Brexit wins. We lose Cameron. 24 June – I LOVE IT! Now the question – will we leave the EU?

More to the point, what are the real power-brokers going to do to put a spanner into the works? But first & foremost, I’m as pleased as punch this has resulted in the premature end of Cameron’s tenure as our PM. June 24 2016. Game changer? No way. Two steps in the right direction? YES! This man has been a disgrace, nothing short of a disaster for Britain, not to mention Libya & Syria. Traitor & war criminal but as much as this is truly a great day for this country, let’s bear in mind for 250 years the Rothschild banking dynasty has always had their way. Sooner or later, they get what they want! They’ll not stop. Having said that, it’s not often these true power-brokers take such an almighty hit! Now it’s up to us to maintain the pressure. The heat is on!


Secondly, I was wrong. So they didn’t cheat…. or did they? Who knows? I for one do not believe the vote was anywhere near that close. As for London being 60% in favor of staying in the EU – give me a break! Independent polls told a completely different story. Friends & associates were exclusively in favor of leaving & I can only remember speaking to 3 people who I’d never met before say they were for staying while as many as 30-40 were for Brexit. You can be sure Michael (Mr. speaker’s corner) Aydinian used every opportunity at the gym, the supermarket, Doctors surgery, even the polling station to try & get people to see the light yet this only served to pleasantly surprise, for it soon became abundantly clear – the vast majority of people had had enough!


Do not listen to the media if they say this aberration was down to racist Britain. For starters how many refugees has Israel taken in? Answer – A BIG FAT ZERO! Zionists are the ultimate racists. Israel doesn’t want any foreigners but through Divide & Conquer England, France & Germany have been made to open their borders way before we ever joined the EU, regardless of the fact these ‘policies’ were always unpopular. Then for 50 years, the main opposition party could have won a general election simply by adopting a similar immigration policy as Israel. Yet neither main party chose to do this! HOW CAN THAT BE POSSIBLE? Answer – WE WERE BEING SET UP! The only winners were corporations – wages, the bane of big business, could be held down so long as there was a steady influx of immigrants.


Illuminati NWO


This time the UK public knew Cameron & the West created this refugee crisis. The media then made it a migrant crisis & proceeded to engineer hatred. There’s no question many Brits were fed up but there were other serious factors involved in this vote that the media are loathed to admit. The eye-opener was the 72% turnout. This was a mere referendum yet we have to go back 25 years for any General Election to have a bigger turnout. Therefore one is obliged to ask why the UK public were so invigorated about this vote than a General election? Answer – we’re also fed up with Cameron’s incessant lies, the constant war-mongering, the fact Europe was being pushed into a conflict with Russia, a super-power no less who’d done nothing!…… The fact child molesters in Westminster once again side-stepped the law; the fact under Cameron the super rich were having it off while the rest of us was saddled with austerity.



So what exactly did happen? Bear in mind something I’ve bust a gut to try & get across – the public will never be told snippets of information that are available to the media & therefore the true power-brokers. Now I really do want to stress I’m not trying to get out of the fact I flat out said they would rig the vote because they DID RIG THE VOTE. Like I said in the 2nd paragraph – there is no possible chance the vote was that close. Not only virtually everyone I spoke to wanted out but everyone they spoke to wanted out too! It was rigged right up until the very last minute. Before I explain exactly what occurred, what is of critical importance is WE’RE NOT OUT OF THE EU YET….. so let’s not count our chickens. The chief protagonists have merely bought themselves some time.


The best way to know what’s going on is to follow BETFAIR! This is the biggest betting organisation in the world. Every betting event is as if it has a buy & sell share price. Just like a company on the stock exchange, the price fluctuates accordingly & is decided by market forces & nothing else. There are no greasy, snotty-nosed, slimy middle-man. Betfair takes commission on every bet & as a result makes a fortune. Greedy as they are there’s no better way to bet, for in any major event, the difference between going one way or another is almost non-existent. So I keep in touch with my old gambling mate Minny, who’s been a professional punter all his life. He’s one of the few who wins year in & year out. He’s a genius with 4 legged creatures while I’m the one with the brains! I asked him to keep tabs with the betting on the EU referendum as well as the US Presidential election.


