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GMMuk – 9/11 pt 2: WHO REALLY DID IT!

Here’s my video 9/11: Who Really Did It! I’m sorry it’s 28 minutes. I tried to cut it down as much as I could but as per usual, I went off in a tangent or two!     9/11 was a false flag event. That much is obvious. It involved the full cooperation of the Bush administration & the entire

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“We have achieved in Iraq more than we expected & planned” Avi Dichter

Blair said Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction. Dr. David Kelly, UK Chief Weapons Inspector to Iraq, the man who for 10 years made sure all of Saddam’s weapons had been destroyed, scoffed at the very notion. It cost him his life.     13 years have passed since Dr Kelly was murdered by Blair. Ask yourself – after all

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