“We have achieved in Iraq more than we expected & planned” Avi Dichter

Blair said Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Dr. David Kelly, UK Chief Weapons Inspector to Iraq, the man who for 10 years made sure all of Saddam’s weapons had been destroyed, scoffed at the very notion. It cost him his life.



13 years have passed since Dr Kelly was murdered by Blair. Ask yourself – after all this nonsense with Chilcot, do you honestly feel any progress has been made? There’s an easy way to describe the Chilcot inquiry –
i. 7 more years where the real criminals behind the illegal Iraq war have been free to bring about the destruction of Libya and Syria 
ii. Over 2 million words of hot air & gibberish. 
iii. A total waste of time and money!


There’s also a very easy way to tell you what the Iraq war all about –


GW Bush & Tony Blair were mere agents working for the interests of Zionist bankers who originally were behind the creation of the state of Israel. Above all, Chilcot was all about ensuring the real perpetrators behind crimes of Nuremberg proportions WERE NEVER MENTIONED! Here you have it. This is from the horse’s mouth – a high-ranking Israeli official boasting –
“We have achieved in Iraq more than we expected and planned. Iraq has vanished as a military force and as a unified country. Our strategic option is to keep it divided. Our strategic goal is to not allow Iraq to take its regional and Arabic role back. Iraq must stay divided and isolated from its regional environment. Nobody can ignore what we have achieved in this field. Iraq can never be the same Iraq before 2003.”
– yet I would like to bet every penny I have that in the 2 million plus words of his inquiry, Chilcot never once pointed the finger at the architects behind this calamity in the Middle East – Israel & the dual national Zionists. Now for the benefit of skeptics & the uninitiated, I will endeavor to explain it the hard way, piece by piece, how events have been planned & specifically engineered in order to achieve exactly what’s transpired.






Greater Israel



Did we honestly need the Chilcot Inquiry? 7 years & a load of our money to boot, YET STILL BLAIR IS ABLE TO SIDE-STEP JUSTICE. The war-monger says ‘I accept full responsibility!’ What’s that supposed to mean? When a serial killer says such a thing do we take any notice? We’re being made to look complete fools & the more they get away with such skulduggery, the more they will chance their arm. I mean didn’t you smell a rat when that toe-rag Cameron tried to make out he was angry the inquiry was taking so long? Like a bunch of saps we had to sit and listen to this garbage. My word! How I never smashed the TV…..


This lie ranks among the greatest lies ever told! Cameron reneged on every election pledge he made, only to proceed with a hidden agenda passing laws that no one was even given a chance to debate. All of a sudden – it’s let’s get rid of Gaddafi. Before we knew it, Libya went from being the No.1 nation in Africa in terms of standard of living to a totally lawless state. It was as if Iraq never happened yet here was Cameron claiming victory. All he did was help destroy another nation whose leader stood up to the Zionists.
After seeing the debacle unfold in Libya, UK’s parliament firmly rejected Cameron’s call for military intervention in Syria. Yet behind everybody’s back, he nevertheless utilised our military in Syria – an act of Treason & the media said nothing! Small wonder. Cameron had already showed where his allegiance lay by proudly declaring his support for Israel was unshakable. And so it proves for only Israel wants to see Syria destroyed – no one else. Cameron was perfectly happy to commit Treason time & again yet we’re led to believe he couldn’t do anything to get the Chilcot Inquiry released?
Having the media is the key because any journalist worth their salt would have challenged Cameron on countless issues let alone the deliberate delaying of the Chilcot report. Sure enough, even RT Moscow interviewed a guy who’s obviously receiving blood money in order to portray legitimate reasons for invading Iraq. Now if RT is doing this, what chance do we have to be ever told the whole truth? NO ONE BUT NO ONE IS TURNING THE SCREW. BLAIR IS NOT ONLY A WAR CRIMINAL – IF THERE WAS ANY JUSTICE THE WRETCHED SPECIMEN WOULD BE TAKEN & SHOT!