Spokesmen for the NWO


Now you can take this or you can leave it. If you give me grief, I will block your sorry arse. The chances are, you’ll be hard-pressed to find two more in the country that know more about gambling & odds than my Betfair buddy & me. Up until two weeks ago the best bet to stay in the EU was around 1.50 which means if you bet £100 & the bet copped, you’d receive £50 plus your original stake. In other words it was 2/1 ON to stay in the EU. Each day we spoke & we couldn’t help but say ‘BOY! IS THE FIX IN HERE!’ Minny said what I was saying – everyone he spoke to wanted out yet the betting belied this! Therefore, there can be only one explanation – THE WHOLE CABOODLE HAD TO BE RIGGED! Why do you think I kept saying this? Now, on the day of the election the Betfair odds had shortened to 1.30 – meaning £100 returned a soppy £130!
This is where it gets interesting. Late last night I got a call from Minny – ‘it’s 1.07!’ You what? THAT’S 15/1 ON!! In other words if you bet £100 you’d win a soppy 7 quid! Considering this was a two horse race this is the equivalent of a horse approaching the last fence 100 meters clear, only to fall. Gut-wrenching as it most certainly is, in horse racing we’ve seen it time & again. You know why? Because there are goodness knows how many horse races each & every day. A referendum in comparison is a rare event. For Betfair odds to go to 1.07, ONLY TO GET LAGGED OVER, MEANS SOMETHING BEHIND THE SCENES INVOLVING THE TRUE POWER-PLAYERS HAD TO HAVE OCCURRED! A decision was made & it went something like this –
‘You know. We’re better off losing this, though don’t put the real result out. The public must never know it was a 80 – 20% split. That will slaughter us. Make out it was a close run thing – call it 52% to 48%. At least it buys us some time because we can pull some major strokes to stop the UK leaving the EU. Sadly, we’ve got to lose Cameron. Great a servant as he’s been, he’s become a proper liability. I think we may have pushed the boat out with this guy because I think our buddies in the media have paid too large a price holding this pig-shagging bastard up.’
PIG-GATE. Good riddance. It gets no worse than this scumbag.


Pig gate

I put my money where my mouth is. THIS IS AS NEAR AS DAMN IT TO WHAT THE ROTHSCHILD BIG BANANA RULED! Like I said – you can like it or lump it – I’m open to anyone offering another scenario that connects all the dots. We are dealing with the big boys here – the great Gumba who can not only start world wars but keep them going as long as it suits is the man who calls the shots! All the better if millions more die! Why do you think all those years ago the mother of a Rothschild said –

“If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” Gutle Schnaper Rothschild

The hierarchy, I hate to say it, called it right.
‘Let’s swallow this one. If we rig this it really could blow up in our faces. Let’s just make sure they’re oblivious to the fact this vote was a walkover all along & in the meantime we will re-think our strategy. We always live to fight another day.’


I was nevertheless somewhat surprised to hear Jeremy Corbyn say that Article 50 should be invoked immediately. Considering Corbyn mysteriously campaigned for staying in the EU, how come, all of a sudden, he made himself busy? Talk about stepping out of his pram! Now, he can’t wait for the UK to jump ship! Am I being so presumptuous to suggest Corbyn is showing his true colors? Truth is, the coverage of this election was so one-sided I believe the Rothschild’s made this decision because of the damage it was doing to their propaganda outlet known as the mass-media. My only hope is the Rothschilds pushed it too far. The question now is whether the media has finally shot it’s bolt.
Of course Corbyn was got at. He deplores the TTIP YET WANTS TO STAY IN THE EU? Someone’s having a laugh here! Farage was treated like the geezer that head-butted the local vicar while pedophile protector Cameron was given an unchallenged platform to spew out lie after lie! Adding desperation into the fray – using Obama to try & convince people we should remain in the EU? This had to be the daftest decision since Netanyahu stuck an ISIS swastika on his jock-strap! What is certain is the media’s gamble to put all it’s eggs into the EU basket has back-fired big time. Note no one in the media will admit that after the most one-sided reporting, WE STILL VOTED OUT! In fact I’d go as far to say the media could have screwed itself by being so biased. My only hope is more people continue to realise how utterly corrupt the entire MSM is.
In this case, I believe the media & their owners were aware more people than ever suspected a fix. I said the same thing in the Scottish vote for independence. What I sensed then though was few took me seriously. In fact I got the distinct impression many people felt there was no way elections in the UK were rigged. However, what was obvious this time around was it wasn’t just me sticking my neck out saying ‘they’re going to cheat’ but loads of people were saying the same thing all over the place! It was as if the penny had dropped. Do not for one minute think these crooks don’t pay attention to social media. Of course they’ll never admit that. We’re all ‘conspiracy theorists’ but the reality is another story. This is why I keep encouraging people to think laterally. The fact is, this time around they felt if they rigged this election, they could well have open up a can of worms. After all, they have options available –
1) The fact a vote to leave the EU doesn’t mean WE’VE LEFT THE EU – you can be sure every trick in the book will be used & even new ones invented so that obstacles are created in order to hinder the process of breaking away from the EU. 
2) Remember who has control over our currency. Speculators are flush with cash. WE AREN’T! Soros screwed us before & you can be sure these bastards will do it again. Soros is very much a front man for the Rothschilds.
3) That piece of garbage Cameron had the gall to say “THE BRITISH PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN.” Yeah. Just like we spoke on bombing Syria! What happened? WE ENDED UP BOMBING SYRIA! ON YOUR BIKE YOU PEDOPHILE LOVING PIG-SHAGGER!

