which for some reason or another fail to function in the appropriate manner. Of course one day they may see the light, who knows but one’s skin can only be so thick. I simply do not have the time to fart arse about when such unparalleled cruelty is occurring all over the world. 

What in the blazes does it take for people to realise this? First, the MSM is owned by Zionists ie the very people who, come hell or high water, will always support Israel.

Second, why is no evidence ever offered by Israel to back up any of their claims? What’s happened to protocol? Have we become so used to this practice we’ve forgotten how to think? Surely, if someone makes an accusation then the onus is on them to produce not flimsy but irrefutable evidence? Instead, not only do many folk accept what Israel & the media says as gospel but this banal practice has now been adopted by Western leaders. Of course politicians, as well as being on offer to the highest bidder are void of empathy but the last thing they are is stupid. Therefore one can only conclude, they, like the media, have to be in the pockets of Zionist banksters. Look how not just the Palestinians are branded without a shred of evidence but Russia & China too & all they’re doing is looking out for themselves! Moreover, by adopting such policies, our politicians are effectively endangering the lives of everyone they’re supposed to represent. It’s a myth to believe we will not pay for our ignorance, fear & apathy! 

Which leads me to my final point – after one has analysed each & every claim ever made by an Israeli PM or official such as ‘the Palestinians broke the cease fire’ or ‘Iraq has WMD’s’ or ‘Iran is doing all sorts’, almost to a fault, the exact reverse of what they say is true! So I ask, WHY DOES ANYONE EVER BELIEVE ANYTHING THESE PEOPLE SAY?


People that indiscriminately murder kids are cowards. Soldiers who use kids for target practice are cowards. Liars like Netanyahu are cowards! How much more loss of life do the Palestinians have to suffer? How much more of their land do the Israelis have to steal? And for all the twats out there – when the Nazis took control of France in WW II, they naturally were the occupiers. Small wonder, many fought against this occupation by joining the Resistance. WERE THEY EVER CONSIDERED TERRORISTS? However, when the Israelis occupy Gaza & the West Bank, the people who resist, what’s a far more brutal occupation than the Nazis had over the French, idiots spew out bile insisting Israel has the right to defend itself.

Worse still, while the Palestinians remain literally at the mercy of Netanyahu’s henchmen, 1000’s upon 1000’s of them have been turfed out of their homes, rendered refugees, just so yet another illegal Israeli settlement can be built. Each year 100’s of Palestinian children are abducted & imprisoned indefinitely without trial, many tortured & killed only for their organs to find their way into the hands of Rabbis. In America 3 Rabbis were caught bang to rights selling organs on the black market, yet the media imposed a blanket boycott on what should have been ground-breaking news. Here are two posts I put together back in 2015 regarding this….

Israel harvesting organs of dead Palestinians – Palestinian ambassador to UN, Riyad Mansour.

Are young Palestinians deliberately killed – Organs to order?

And this one earlier this year…..

‘Rabbis Caught Selling Children’s Organs’ – US Media is silent!

To this day I’ve been unable to discover if these monsters have been prosecuted. Now I ask – HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF THIS HAPPENED TO YOU & YOUR FAMILY? WHAT WOULD YOU THINK IF FOOLS STILL LOOKED UPON YOU AS A TERRORIST?

Ignorance may be bliss but whenever I feel I’ve learned something, especially regarding subject matters close to my heart, a feeling of genuine pleasure & warmth encompasses my body. All I want is the truth! If people wish to disagree, fine. Go ahead. Show me I’m wrong. Tell me why you think I should modify my views. But please, if all you can do is repeat the bullshit the media spews out then it’s time you ponder as to whether you’re really expressing an opinion. All you’re proving to me is you’re programmable, easily brainwashed. I may sound like a big-headed know-it-all but I can assure you, my mind is open; your’s is not! 


  • Tony G

    Michael, perhaps Mike Moreno might like to read the opinion of a former Israeli.
    This was posted by Avigail Arbarbanel, a Facebook friend of mine.
    She was born in Israel in 1964 and left in 1991 aged 27.
    She now lives in Inverness, Scotland.

    Avigail Abarbanel
    What is this, and why is this allowed to happen? These are children, they haven’t done anything, they are beaten, abused, frightened, why? And why are Palestinian children fair game to these bullies in military uniform? These are rhetorical questions. I know the answers. This should be completely unacceptable to the world community. But with the Brits getting away with it forever in Ireland, and other places, with the American empire getting away with it for ages all over the world… who really cares, and who is really in a position to police this?…
    It is a crime against humanity to abuse children. But I know all too well that abusing Palestinian children is an important part of Israel’s psychological war against the Palestinians people. There is nothing that instills more trauma and depression in parents than being placed in a situation where they cannot protect their own children. Israeli settler colonialism is a psychopathic system. Anyone cares to call it anything else?

    Worth reading the comments from the link.

    • Excellent Tony. Thanks for that though I fear those as ignorant or those who carry blatant bias like Moreno will never admit they’re wrong. This is well beyond the point where one can ever defend such behaviour.

      • Jinks Munroe

        I try to keep my emotions balanced as I think sanity demands it in this jewish utopia (barf) we find ourselves in & honestly don’t have the words to describe what I think of Israel & their destructive ways. The people who stand and watch as Israel murders innocent men, women and children are the same ignoramuses who can’t see past Tommy shitstain Robinsons agenda and support the paedo politicians in Westminster. I too struggle on social media as I honestly being respectful even when differing in view is always best, though sometimes lose it and then it gets ugly (at least we are human enough to feel emotions). If I could just take down all those tv transmitters…..

  • louis semaan

    You have put my thoughts on these matters in print – thankyou

  • butch

    Untold truths are hurting us! told untruths are doing the same! lies will always do to the oppressed the same!

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