Harper selling his fellow Canadians down the river


Bad enough Canada’s Prime Minister Harper unconditionally supports the rogue state of Israel. I mean how can any leader in their right mind support a mass-murdering maniac like Benjamin Netanyahu? There’s no greater liar on the planet; it’s debatable whether anyone is more evil & if the unthinkable does occur, odds are Netanyahu will be the one who initiates WW III. However, Harper’s propensity for displaying double standards has now reached such chronic proportions, one literally has to be deaf, dumb & blind not to realise something is terribly amiss.

Harper couldn’t wait to get on his high horse after the Charlie Hebdo ‘massacre’. Right on cue he had the gall to claim “they have declared war on any country, like ourselves, that values freedom, openness & tolerance.” Well guess what? He was right! Except he wasn’t referring to those who really were responsible for the attack in Paris. Had he been pointing an accusing finger at Mossad & Israel, the true masters of false flag events where patsies leave behind ID’s & then are conveniently ironed out so God forbid, they could ever give their side of the story, Harper would have been bang on the mark!

Freedom of speech should be sacrosanct but let’s for now forget about that. I ask, how in the blazes can hate crime laws be applied to those who choose to boycott Israeli products or companies only too happy to trade with a regime that makes Apartheid South Africa seem the very essence of tranquility? No one has any right to tell me where I should spend my money, least of all a good-for-nothing, two-bit traitor like Harper. I only hope a hell of a lot more folk feel as I do. If we allow this, we deserve what’s coming!


Cenk Uygar


  • Ruth McVeigh

    Canada’s bigoted Minister of Public Safety was blathering on today about how to prevent young people from seeking the “excitement and challenge” represented by heading out of this country to fight with ISIS. May I suggest that one possible way to make kids want to stay in Canada is to make Canada the country it used to be – one that gave young people constructive opportunities and challenges inside and outside this country. Remember Katimivik? Remember when we actually made efforts to assist developing countries? We still have organizations that support whatever CIDA is called now, but the government of this country does not – in fact it squashes and defunds those that do. I’ve been a loyal Canadian for over 8 decades, but my pride and my loyalty is stretched thin these days. I’m ashamed of most of the things this government does.
    If Canadians get into any kind of trouble when abroad, they can pretty well forget about getting help from their elected representatives. And when it comes to our responsibility for the environment, our relations with other countries and our standing among nations, we are slipping ever farther down the ladder. I really resent feeling this way, but as a realist, I
    know that as long as this government holds majority power, nothing is going to improve.

    • You’re right Ruth. The problem with Canada does not lie with its people but with it’s politicians who’ve sold out to the Zionists. Much the same here in the UK. We have zero representation.

  • Emilie Hess

    And here you have Mulcais displayed the same unwavering support for Israel and the mass-murdering maniac Benjamin Netanyahu http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2014/08/20/ndp_mp_quits_party_complains_that_tom_mulcair_is_too_proisrael.html

    Under Trudeau, the Liberals still believe in a two-state solution. One state for Israel and one state for the Palestinians, in the West Bank and in Gaza.

    The Trudeau Liberals believe that Canada should be a friend of Israel. But as a friend of Israel, the Trudeau Liberals believe that Canada is entitled to disagree with Israel’s policies vis-a-vis the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank and the continuation of the illegal West Bank settlements.


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