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London False Flag Hoax: How in the blazes can paramedics allow an MP to do their job? MP Tobias Elwood best supporting actor

In my post ‘Who’s to blame for the London Attack? OUR POLITICIANS‘, I made a point of avoiding whether this was yet another Zionist false flag event. Why? Because if you really stop & think about it, what best serves Truthers & activists ie the most appropriate method of getting our point across? In the piece above, the title says it

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Blair says Corbyn government a ‘dangerous experiment’

The gall of this wretched specimen! Blair has no right to even open his mouth. Military personnel can lose their lives for but one reason – protecting their country. Blair sent our armed forces into battle in a far off land, fully cognizant the case for military intervention was a total fabrication. Blair lied to go to war. This is an open

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