Brandon Martinez on Red Ice Radio – The Creation of Israel

Pre Internet, I never fully understood how History, especially since 1900, has effectively been one massive, ongoing soap opera. Throughout this time some of the wealthiest, most powerful people have actually been responsible for fashioning history for their own purposes. In order to do this, controlling what we read & heard was essential. In fact such has been their success, for most folk today it would seem inconceivable that we could have been fed a pack of lies for so long. Well, I’m afraid to say, it’s true. We’ve been seriously duped.

While my strength lies in analyzing & working out what’s true or false, one of my failings is I’ve never been one for detail. I believe one should concentrate on what ones good at. I also believe if you want folk to take you seriously, you must be selective when offering advice. You have to be sure when you say – ‘if you want to learn more, listen to this guy’ that that person has to be good! Well I’m telling you now – if you want to know precisely how history has been manipulated in the past 120 years, then listen to this radio interview. In just an hour Brandon Martinez connects every single dot. You wouldn’t believe this guy is just 24. Brilliant!

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