1) First & foremost, who wanted this 2nd Iraq war? Did America have anything to gain? No. Did the UK have anything to gain? NO! So….. who did? 
Before we can answer this we are obliged to ask what occurred in the first Iraq war? Once again the US & UK led the call for war, after all, Saddam had invaded Kuwait. Thus, little need was there to convince the international community. Consequently Operation Desert Storm saw an international force spear-headed by America oust Saddam’s army from Kuwait with the minimum of fuss. But who remembers how surprised & relieved they were to hear US President George Bush senior’s declare US forces would not invade Iraq? Saddam would stay in power but would have to allow international weapons inspectors into Iraq & be forced to surrender all missiles, chemical & biological weapons.
So why did the US President not invade Iraq? Firstly, Bush senior was old school. His main concern was America’s interests. Being an oil man he rightly felt stability in the Middle East was the key to maintaining US economic interests. THAT’S WHY THEY PUT SADDAM THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!…….. Which conveniently brings me to…..


2) How come the media never once mentioned how Saddam became Iraq’s leader?
In the late 50’s the then Iraqi leader Qasim told US & UK oil companies –


So the CIA sent in two Iraqi brothers to kill Qasim. They blew their assignment & were forced to flee. The CIA then sent in the big boys & the job was done. A few years later, the brothers came out of hiding. One of them became Iraq’s leader – his name SADDAM HUSSEIN. Now considering Bush & Blair never stopped telling us how bad & dangerous Saddam was, wouldn’t it have been entirely appropriate for the media to inform the public how such a nasty piece of work ever became Iraq’s leader?
It is unacceptable, moreover, a recipe for disaster. One simply cannot permit politicians to create a problem & then allow them to claim the moral high ground by reacting to that very problem. The media’s role in this cannot be understated. By ignoring certain home truths such as who was responsible for the instatement of Saddam Hussein, this has the effect of skewing history altogether. The proof is in the pudding – had the media done their job, one can certainly question whether the 2nd Iraq war would have taken place.


3) So now, having ascertained stability in the Middle East is what suited America, one is obliged to ask what happened to change all this & most significantly, who had the power to turn US foreign policy on its head?
What did happen? First, there was one country very disappointed with Bush’s decision not to invade Iraq – ISRAEL. Now at the time Israel, for once, couldn’t open it’s mouth. What are they going to say ‘invade. Invade. Invade!’ Sure, they considered Saddam a threat but if the truth were ever told, everyone would be perfectly aware no Arab nation in their right mind would even consider attacking Israel. With America covering Israel’s back this was nigh on impossibile. Even if this wasn’t the case, Israel’s vastly superior armed forces would make mince meat of any of it’s neighbors not to mention Israel’s 300 nuclear weapons. So any talk of Israel being under threat is total, utter nonsense!
So why was Israel unhappy about Bush’s decision not to invade Iraq? Some 10 years prior, a man called Oded Yinon drew up a plan for the creation of Greater Israel. This is common knowledge. The year was 1982. If you can be bothered, the Internet will reveal all. Why should we take this seriously? Ask yourself – is Israel an aggressive nation that’s partial to annexing land that’s not theirs? JUST A TOUCH! I mean, it’s ridiculous! Not only is Israel the only country that openly displays a policy to expand it’s borders; IT DOES SO AS IF IT HAS EVERY RIGHT TO!
Obviously for the Israelis, a golden opportunity had been lost because as you can see from Oded Yinon’s map, Israel annexes almost all of Iraq! Therefore, as much as Zionists possessed untold influence & power in America, it had become abundantly clear a more hands-on approach would be necessary to set these wheels into motion. First of all, they had to get a perfect puppet into the White House.



You’d have thought Bush senior would have been praised for his hands off approach, thus rendering it a virtual certainty he’d be re-elected as President. Not so with the US media. Instead not only did they ignore the fact they had a pragmatic, experienced leader capable of handling tricky situations but they proceeded to undermine Bush’s re-election campaign & all for an absolute nobody & may I say, an almighty crook – Bill Clinton.


Zionist plan for M.E.


