Blair says Corbyn government a ‘dangerous experiment’

The gall of this wretched specimen! Blair has no right to even open his mouth. Military personnel can lose their lives for but one reason – protecting their country. Blair sent our armed forces into battle in a far off land, fully cognizant the case for military intervention was a total fabrication. Blair lied to go to war. This is an open & shut case of Treason. He should be placed before a firing squad & shot, plain & simple! 


Now this is solely for the crime he committed here. What of the carnage in Iraq? How dangerous was Blair for the people of Iraq? First & foremost, WE PUT SADDAM THERE! So, quite how we have the temerity to suddenly insist, ‘let’s get rid of this tyrant’ is astonishing to say the very least! Once again, what right do we have to say anything? Previous to this, Iraq’s leader, Abd al-Karim Qasim, in no uncertain terms, told the US & UK oil companies –


This resulted in the CIA sending two brothers, assassins to kill Qasim. They blew their assignment & were forced to flee. The CIA then sent in the real pros & the mission was accomplished. A few years later, the brothers came out of hiding – one of them became Iraq’s leader – his name, Saddam Hussein. WHY DIDN’T THE MEDIA EVER MENTION THIS? I’ll come back to this because the media’s role alone should have alerted anyone with a modicum of intelligence as to who is really behind all this mayhem & importantly, why.


So, now we want to put things right! WRONG! What’s rarely said is the plan all along was to create utter turmoil not only to destroy Iraq but to ensure it could never recover. Western foreign policy was anything but incompetent or directionless. Sure, the outcome has been nothing short of cataclysmic BUT THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANTED! Why is it few ever factor in what these crooks can’t admit? Why else were the invading forces given carte blanche to commit mass-murder? Sure enough, when Bradley Manning blew the whistle, he was the criminal – not the bastards who mowed down scores of unarmed Iraqis from the safety of their helicopter gunship. I’ll never forget how he kept saying ‘keep firing. Keep firing!’ For revealing the shocking truth this brave boy, Manning has been imprisoned for 35 years! 


So, Blair’s lies resulted in 2 million innocent dead Iraqis & at least 5 million that have lost their livelihoods & homes. WHAT PUNISHMENT FOR THIS? We’re talking Nuremberg here – crimes against humanity! This doesn’t just warrant the death sentence – IT DEMANDS IT! Yet, to prove the point this was all by design, the identical scenario then played itself out in Libya & Syria as if Iraq never happened – lies that led to carnage being unleashed on countries that were relatively stable & moreover, had caused no grief whatsoever to anyone.




At least Jeremy Corbyn isn’t letting this go. None of us should. It’s up to us to pile on the pressure.


Even Donald Trump, at least for me, is rocking the proverbial boat.


What we should have asked is why the media neglected to take war-mongering politicians to task? There can be no excuse for an anomaly stares us squarely in the face. We claimed the goal was to rid Iraq, Libya & Syria of despotic rulers yet the autocratic regimes of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & Qatar, who just happen to be our allies, are far worse. When it comes to human rights violations, the Saudis are among the worst offenders on the planet! An argument that cannot possibly hold water can only be a bare-faced lie, yet the entire mainstream media never once brought this glaring discrepancy to light.
So, what is the media’s role in this? In order to answer this question, one is obliged to ask who controls the 6 major media conglomerates? Answer – Zionists whose allegiance is to Israel & the establishment of a New World Order where they’ll run the show. Is there any evidence to suggest this could all be part of a Zionist plot to destabilize Arab & Muslim nations so that Israel can expand its borders further still & perhaps assume complete control of the Middle East? 






Of course any meaningful investigation will reveal the real terrorists behind 9/11 were Zionists. They control America & a host of other Western nations; they control the media; they have untold resources; they specialise in telling humongous porkies, above all, blaming others for what they do; the only country to gain from all this chaos is Israel. Everyone else, one way or another, is suffering. That’s why they’re instigating all this. Do you need any more evidence? What about Mossad’s motto –

  ‘By way of deception, thou shalt do war.’

Pure Scum


At least they admit it. Ever heard of the phrase ‘DIVIDE & CONQUER?’ Well, right now, it’s in overdrive! I can go on & on & on. Crucially, the only people who can engineer such heinous acts like 9/11 & get away with it, are those who can rest assured – THE MEDIA WILL COVER THEIR BACK BY NEVER ASKING PATENTLY OBVIOUS QUESTIONS! If you want to call this anti-Semitism be my guest. If the undeniable truth is anti-Semitic to brainless morons & deluded racists, then so be it! 
Worse still, how did Iraq end up carrying the can, after all, within an hour of the 9/11 attack four Zionists – Jerome Hauer, William Kristol, Paul Bremer & former Israeli PM Ehud Barak, who all just happened to be plotted up at major TV news channels, were chomping at the bit to inform the whole world that Bin Ladin & 19 Saudi hijackers were responsible? Needless to say, not one news presenter questioned how they could know so much. But if it was Bin Ladin, HOW THE HELL DID IRAQ END UP IN THE FRAME? Answer: Three fully-fledged Zionists, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle & Douglas Feith, were given a specific job – to conjure out of thin air, reasons for invading Iraq. They came up with this






These lies were forwarded to their partners in the media. The media then did what they do best – LIE THEIR ARSES OFF! Subliminal brainwashing of the masses – repeating the same tripe over & over again. For the uninitiated, it’s merely a matter of time. It will sink in & inevitably, they will end up quoting what the media’s fed them, many do so thinking it gives the impression they’re clued up. The most worrying aspect though is even intelligent folk succumb to the barrage. Zionists understand the behavioral patterns of the human mind & consequently, have learned & refined the art of exploiting any weakness.
Finally, please – just think of how the media not only ignores the fact Blair’s a war criminal but look how an unchallenged media platform is readily available so that he can continue to give his opinion on key issues when scant few give a damn what he says or thinks. Media barons know full well the vast majority of us would much rather see Blair sliding down an everlasting razor blade with only his balls as brakes! So why are they doing this?


My greatest wish!


I’ve thought long & hard about this & the only conclusion I can muster is they’ve no option but to maintain this facade. They cannot back off because we’ve long since passed the point of no return. It’s us or them. Any admission of guilt would merely invite pressure that in turn could start an avalanche. This is why they have to keep saying they’d do the same thing again. This is why they have to make out everything is sweet. They cannot show they’re under it. I’d like to bet Blair has no option. He has to keep fronting it, after all, only certain puppets get the absolute dish.
I’m just hoping Blair is being set up as a sacrificial lamb. Now wouldn’t that be nice. For sure, Blair’s cheap jibe at Corbyn merely confirms desperation is setting in.
I thought I’d also include my friend Hafsa Kara’s contribution –

What a day this would be


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