I don’t normally go for these type of videos because the last thing I’d want people to think is I’m scare-mongering. In the past few weeks though I received several ‘Jade Helm’ clips by Gary Franchi & I came very close to posting one but backed off for the same reason. Then Nicky Nelson, a good friend in America told me how all these army helicopters & personnel were doing all sorts of things that just seemed so far-fetched. What the hell is going on in America? Okay, so let’s just break this down for the purpose of understanding what may well be on the horizon –

1) A US citizen is 50 times more likely to be killed by a US Police officer than a terrorist. Therefore what earthly reason is so much emphasis being placed on the alleged terrorist threat?

2) Since it’s nigh on impossible imagining Americans could have a more criminally corrupt government, one is obliged to ask who is really in control. It is obvious that almost every significant facet of America life is under the control of dual national Zionists.

3) This whole war on terror is entirely false because the people who declared the war on terror were the ones who actually planned & executed 9/11 in order to create this fictitious war on terror.  

4) It is obvious too that the Zionist controlled media are very much part of the process of duping the American people for whatever, sinister deeds they have in mind.

5) So one must ask – what can that be? Ultimately, without full control of America, the Zionists & Israel would be on their own. Therefore, it goes without saying – the Zionists will do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO REMAIN IN CONTROL OF AMERICA.

i) The advent of the Internet has meant the Zionists are being found out hand over fist.

ii) Arch Zionist Michael Chertoff as leader of Homeland Security oversaw the construction of 800+ state-of-the-art Fema (concentration) Camps.

iii) Obama was coerced into signing the heinous NDA Act. This allows those in control to arrest & detain anyone, without charge, without legal represention, without trial, indefinitely!

iv) Zionists are currently trying to impose a universal ban so that no one can criticise them or Israel. (Imagine bank robbers pushing for a law to make bank robbery legal).

v) History shows the Ashkenazi Zionists were responsible for the systematic slaughter of 66 million Russians in the Bolshevic Revolution of 1917.

vi) One has to look no further than what’s happening in Gaza & the West Bank, not just to see the sheer level of brutality but the fact these poor people’s plight is looked upon by most Israelis as deserved & just. When one considers how much land the Israelis have stolen from the Palestinians & yet all they yearn for is to rid themselves of the Palestinians altogether.

Resisting Arrest!

Resisting Arrest!


  • Read and absorb the chapter “I AM ” THE FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER in my book “How The English Language Controls The World” and find out HOW Eric turned into “Erica” by the inventive pen of Mary Shelley of England (America’s MOTHER COUNTRY). Then you will understand how and why we Americans are being used to police the world. All part of the PLAN called THE ICE-PLAN CODE.

    We are who and what we were “programmed” to be and do by the very people – under King James – who transcribed the Latin Language into Germanic and ultimately into the “Universal English Language” that controls the world. This has been the goal of the Zionist elitists who control the money and the Media. “Control the mind (through Genetics and ignorance) and the body will obey”. Visit my website and peruse my articles on my FaceBook page Jack Tafoya’s Wisdom and Insights and send me your comments.

  • That chapter in my book is “I AM ERICA THE FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER (ERIC turned into ERICA). Men still control the East but Women control the West. “There is only one person tougher than Mama in the West, and that is HER MAMA”.

  • thank you all for your support we hope you enjoy the next vid

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