In short, the media at every opportunity made Bush look bad while Clinton was hailed as the ‘comeback kid’ who didn’t have a care in the world. The media played down the fact he was a draft dodger but poured scorn over Bush for daring to criticise TV cartoon show ‘the Simpsons!’ Clinton was able to traipse around as if he was bloody John Wayne while Bush was portrayed as a man seemingly under pressure. At the time I’d never seen such bias. I knew something seriously stunk but I didn’t understand what was really going on.
Incredibly, Bill Clinton found himself in the White House. Now I realise this was all part of the Zionist takeover of US foreign policy. Sure they had puppets before in the White House but I believe Clinton was the first one who would do everything the Zionists asked of him. Whenever I’ve stated this people naturally said ‘wasn’t that GW?’ No. Though this was all about foreign policy, they first needed a President who would criminally repeal the Glass/Steagal act that forbade Bankers from taking outrageous risks & notably laws that governed media ownership.
The former allowed Clinton’s bosses to rape every Treasury in the world. The beauty was, it was a 9 year pyramid scheme that the media would cover up & when the shit finally did hit the fan, Clinton would be long gone & GW Bush would be in office fighting a war on terror. However, the dismantling of media laws that forbade media companies from gobbling up each other, as well as conflicts of interests, was what was of paramount importance to the power-brokers for this paved the way for none other than 9/11.


The crux of our problem!


There is no possible chance the real terrorists behind 9/11 could have got away with it with 50 news companies all vying for a share of the ratings. For sure some of the glaring discrepancies in the official account would have been highlighted. However, quite how within an hour of the attacks they could have pinned the blame on Muslim terrorists without anyone in the 50 news companies asking the most patently obvious question – HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS or WHY THE HELL DIDN’T YOU SAY ANYTHING AN HOUR BEFORE THE ATTACK, is something they would have had to factor in. They knew the entire MSM had to sing exactly the same tune.
As this caption above shows 50 companies became 6 major media conglomerates, 5 of which are Zionists owned while Newscorp is owned by NeoCon nutter Rupert Murdoch, who naturally is in bed with the Rothschilds. Such was the criminality of Clinton’s actions, the public ended up with the diabolical situation where General Electric, America’s 3rd largest weapons manufacturer ended up owning one of America’s major TV news channels – MSNBC. You simply cannot have a bigger conflict of interest! Put it this way – what weapons manufacturer is ever going to make the case for peace?


What is relevant too is it took a rigged Florida Primary to get GW into the White House & another rigged Presidential election to keep him there. While Clinton, at least had the appearance of being Presidential, GW quickly became an embarrassment for here was a complete buffoon who somehow had risen to the top. How could it possibly be? He had a lot of outside help yet once in power, he literally had no power. The same can be said of Obama. Decisions on US foreign policy had all but been transferred to the Knesset. Only in the case of Iran did Obama put his foot down. As a result, even though he had continued GW’s war-mongering ways with zest, the Israelis nevertheless hate Obama because on this one issue he refused to capitulate.
This is why the entire Zionist apparatus in America is working to get another perfect puppet into the White House, except they know this one is committed to attacking Iran. Hillary Clinton has already said she will attack Iran even though Iran has not broken one international law. It doesn’t get worse than this! Apart from the obvious fact that this would be an outrageous crime against humanity, Russia & China have already said they will not sit idly by & watch America destroy Iran. Well, the way things are going, for the world it seems America & NATO don’t give a damn.
For many years I’ve felt Bill Clinton, GW Bush & Obama were selected, not elected. Had there not been colossal voter fraud RON PAUL would have been in the White House instead of Obama. Only the dual national Zionists could have done this because they own the media & since the media covered up the most blatant voter fraud what is one supposed to think? Bill Clinton for me was the turning point because ever since, Capitol Hill has been working directly against America’s interests & has managed to spend a kings ransom doing so.




So after 9/11, Afghanistan was invaded but how to switch the emphasis onto Iraq. Suddenly the media & our politicians were informing us that –
i) Iraq had weapons of mass destruction
ii) Iraq had links with Al Qaeda &
iii) Saddam could hit European cities within 45 minutes. What the media didn’t say is where they got this bullshit from.


