Do news anchors and presenters actually believe what they are saying?

I haven’t done one of these for a while – make a post from a question posed in a comment. This one was from my good friend SAM who said – 

Glad we have press tv. The bbc is getting worse and worse, I can’t even listen to radio 4 when driving now as they make me dangerously angry! Do you reckon their news anchors and presenters actually believe what they are saying? No wonder they are confused with the current situation….

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My answer – 

I know exactly how you feel Sam. It is so frustrating for so many reasons, especially when one reaches the level where one automatically knows when one is hearing truth or lies. As for the news anchors, many of them, especially the TV presenters, are pencil-pushing goody-goodies. They are carefully hand-picked – squeaky clean, featuring a wide variety of ethnicity in order to defy the very notion those in control of the media are not the ultimate racists, when in truth their goal is to Divide & Conquer. These presenters are paid ridiculous sums of money, in excess of £25000 a week, more than what many people earn in a year, merely for knowing how to read.


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So it’s hardly surprising very few of them ever say ‘I’ve had enough of this shit – having to sit here telling everyone a pack of lies all the time!’ This is made even more unlikely by the fact TV presenters remain in no doubt any transgression will result not only in dismissal but it will be a career-crushing decision as CNN’s Amber Lyons & the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen discovered. With long-time BBC war correspondent Bowen all it needed was for him to say he’d seen no evidence Hamas was using human shields, countering the chief Israeli claim in last year’s outrageous massacre of 2200 folk in Gaza. End of career & note, all he said was “he hadn’t seen”. He did not flat out say the truth that the Israelis were lying their sweet arse off!


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On the radio it’s a different story altogether because they don’t read off an auto-cue. A lot can be said in a two hour slot on the radio, especially where one entertains callers who voice their opinion regarding current affair topics. Here too, radio presenters are carefully hand-picked. Unlike the TV though, there exists a disproportionate number of Jewish ones & you can be sure the vast majority of those that aren’t Jewish are, often privately, self-confessed Zionists. Even more certain is the fact we will NEVER have one that’s sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.


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In fact today the criteria for being a non-music radio presenter – one has to be 100% obedient to the governments stance on key issues, especially foreign policy; one can never say “when are these bastards ever going to do anything about the pedophiles in Westminster”; Israel can do no wrong etc etc etc. Moreover, those who are picked tend to be the ones who really do believe the garbage they spew out. So in answer to your question I’d say for the TV – in their heart of hearts, most of them no, whereas for the radio – most of them, an emphatic yes! TV presenters only have to sound convincing for what they’re told to say. Radio presenters have to sound convincing period.


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For me, 9/11 more than anything shows how so many people believe the media unconditionally. If your best friend came & told you a plane crashed into the Empire State building & half an hour later the building collapsed into its own footprint, 99 out 100 people would not bet their life that what they heard was true & they would want independent confirmation before they believed such a story.

Yet here you have the exact same scenario but because the media says it, the brain shutters come down. In fact all the people who utilise the phrase ‘conspiracy theorist’ are merely those who display a level of ignorance that beggars belief.


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