Greedy bastards!



  • Great to see ….The same can be said about the Comming Australian elections .The people have had a gutful but the Murdoch press are in top gear to keep us with the Tory alligned libs,but talk to anyone on the street on in the workplace and we all want out.But just watch the election …..With Putin giving Rothchilds the boot and German police demonstrating with anti Rothchilds demonstrators,we can see why the main stock in trade of the Rothchilds has always been secrecy……now with the transparency of the net they can no longer hide …..I believe their days are numbered ……*you can fool the people some of the time ,etc…………

  • Hoo ray the witch is dead ..!!We have the *net to thank ….There is a revolution sweeping the world based on the power of free media (the *net) to tell it how it is .Persons like Mike Aydinian have done a fantastic job in keeping us in touch with the facts ,and knowing the facts enabled the masses to make a considered decision …..the right one ……..Rothchilds et al.have been given notice and if they don*t vacate they may find an unpleasant eviction …..We ,the world have had a gutful and are now in the process of defecation….!!

  • Sam

    Hi Michael, I’m sure they were trying to fix the result to the fullest extent that is possible but more than 10% is asking too much – too obvious, I too have spoken to dozens and dozens of people and only a couple were for remaining in the EU, the vast majority were vehemently for leaving but for many different reasons, admittedly some from an exaggerated fear of migration which borders on racism in a few cases, however most understood enough to know which side their bread was buttered but not a single person I talked to knew what the TTIP was, or agenda21. I’m a betting man too and was following the odds, whilst they’re not infallible (as I can attest, having extracted 35k from them in the last year!)the odds generally don’t lie and for the bookies to be blindsided like this tells me the fix was on to the max, they just couldn’t cope with the size of that margin! They will of course have covered their own arses, I’m sure Soros made a packet speculating on our currency and share prices, they will appoint their chosen replacement weasel as soon as the shiny-faced pig fucker is out of the picture but I can’t help but think we have won a victory of some sort today! Did you notice that the recently martyred Jo Cox’s go fund me campaign is for the Syrian White Helmets? How heart warming! Just watched them cold bloodedly executing a bunch of Syrian soldiers on YouTube, the Nobel peace prize is a shoe in I’m sure! Keep it up mate, your work has never been more important than it is now….

    • CORRECT & I had it on good authority Soros made untold millions. He’s one of the main Rothschild agents & those bastards have done this time & again. I didn’t bother making a big deal out of this for one reason – NOT ONLY DO THEY NOT NEED THE MONEY; THEY DIDN’T WANT THIS! Okay. An opportunity to cop a few 100 million is better than nothing but this is not what they wanted. But as you say – WE HAVE WON A VICTORY! I even said months ago, everyone should get out & vote TO MAKE IT DIFFICULT FOR THEM TO CHEAT & LOOK WHAT HAPPENED? PRECISELY THAT & in the end, they couldn’t cheat. Now it’s plan B & what I would love to organise is a time-table to quit the EU OR GENERAL STRIKES!

      I did notice the White Helmets fiasco Sam. In fact I’ve got a post about this that’s not yet completed. I’m really struggling. In the last two days I’ve never had to reply to so many messages. lucky I took a couple of days off & cleared the slate because if I hadn’t, I would have been freaked out. I’m in desperate need of a secretary. I’m struggling to cope & the big shame is I’m having less time to write pieces but we’ve got to keep marching on! Thanks for your support mate.

  • Judith Murphy

    Thoroughly good reading as always Michael, I look forward to reading your messages, you say it as it is.
    Keep up the great work, I was truly gobsmacked with the result, was sure the powers that be would have swung it to remain, like yourself the majority of people said they wanted out. Thanks again, with regards.

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