I’m not sure if Americans realise how lucky they are to once again have a genuine candidate Zionists are desperate to stop. Twice, blatant election fraud, coupled with a media so corrupted & crooked, a man who was by far & away the people’s choice was robbed of the Presidency. However, this time the media aren’t so fortunate. All they had to do was NEVER MENTION RON PAUL……In England, whenever I told people Ron Paul should have been President, 9 times out of 10 the response was ‘Ron who?’
However, this time around & this is the beauty of it – thanks to all the clap-trap; thanks to all these shitty, useless, pathetic TV shows like X-Factor, Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing & The Apprentice, which appeal to all the brainless moronic twats – DONALD TRUMP HAS BECOME A HOUSE-HOLD NAME! As a result, the US media are unable to freeze him out. Better still, each time they try to stick the proverbial boot in, embarrassing as Trump unquestionably is, with the media’s credibility all but non-existent, every time they criticise him, it only serves to strengthen his position.
When Donald Trump first threw his hat into the ring I thought here we go – more Hollywood bull. As for Trump? Surely this was just another case of one more big banana trying to make an even bigger name for himself. Trump had the incredible good fortune of being born into an immensely wealthy family. His father had a net worth of $300 million when he died in 1999. It’s touch & go whether a new-born is bedeviled with starvation & disease. For most, life isn’t that brutish but the odds of being born into the kind of life I have is merely a throw of the dice. I got lucky & so did most of you. Our number came in. Unfortunately, we do not live in a world where this crucial point is made nearly as often as it should be.
For argument’s sake let’s say it’s a 1 in 6 chance – born in the right place & into a family that can make ends meet. Ask yourself – so what are the odds of being born into a family with colossal wealth? I’m not talking about millionaire status. Let’s start from $300 mill! Here we’re in the realms of astronomical odds – you work it out – 7 billion people – lets say there are 5,000 families worth this much & more. In short, when he was born Trump won the lottery! So if we had a similar head start & achieved what he has, at best we’d be regarded average; at worst, gamblers who in the quest to become big shots, took unnecessary risks. Trump most certainly did & as a result went bankrupt a number of times but through a combination of luck & skulduggery, bankruptcy didn’t mean he’d forever have to rue his recklessness.
Now, let me make this absolutely clear – I got that out of the way just so you all know exactly what I think of people like Donald Trump – HE’S NOTHING! He’s just a lucky face. I think I have more ability & knowledge than he could ever have but don’t for minute think that makes me any good. It’s simply is symptomatic of the world we live in. It’s anything but a perfect one! So, when Trump threw his hat in the ring I was asked what I thought. I said –

How do I know what he says is genuine? I don’t know the man. All I know is how the system works. It’s completely bent. My only reference point, therefore, is the media – their reaction, especially if Trump were to pick up a head of steam, would be crucial. if the media supported him, then I wouldn’t but if the media chose to embark on a process of vilification – then he would have my wholehearted support.

A few days later Trump was robbed of Iowa by that awful little specimen Ted Cruz. Trump made rumblings of the fact he’d been robbed & he flat out said –



Ooooohhh…….. DID I LIKE THAT! Trump hit at the heart of the problem – the ZIONIST CONTROLLED MEDIA! That day I wrote a piece & said –


“I’m going to go out on a limb here & say – every American Muslim should vote for Trump.” 

Since this came shortly after Trump’s controversial demand for Muslims to be temporarily banned from entering the US, you can be sure I knew -the bombardment was about to commence. In fact as I wrote that line, I looked at it & chuckled thinking here comes the pain. I actually said to myself –


Sure enough, judging by the comments, the vast majority of Muslims got it wrong. Since I expected that I’d already decided not to respond to any of these comments. You see, if these people couldn’t bring themselves to think – why is the GMM saying this, then why should I give myself brain damage by repeating what I’d said about the media? This is the beauty of the brain – use it & it don’t half help! Others said ‘ALLAH WILL SHOW THE INFIDELS!’ I said – ‘I might believe you but there’s one big problem – ALLAH DOESN’T HAVE A TIME LIMIT!’


The reason for this post is today a good friend Nor Hashimah Shafie messaged me. She said –
“Michael, I was unfriended by few people because I’m against Trump.”
I see. First of all – never be upset when someone unfriends you, especially if it’s for something trivial. This is no big deal & what you should think is, it’s their loss, not mine. On FB you will get all sorts. The thing is I support Trump but I hate the man. The other day I wrote a piece where I said of Trump – SHOULD WE SUPPORT HIM? A – Only if the media criticises him. Well, they did criticise him, so now he has my support. In fact I urged all Muslims to support Trump.
So what does all this mean? Muslims have got to ask – WHO IS THEIR GREATEST ENEMY? A – The Zionists. Who controls the media? A – The Zionists. What did Trump say in what after all is an election campaign where candidates ONLY LIE TO GET VOTES? A – That Trump is going to do this or do that against Muslims. What ARE the Zionists doing to the Muslims? A – While they’re responsible for killing millions in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq & Syria as well as Palestine, THE MEDIA LABEL THE VICTIMS – TERRORISTS!
Don’t you think he’s a bit racist?
Listen Nor. READ WHAT I SAY! Most people are racist to an extent but what’s worse – THOSE WHO WANT TO DESTROY YOUR COUNTRY & KILL YOU, WHICH THE ZIONISTS ARE DOING or someone who’s a vulgar racist that says he doesn’t want America to be involved in all these overseas wars?
Ok I understand now. Agree with you but I don’t like him.
Who asked you to like him? Look. This is a major test for all Muslims? If they can’t see Trump is the only candidate not in the Zionists pocket, then they are their own worst enemy
I have few Muslim friends on FB who are worried if Trump were to be next President. They’re even thinking to migrate to other country.
Tell them what I just said. In fact, tell them to leave the US if Trump ISN’T elected!


Of course, it’s easy for me to tell Muslims to vote for Trump. Well, unlike most people who are all mouth & no trousers, I’m the kind of guy who likes to put my money where my mouth is. I STAND BY WHAT I SAY! If you care then all you should be doing is scrutinising the media. Forget about prejudice. Forget about what candidates say when they’re trying to capture votes…. YOU KNOW WHO OWNS THE MEDIA & THESE PEOPLE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PRETTY MUCH ALL THE SHIT THAT’S GOING ON IN THE WORLD TODAY.
Check out the link & the short video clip. Ask yourself – Why isn’t the media making a big deal about how so few American citizens support Hilary Clinton. These photos don’t lie…… & bear in mind, Bernie Sanders is Jewish! You see they don’t want him. THEY WANT THE PERFECT PUPPET SO THAT ISRAEL CAN CONTINUE TO SUCK AMERICA DRY!


How Tonight’s Bernie Sanders Rally Compared to Hillary Clinton’s


Sanders rally at MSU


Remember – RON PAUL ONLY had these types of rallies – no standing room; auditoriums loaded to the rafters. The Zionists saw to it that puppet Obama would be in the White House for the entire 8 years RON PAUL should have been the President. How did they achieve such an outrageous perversion of democracy? One reason – THE MEDIA!


Hilary rally in NY



~Benjamin Netanyahu 

Hillary Clinton PETRIFIED After This Video Is Leaked – Watch It Before It’s TAKEN DOWN


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