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Gordon Bowden on Bombs, ‘Boiler Rooms’ Paedophiles & David (porky) Cameron.

I could not post this yesterday as my website was down so I posted it on FB. However, since this involves the greatest criminals in history I decided to repost it. We’re talking about blatant tax fraud & money laundering on a scale scarcely imaginable & it goes all the way to the top. How can such criminality occur under

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Cameron regarding the Pedophile scandal – NO STONE WILL BE LEFT UNTURNED…….. YEAH RIGHT!

Quite why there are so many people today who are prepared to commit cold-blooded murder for me is a testament to how bad or perhaps inept our political system is. There can be no denying – if the world wasn’t such an unfair place loaded to the brim with the very worst people calling the shots, there wouldn’t be nearly

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