Cameron regarding the Pedophile scandal – NO STONE WILL BE LEFT UNTURNED…….. YEAH RIGHT!

Quite why there are so many people today who are prepared to commit cold-blooded murder for me is a testament to how bad or perhaps inept our political system is. There can be no denying – if the world wasn’t such an unfair place loaded to the brim with the very worst people calling the shots, there wouldn’t be nearly as many prepared to commit murder at the drop of a hat. These people either are evil or have been made to be evil. After murderers most of us would agree child molesters are just a click below them. 


However, there’s something more sinister about child molesters & perverts because as well as being evil, to yearn for what they do to kids can only mean these people are also sick. And bear in mind, for some bizarre reason war criminals aren’t viewed in nearly as bad a light as child molesters & these sexual predators know this yet they’re still have this despicable urge. They’re sick alright! Being convicted is an absolute no no. Along with disgrace for the entire family, those incarcerated have no option but to go on ‘level 42’ effectively placing them in virtual isolation. Today though, many of these vermin remain free & it’s because the whole system is bent & it goes all the way to the top.


Thanks to John Miranda for this amazing link. He says –  

ALL ROADS LEAD TO 788-790 FINCHLEY ROAD, and The Pedophiles squatting at 10 Downing Street and The Houses of Pedophilia. HERE IS THE PROOF…CAN YOU SPOT THE LINKS? Cliff Richard (below) used to hire a cruiser on the Norfolk Broads and bring a gang of boys down from a youth club in Finchley (Hampstead in London) that he was involved in, as assistant leader. DAVID CAMERON & TONY BLAIR GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL DO NOT COLLECT YOUR BLOOD MONEY.



I’ve written quite a few pieces about the UK Pedophile scandal but only in recent years have I realised there’s a link between the inordinate number of child molesters & perverts in the upper echelons of power & why the UK unconditionally supports the rogue state of Israel. This is also an integral reason why this pedophile scandal has been successfully covered up for so long. The indelible stain of Zionism is written all over it & getting these sickos into the corridors of power & keeping them there is the only way the Zionist bankers can continue to get our senior politicians to put Israel’s interests before the UK’s. Here’s a couple of articles regarding this scandal of monumental proportions – 


Getting Sexual Predators Into The Upper Echelons Of Power Proved To Be A Zionist Master-Stroke. They Couldn’t Have Extracted More From UK Politicians


The UK Paedophile Scandal – 31 January 2014



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