‘Rabbis Caught Selling Children’s Organs’ – US Media is silent!

About a year ago I posted a piece which contained a link where 3 Rabbis in America had been caught red-handed selling organs. I’ve heard nothing since regarding the case. I don’t even know if anyone went to jail. One hardly needs rocket science to ascertain where & how these men got their grubby mitts on these organs. What little I do know about this is organs do not have a long shelf life, often less than 24 hours. I also know relatives of murdered Palestinians have for years been trying to highlight their terrible plight. Bad enough being murdered in cold-blood because some IDF thug wants to steal your home but to then have your body returned minus its organs? 



The harsh reality is even more galling to fathom. This has been going on for so long I feel I’m well within my rights to conclude – these scumbags are involved in a network of criminality that beggars belief. When organs are needed, Palestinians who are held in Israeli jails without trial, who happen to be suitable donors, are summarily executed. The vital organs are whipped out & before you know it, are on a plane in order to service wealthy US clients. If ever an order desperately needed to be filled, in all likelihood, this is when the IDF go to work, kidnapping Palestinian children. Organs to order! This also explains why cases of this god-forsaken practice are now cropping up in Iraq, Libya & Syria.




What perhaps should give the game away is the media seemingly never tries to get to the bottom of these stories. They dramatically surface. It then all goes low-key & suddenly it’s off the radar. We never hear if these organ-traffickers are prosecuted & most importantly how these vermin acquired their booty, in many cases the organs of children as young as 7! I deliberately chose these older videos to give you some idea how long this has been going on & the fact IT STILL IS! What seems to be occurring is we’re given the odd sacrificial lamb but are operations ever shut down? Not on your nellie! It’s business as usual & you can be sure – this is just another massive multi-million dollar Zionist scam. 



I included this clip just to make the point that this diabolical practice has been going on for ages. This was 2011. I do not recommend watching the video clip below (8.19) for whoever put it up inexplicably decided to ruin it by including in the background the incredibly overrated Rolling Stones song ‘Sympathy for the Devil.’  



This video (7.02) however, from 2009, is well worth watching. What we have here is one guy who has no reason whatsoever to lie & another who has every reason to lie & may I say, in true Israeli style, he does so with distinction. And why am I so sure you may ask? Because we’re a cat’s whisker away from the horrific truth. It’s common knowledge for years IDF thugs have been going into Palestinian homes, randomly kidnapping children. Why are they doing this? Not that the Israelis give a rat’s arse to what anyone else thinks for these kidnappings can only further incur international wrath. No reason is ever given for these abductions. What are we supposed to suspect when bodies return home in a box minus their organs? What are we supposed to think when Rabbi after Rabbi is arrested for selling organs?



Just in case you find this all too hard to believe, cast your mind back to how the IDF murdered 4 Palestinians kids playing football on the beach. You think perhaps the Israelis value lives? They fired a shell which missed. As the 4 boys ran away, the IDF (the D stands for Defense by the way) fired another shell ripping the 4 boys apart! So please, don’t tell me these people aren’t capable of murdering kids solely for the purpose of selling their organs. 



I thought I’d include this excellent article sent by my good friend Kevin Brant – 

Israel is the organ harvesting and human trafficking global ringleader, with complicit help from US and Turkey



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