I know it’s no laughing matter, especially since the only reason such a nasty piece of work like Trump could be leading the polls is because never has there been so much pure, unadulterated garbage to pick from for the Presidency. It’s a lamentable situation but I needed a laugh I can tell you. 


The good news is at least there’s a year to go; the bad news is they’re all working for Israel & the terrible news is quite a few of the so-called front-runners have it well within them to start WW III. I get the distinct impression a couple of these yoyo’s can’t wait to put their finger on the button. America – you couldn’t have worse people in control but I’m sure all the smart Americans don’t need me to tell them that! Jill Stein would get my vote in a heartbeat. If I had to pick anyone from the main parties it would be Rand Paul.


Of course let’s not forget how the Zionist controlled media have to a great extent succeeded in inciting Islamophobia. I firmly believe the worst terrorists are ISIS but there is no doubt in my mind we are not fighting them. Far from it! Why do you think the media has it in for the Russians? They were destroying ISIS. We all know that much. What people can’t seem to get into their thick heads is ISIS is Israel’s baby!


Israel Key Link in Exporting ISIS Oil – 

And now of course, a large brainless section of the American populace have once again fallen for all the media lies. If only they knew who really did 9/11! In the meantime, Darth Trump is running riot. I remember this man once said he didn’t trust Gorbachev. At the time I thought, what a blithering idiot! Now I feel he could be a dangerous man, though ironically if the media turn against him I’d take that back.


Thanks to the great Debbie Lawrence for this – 



And true to form – look where Darth Trump is heading for? Are we going to do a bit of wailing at the wall I wonder? I was rather surprised when I saw the headlines. The very thought Israeli politicians en masse are appalled at Trump’s comments. Well, if you believe that, then you’ll believe I could be the next President! Needless to say Netanyahu wants to check out whether Trump can attain puppet status.


You can be sure of one thing – if the media start unloading on Trump, then you’ll know he’s not what Israel wants. That’s good! However, if the media start singing Trump’s praises, while making mince-meat out of anyone close to him in the polls, then you’ll know Netanyahu’s mind has been put to rest. It’s that simple!


Furor in Israel as Trump to be hosted by Netanyahu after remarks on Muslims………. (and pigs will fly) 


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  • Renea Stark

    The media has already NOT supported Trump. The future will tell. I know who and what Netanyahu is and will spread the truth till my last breath. The fact that Trump is going to ISrael is an interesting thing. I will wait and watch.

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