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Allowing cheats to prosper is sheer folly; allowing pathological criminals to cheat their way into the White House is beyond the boundaries of sanity

What do we have to do? It’s all but been revealed Hilary Clinton cheated; Bernie Sanders was robbed of the Democratic nomination. So how come Hilary Clinton is still a 1/2 on favorite to become President? ISN’T ELECTION FRAUD SUPPOSED TO BE ILLEGAL? This is ridiculous. The first time such obvious voter fraud occurred resulted in GW Bush stealing the

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I’m not sure if Americans realise how lucky they are to once again have a genuine candidate Zionists are desperate to stop. Twice, blatant election fraud, coupled with a media so corrupted & crooked, a man who was by far & away the people’s choice was robbed of the Presidency. However, this time the media aren’t so fortunate. All they

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