4) Three Zionists: PAUL WOLFOWITZ, RICHARD PERLE & DOUGLAS FEITH – remember their names for it’s hard to even gauge how these men are able to sleep at night. No surprise they were part of the PNAC group which all but stated it would take a catastrophic, catalysing event for the realisation of Greater Israel & bang within a year 9/11 occurs. These men were given the job to create out of thin air reasons for invading Iraq. This was what they came up with. 
Now why is this so critical? Well for starters, this makes a mockery of Blair’s claim that ‘the intelligence was this; the intelligence was that!’ It also all but proves the media is entirely complicit. It’s not just Blair who is guilty of war crimes but every single media baron. They took the lies of Wolfowitz, Perle & Feith & even though there existed mountains of evidence to refute their claims, the media proceeded to bombard the public with these 3 lies for over a year. It was a relentless barrage. Yet obvious questions were never asked…..


5) For instance, how could Saddam have weapons of mass destruction? For 10 years weapons inspectors had meticulously carried out their job. Britain’s chief weapons inspector Dr. David Kelly scoffed at the very notion only for this true public servant to discover what it was like to be hounded by the media & bent politicians. No one stated the obvious – Dr Kelly was the expert; Blair was a pathological liar. Why was Kelly being treated so appallingly?
Answer because this was all part of a Zionist plan to destroy Iraq. Once the troops were there, the last thing they needed was a high profile figure effectively saying Blair had lied. The word was given – Blair was told to silence Dr. Kelly for good. Kelly was found dead in a field. Almost immediately the media in unison declared he’d committed suicide. At the time I thought no way are the British people going to swallow this. Surely they’d say ‘how could a man be brave enough to go back & forth from Iraq for the purpose of disarming Saddam, take his own life?
The very fact gargantuan criminals have been allowed to decree Dr. Kelly autopsy cannot be made public for 70 years should tell everyone everything. Who has the power to makes scores of people become an accessory after the fact, in the ultimate crime of murder to boot? Who has the power to stop the entire MSM reporting what’s patently obvious.


6) Where was the evidence of Saddam having links with Al Qaeda? There was none. They both hated each other. Where was the evidence to back up the claim Saddam could attack any European city within 45 minutes? There was none. Yet, sexed up documents appeared out of nowhere & the media used this ‘information’ to the max!  
Yet even when Chilcot refers to the most damning piece of evidence that Blair had told Bush –   

“I will be with you, whatever.”


– once again the media clammed up. This is an admission of guilt. I mean how much more proof does one need & more importantly, WHY IS THE MEDIA COVERING UP FOR BLAIR WHEN IT’S OBVIOUS HE’S A WAR CRIMINAL? Answer – by keeping the focus on Blair for as long as possible, almost like a buffer, those who pulled Blair’s strings remain hidden from public gaze. How often have I said – rule No.1 for the Zionists is to slip under the radar. And of course as time passes only Israel is gaining from all this mayhem.
The harsh reality is 9/11 was a Zionist operation. Much as I detest the media, journalists & reporters aren’t fools. They know 9/11 had to be an inside job. So why to this day has the Zionist controlled media stuck to the diabolical, laughable, impossible official version of events? Let’s put it this way – would they lie for anyone else? Impossible. As I said many times before 9/11, could not have taken place if the conspirators could not fully rely on the media. This was all about the creation of Greater Israel. The only way that could happen is if America was fooled into declaring a war against terror. As General Wesley Clark said…… 



This is why the British service men & women died in Iraq. Sure Blair was to blame & should be punished but he was a mere puppet acting on the orders of Zionists who’s ultimate aim is to establish a New World Order. What worries me more than anything is the fact virtually the entire Tory Party are members of the Conservative Friends of Israel & 80 Labour MP’s now belong to Labour’s Friends of Israel. Needless to say, these 80 traitors are the ones looking to undermine Jeremy Corbyn. Until people understand our entire political process has been totally & utterly compromised; until people understand the media will never tell us the truth because the Zionist war-mongers who own our politicians also own the media, we will continue to slide into the abyss. Chilcot my arse….. we are no nearer to exposing the real criminals behind the humanitarian catastrophe that’s been deliberately engineered. We are running out of time.





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