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So Hilary Benn reckons Jeremy Corbyn isn’t a leader? What nonsense

THEY WILL NOT STOP. THEY WILL CONTINUE TO UNDERMINE ANYONE WHO DOES NOT FOLLOW THEIR AGENDA! THEY WANT TO ENSURE THE ONLY LEADERS WE HAVE ARE PERFECT PUPPETS! So Hilary Benn reckons Jeremy Corbyn is no leader? That means this turncoat toe-rag thinks he knows more than all the people who voted for JC in his landslide victory to become

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Hilary Benn is the reason I cancelled my membership to the Labour party

What Jeremy Corbyn has had to put up with is totally unacceptable. The media has blatantly twisted every story so as to portray him in a bad light yet in reality no leadership contest, both for Labour & Tory has ever been so clear-cut. Corbyn’s victory was massive yet the media continue their assault. The problem is I don’t think

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