Cops told the world he’s the shooter. Here’s the truth

Thanks to Ted Duggan for this clip which is rather interesting to say the least. Like I said yesterday – what on earth is the US Police & media doing regarding the awful goings on in Dallas? I’m in no doubt – the plan is to incite civil unrest in order to declare Martial Law & eventually start filling up the 800+ state-of-the-art Fema camps that arch Zionist Michael Chertoff had built. My feeling is, eventually, these are going to be mass execution camps.


I’ve no intention of giving the benefit of the doubt to the greatest gangsters in history. Yet what they’ve got planned beggars belief. 4 years ago I wrote ‘the 66 million Russians the Ashkenazi Zionists murdered in the Bolshevic Revolution in 1917 will be a like a walk in the park!’ I feel the best chance of stopping this happen is by informing enough people as to exactly what is going on. Chertoff himself was the man who ensured the ‘Dancing Israelis’ who’d failed lie-detector tests over 9/11, were inexplicably released & put on a plane to Israel where they were treated as heroes yet they actually admitted they knew all about 9/11 because they were there to document the event! Unbelievable but true!


If ever anyone needed damning evidence a higher tier of power that transcends politics exists, Obama is a classic example. I really do believe after 8 years of GW Bush, Obama genuinely offered hope. However, one could be excused in thinking the man that entered the White House was a clone or a mirror image version with its polarity reversed. He oversaw the destruction of Libya, Syria, Yemen & Ukraine; friendly countries like Pakistan were droned to kingdom come, yet he couldn’t do anything to stop Police shooting dead unarmed US civilians? What kind of a President is this?


One that has become a major embarrassment every time he opens his mouth. Small wonder, yesterday I neglected to mention Obama’s interjection in what’s become an all too familiar pathetic response from the man who promised so much. He merely came out with the same old drivel telling us everything we already know. What he should have said is ‘I have failed you my fellow Americans & I have terribly let down my brothers. I’m ever so sorry. I should have had the balls to fall on my sword’


Damn right too. This has all happened on his watch. He did nothing to stop the US police force being sent to Israel. He did nothing to stop the US Police setting up a headquarters in Tel Aviv so that this ‘special training in downright thuggery’ could become a permanent fixture. And there’s no getting away from it – the IDF are advising US police to treat US citizens as potential terrorists. The ramifications of this is enormous when you consider what that monster Ariel Sharon said –

“Every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”

Moreover, as I keep saying, this sudden upsurge in indiscriminate slaying of US civilians coincided with the US Police force being advised by Israelis. Look, if you want to keep beating around the bush that’s your prerogative. I’m just telling you what I think. Far as I’m concerned, this is all but a declaration of war on Americans for one reason – the Zionists have no intention of giving up control of the US & WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES! Elections are being rigged; the media cannot tell more lies; Israel continues to receive ungodly sums from the US taxpayer while American infrastructure falls apart. Even good Policemen are taking early retirement while racist, hooligan thugs are being hired. I believe this is what Americans should do & think –
1) Direct your anger at the government & the media – not other cops. Cops who abused their powers will be punished as they should in a proper court of law.
2) There is no race war. That’s what they’re desperately trying to create.
3) The American people need to unite & get organised
4) Make no mistake – it is imperative we let it be known – MEDIA WHORES WILL ALL BE PUNISHED ACCORDINGLY.
5) Now get your mindset round this: There is one difference between a media whore & a Nazi soldier in Auschwitz. The media whore has a choice whereas a soldier has to obey orders. Bear in mind, soldiers weren’t afforded the excuse they were merely following orders but what could they do? I defy anyone to tell me what they could have done.  
The crimes: Without going into the obvious lies we’ve been told about the Holocaust, let’s say millions died in the camps, so we had the Nuremberg trials.
Media whores willingly told us a pack of lies about Iraq & as a result, at least 2 million innocent folk have died in the Middle East & the carnage continues to this very day. WHERE’S THE DIFFERENCE? Like I said – media personnel at least have a choice; soldiers don’t! Get this into your head – the crimes of the media are of Nuremberg proportions. Maybe if people start realising this, the word will begin to get out. I believe it is absolutely imperative those who work in the media start to feel the heat. Their lies & their neglect of duty is what’s making all this hell possible.
But what of our politicians & more crucially those who control them? As I said in my piece, those 5 policemen died because of what their colleagues did. Their colleagues were literally encouraged to commit murder by those in power. The media are then instructed to read the script in front of them & do their usual hatchet job. The truth is US politicians & media are under Zionist control; the US police are being advised by Israelis. Since the common denominator is Israel & the dual national Zionists – HERE’S WHERE OUR ANGER SHOULD BE DIRECTED. Sadly this is where our foes are absolutely masters – as Gilad Atzmon so rightly said –


For those who didn’t manage to read my piece from yesterday here is the link – 

All lives matter. So who is responsible for the sudden spike in police brutality?


All lives matter. So who is responsible for the sudden spike in police brutality?

I just got sent this from Marilyn Wisbey & I thought why not stick it in this post because what’s going on in America is alien. This is what’s normal –

Norway’s police haven’t killed a single person in nearly 10 years



  • Gudrun Stender

    Thank you Michael; this is excellent! You mind if I share this if the need should arise, perhaps on Facebook?


    First of all, Obama is a Zionist! CHECK HIS LINEAGE! Just like Hillary! The next thing that I want to say is that the reports from the Dallas police states that there were 2 shooters and they were on the second story of the parking structure!!! Then they tell us that 2 men were seen putting 2 camoflage bags into a Mercedes and they had stopped them! DIDNT HEAR ANYMORE ABOUT IT!! BULLSHIT!! FALSE FLAG TO TAKE GUNS AWAY!! BY ZIONIST CONTROLLED MEDIA!

  • Memphis

    I agree with your depiction of the Zionists, and Obama’s plan for martial law, etc. However, since when are MUSLIMS Zionists?

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