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Two video clips: no surprise for the first; couldn’t believe the second!

I find it astonishing how so many people assume I’m a Muslim. Even when I tell them I have no interest in ANY religion, often I have to go the whole hog & say –  It is my ardent belief Religion is but a concoction of man’s imagination. It has served to divide the human race. Who, after all, needs religion

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A Blatant Attempt to Incite Islamophobia: Now Charlie Hebdo is Getting in on the Act of the Tragic Death of Alan Kurdi.

When I saw this caption I thought come on. There’s a goddamn limit here for crying out loud! I was compelled to put pen to paper –  http://whatsupic.com/special-world/tragic-death-of-alan-kurdi8907765.html   Wait a minute. This crisis was created by the meddling of the West, the media & the illegal wars that this whole phoney war on terror has created. THIS ALL ABOUT

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