Do not vote for a friend of Israel

In fact, write a letter to your political representative, be it in the US, UK or wherever. You don’t have to make it long-winded. Keep it simple & you most certainly shouldn’t use any bad language. Just say something like this – 

You’re entitled to your opinion. I’m entitled to mine. If you want to be a friend of Israel, fine. However, you will never get my vote because unlike you, I feel their behavior & treatment of the Palestinians & indeed all their neighbors is nothing short of disgraceful. What I find so disconcerting though is I’m in little doubt you would not display such appalling judgement if another country like Russia, China, Iran or North Korea displayed a similar wanton disregard for international law.

By all means, be my guest to use this. I for one will be sending it out to all candidates for every election from now on.

The fact almost the entire Tory party are members of Friends of Israel should tell us it has been compromised. Sure enough I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve accused Cameron of placing Israel’s interests before ours. However, what has really made a mockery of our entire electoral process is when it comes to Israel, political ideology goes out the window. I don’t know the exact amount for who knows while I’m writing this, another Labour MP could have been bribed or coerced into becoming a Friend of Israel! Some 50, perhaps 60 Labour MP’s have declared their undying allegiance to Israel.

66 Labour War-mongers

What makes this an eye-opener as well as a calamity of monumental proportions is the fact that David Cameron needed the votes of 66 Labour MP’s so that he could continue his war-mongering ways. Now I would like to bet a king’s ransom there exists a direct correlation between those Labour MP’s who voted to bomb Syria & those Labour MP’s who are Friends of Israel. Now I don’t know if I’m right but I’d rather put my reputation on the line & let others do the research. I’ll be damned if I’m going to waste my time discovering what I already believe. 

Here is yet another fabulous video by the late but great Anthony Lawson. Note too this was before Netanyahu had embarked on his 3rd bout of ethnic cleansing. I’d just like to say Jane Corbyn is an absolute disgrace. What a lying bitch!

There are no friends of Outer Mongolia, Congo or West Tobago. What earthly reason is there to have one specifically for a country that’s broken more international laws than any other by a proverbial mile & in a recent European poll was judged to be the No.1 danger to world peace? The answer to this question effectively is – IN ORDER TO PERVERT THE COURSE OF DEMOCRACY! Harsh words? Hardly.

You see for the would be aspiring young gun who yearns for power for power’s sake, money & the media are two all important factors. Sure, if you’re a good enough talker you can win over your constituents but higher office is another thing altogether. What we saw recently with Jeremy Corbyn, believe it or not, was a once in a blue moon occurrence. The Zionists never saw it coming & before they knew it, Corbyn had become leader of the Labour party. One only has to see the appalling manner in which the media has treated Corbyn whereas Cameron, a man who’s not fit to shine Corbyn’s shoes, is forever protected.

Several times in the past I’ve listed Cameron’s lies, blunders & downright skulduggery only for the media to ignore each & every one. The truth is, unless we act, in the near future, it’s highly unlikely any politician will ever acquire a significant ministerial position without having declared himself or herself to be a Friend of Israel. All you have to do is look at what’s happened in America. Almost every politician there is trying to jump over the other when it comes to licking Israel’s putrid arse! Where else could the most despised, despicable man on the planet, Benjamin Netanyahu, received 29 standing ovations after telling a pack of lies to the US Congress? If we don’t react, soon, perish the thought, we could be experiencing very much the same thing!


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