Breaking the Silence – Israeli soldiers speak out. Media Blackout!

The title says it all. The problem with not having an independent media is you’re never likely to hear anything derogatory regarding those who own or control that media outlet. This is natural. There’s nothing wrong with this. This is the way it is – nobody likes having the finger pointed at them, especially if they can help it. The moral of the story is here – only those who are squeaky clean & those who have no personal agenda should seek to own or control a news outlet.


Now this fact of life quandary only becomes a dilemma of biblical proportions when the same people effectively control the entire mass-media apparatus. The ‘same’ people means those with a similar agenda & to a great extent race, religion & creed too. When this happens you have a world like the one we have where the vast majority of humans live in turmoil & even Nature itself finds it difficult to continue as it normally does. If other intelligent life forms were watching over us they’d have long since concluded
‘A few have sought control. Unfortunately for the greater good & the vast majority of them & indeed all life-forms, these few quickly discovered – humans are programmable!’


As a result of 100% media bias we never hear anything good Israelis say



& what we do hear is another version of this. I’ve merely transformed it in order to show just how ludicrous reality as we know it is – THE ISRAELI WAY:


Imagine this scenario in a court of law: In the dock, a mass-murderer is explaining himself. Here the accused is allowed to make up any cock & bull story. The families of the victims have to sit & listen to this concoction of fairy-tales. Complete with an unchallenged platform the mass-murderer suddenly surprises everyone by saying “your honor. It was all their fault. I was only defending myself. This is my right. I have to defend myself. If you could only see how every day these people attack me. They want to kill me. They want to wipe me off the map. In fact your honor, these animals are guilty of the very thing I’ve been wrongly accused of!”


As the prosecutor gets up the judge interjects, “what nasty victims we have here. I don’t want to hear your side of the story Mr. Prosecutor. It’s irrelevant. In any case, you can’t criticise this man. It would be anti mass-murderer. Now you don’t want me to accuse you of being anti-mass-murderer, do you? Well then.” Taken aback the prosecutor says “but your honor, he made all these claims without presenting a shred of evidence. How can you take for gospel what he says? He’s alive & the people he’s accused are all dead!” The judge says “he doesn’t need evidence. I believe everything he says. He was only defending himself. He’s the victim. In fact, you know what I think you should do? You should apologise to him & give him your home! Not guilty. Court dismissed.”



It's not defense!

Many times I’ve said the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany & Australia are Occupied Territories. The only difference between these countries & the Occupied Territories of Palestine is we’re yet to discover what it’s like being a Palestinian. The police forces of the US, UK & Canada are already receiving training from the Israelis. Since this has coincided with a dramatic upturn in indiscriminate police slayings in America we better start wising up because the last thing the media is going to do is inform you of this impending danger.
My good friend Lesa Lal in Canada told me her hairdresser told her that her boyfriend who’d joined up said the Canadian military was also receiving similar training. In fact, they are being told that if they see a woman who is wearing Muslim garb who looks pregnant to shoot her as she may be carrying a bomb. This is what they were actually instructing the Canadian military to do! This is just another example of the horrendous downside of having a Zionist controlled media.
For argument sake forget about what I’ve just said. Who knows if this is 100%. What I do know is US Police officers are shooting dead unarmed folk. NEED ONE SAY MORE? What there’s no doubt about is police forces in the West have been totally infiltrated by Israelis who for the best part are now calling the shots. Whichever way you look at this – DON’T YOU THINK THE MEDIA SHOULD HAVE TOLD YOU ABOUT THIS? Ask yourself: WHY IS THIS ALL BEING DONE ON THE QUIET? This is why I put nothing pass the Israelis. The worst of them are a despicably evil lot. Make no mistake – this could well be the shape of things to come.


The Canada-Israel “Public Security” Agreement

Ottawa & Tel Aviv collaborate in counter-terrorism & Homeland security



  • Michael,

    You are so damn right. Of Course, the zionists brought down the WTC on 9/11, of course, they are the ones that control world media, of course they are behind USA Police killing innocent young people, etc etc etc

    But then you made a few mistakes, which obliged me & some other operatives to unveil your background.
    Just like you, I was blackmailed by Mossad to work for the zionists (me under a different name). And just like you, I was unaware of some practical matters, which made my work unfeasible. At some point, in the corridors of mossad (trying to get my last pay check), I heard about you. Just be aware…
    Noam Chomsky + others (Gideon Levi, Amira Hess, Breaking the Silence, etc) , are treated by zionists as “self-hating jews”, a well known phenomenon. This makes their arguments easy to tackle. My advice: get rid of them.
    Yaser Arafat was born and lived in Egipt till age 20. Only then he moved to palestina. (so-called eretz israel)
    Much more important, you have to be prepared to reject arguments like this: “who are the pallesttinnians? The so-called palestina was under turkish occupation for 400 YEARS. Anyone heard then about ‘the phalestnian people fighting for independence from turkish occupation & the creation of a palestiniian independent STATE’?
    400 YEARS, and nothing, Gurnisht??? My dude Mike, do your home work!
    Maybe the mossad will still find a way of keeping you on payroll .

    Mike, you are a such an intelligent young man. It would be sad to lose you.

    • I like your first paragraph but then it’s obvious what you say is tongue-in-cheek. You don’t mean what you say but it is 100% true – Zionists were the terrorist behind 9/11; Zionists control the entire mass-media which is nothing less than a monstrous lying machine; Zionists are now training US, UK & Canadian police so that they scrap the oath to serve & protect to become belligerent thugs!

      Then you go into some mumbo jumbo about Mossad that makes no sense at all. I’m aware alright for I know what you guys are capable of. You’re all sick! You do your worst – I’m prepared to die for telling the truth about mass-murderers. Unveil my background my arse!

      Chomsky, Levi, Hess, Breaking the Silence are people I have nothing but admiration & respect for. The ‘self-hating Jew label is even more ridiculous than the ‘anti-Semitic’ label. Of course they have one thing in common – they are Zionist inventions for the purpose of deflecting wholly justifiable criticism away. This is all you have in defense of Israel’s horrific crimes whereas their arguments are virtually incontestable.
      I’m sure Zionists would get rid of them if they were able to get away with it. This is exactly what they’re working on now, as I said in this piece – “the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany & Australia are Occupied Territories. The only difference between these countries & the Occupied Territories of Palestine is we’re yet to discover what it’s like being a Palestinian. The police forces of the US, UK & Canada are already receiving training from the Israelis.” I should have also said the traitors we have as leaders have allowed the Israelis full access into our secret services like MI5 & complete access to our emails & phone calls. This is an act of Treason by our leaders, plain & simple.

      As for your advice for me to get rid of them? Are you completely mad or just plain daft? I don’t want to get rid of anyone, not even the crazy Zionists who’ve engineered all this mayhem. Mass-murderers like Mossad need to be exposed & indeed all those responsible for committing heinous crimes deserve Nuremberg-like trials.

      As for Turkey & history – while the latter is important, for me, what’s occurring now is what matters.

      As for homework – I think you’re reading too many comic books especially if you think I’m on the Mossad payroll. That’s actually quite funny. Are you a comedian in your spare time?

      As for being young – WRONG!

      As for you feeling sad if Israeli hit-men killed me? – DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH!

      By the way – I’m reporting this comment to the Police right now.

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