‘Breaking the Silence’: Israeli whistleblowing NGO under pressure for exposing IDF abuses

The other day I listened to this report on RT & I thought I’d make this my last post for the year. I’m a bit of a romanticist at heart but I can’t help but feel this is what we desperately need if our intention is to stop the outrageous crimes being committed by the IDF. At the end of the day it’s down to the politicians & the media but I’m sure the best way to bring pressure to bear is if we did more to support Israelis who step up to the plate. Happy New Year to all.



Torture = defending oneself

“A group of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) veterans, who call themselves ‘Breaking the Silence’, are trying to expose the reality of IDF actions in the occupied territories. However, it stands accused of posing a threat to Israel by the country’s top politicians.




Breaking the Silence says its mission is essential to stopping violence in the region by helping to end the military occupation of the Palestinian territories. Members of the organization are trying to draw public attention to issues that are not covered by Israeli media and are not made public.”
The whole piece including the RT report is in this link – 



Jewish Survivors


Kill Kids


Two New Defense Brass Join in Support for Breaking the Silence

Under heading ‘I too am breaking the silence,’ ex-Shin Bet chief and former northern police commander publish ad in favor of anti-occupation group, joining other security officials.



To even have to explain this


  • Khaled Azzam

    I agree with you 100% How do you propose showing our support to them? If I had any contact with these whistleblowers I would praise them and thank them to no end and give them all the support I can…

  • Khaled Azzam

    Mike I was thinking a little while ago about how the US funds Israel to the tune of however many billions a year… They take taxpayer money and give it to them without asking for our permission! If the American public knew that they could take those billions and disperse it amongst ourselves they would be in the streets protesting.. Thinking a little deeper couldn’t it constitute embezzlement what is really going on? Because the only reason our govt. pledges to take care of them is because the ones who don’t won’t have a job or won’t get money for campaign from aipac… Others may have skeletons in their closet (pedophilia etc).. You gotta think a lot of the money we give to them they use for control of our weak ass government employees who have a publicly salary and get sucked in to the evil of the world the Zionists force on them… Than I get to thinking it’s a ton of money we give them right, they don’t really need it do they? We need to get our government back..


    • tim iacono

      You have got it spot on Khaled. The fact is that what USA gives to Israel every year would many times over pay for the ‘election funds’ donated to US politicians by Israeli interests. So in effect, USA is paying for it’s government to be corrupted. Also its paying for Israeli weapons that are used to attack Palestinians that in turn will nurture enemies for the US. It’s ridiculous when you look at it this way, but as crazy as it seems it is never the less true.

  • Untopadang

    Lets see roughly 30.000.000. us citizen live under poverty.yet usa still sending $ 4.4000.000,- every year and keep ballooning ???because usa run by people with those zionist passport as well ? where is their loyalty ?. I am not surprise,
    the country full of moron and retarded ,solely build to serve they zionist master ,spend their tax money to support the zionist entity instead themselves.it is show the illiterate l;evel of their population ?.country with nuclear capability and invaded everywhere yet not even can print their OWN MONEY .Wake Up Moron !!!!.

  • tim iacono

    With regards to supporting whistle blowers, just reading this and spreading the word is supporting them. If everybody did this the oppression of Palestine would eventually end. Often it seems that what we as individuals do has zero effect on things but that’s wrong. Every little bit helps.

  • jo

    What I understand from all this wrong doing is, the US is actually run by Israel. Tell me if I am rong.

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