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Breaking the Silence – Israeli soldiers speak out. Media Blackout!

The title says it all. The problem with not having an independent media is you’re never likely to hear anything derogatory regarding those who own or control that media outlet. This is natural. There’s nothing wrong with this. This is the way it is – nobody likes having the finger pointed at them, especially if they can help it. The

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Listen how they abuse innocent Palestinians – Israeli female soldiers breaking the silence

I feel we are going to pay a heavy price for not applying anything like enough pressure on Israel. The reason I say this is because I believe the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany & Australia are effectively Occupied territories. Politicians who are supposed to represent their people, instead place the interests of Israel first. Since this is an act

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‘Breaking the Silence’: Israeli whistleblowing NGO under pressure for exposing IDF abuses

The other day I listened to this report on RT & I thought I’d make this my last post for the year. I’m a bit of a romanticist at heart but I can’t help but feel this is what we desperately need if our intention is to stop the outrageous crimes being committed by the IDF. At the end of

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