The Talmudic Noahide Laws

As well as being one of the most prominent Israeli activists, indeed in the world, most of us know Miko Peled as the author of the General’s Son. I’ve always admired the way Miko somehow manages to get his point across without so much as losing a heartbeat despite the fact he’s often up against the most hate-filled, deluded adversaries. I don’t know how he does it. Hard as I try I can’t help but lose my rag! For me, as well as being a great guy, Miko Peled is Mr. Cool!

I’ve put this interview first for two reasons. It’s crucial as many folk as possible get to know Jana & Steven Ben Noon, two wonderful people who host ‘Israeli News Live’ before they watch the 2nd video because that’s where the real guts & thunder is. Jana & Steven tell it how it is but here Miko does most the talking. It’s more of the usual stuff regarding the disgraceful treatment of the Palestinians as well as the fact Israel is seemingly above international law.

It’s also important that here 3 Jews do all the talking. In the past, I’ve always had problems trying to explain to Jews that many of their own are desperately trying to counter the official Zionist narrative which is bullshit & lies. What people don’t understand is the media never allows any other side of the story, most especially from Jews. So many people therefore erroneously assume there isn’t another side to the story. This video is a good one to show those who are pretty much clueless to what’s really going on.

Former IDF Soldier Miko Peled with Jana & Steven Ben Noon

The 2nd interview is rather spine-chilling. It explains what Netanyahu & his NWO cohorts are up to & what they intend to do. Scary stuff yes but then don’t we already know a chief goal of the New World Order is to have no more than 500 million inhabitants? A nuclear exchange between the super-powers would be disastrous. Survivors would have to live underground for several years, maybe even hundreds. I say this not because I’m an expert on the topic but because I have seen some of the massive underground facilities they’ve built. There’s no question they’ve prepared themselves even for this eventuality.

However, there are many other ways to kill us. Some 30,000 die every day from starvation. What’s to stop them making it 3 million a day? Some 10 companies control all the food & drink. A few other companies control all the energy. What if they decide to shut it all down? What lends credence to this is they’ve been trying to kill us or at least sterilise us for several decades now. Asparthame, Fluoride, our meat loaded with steroids, polluted fish. One can go on & on. Cancer cures come & go. Perhaps worse still are all these vaccines, some licensed to kill & they’re chomping at the bit to make them mandatory. You can be sure if & when they put us into camps (which they’ve already built) anyone interned will be force-ably vaccinated. Add to this Chemtrails & HAARP & perhaps worst of all this new Israeli invention 5G. Strange how only one country on the planet chose to ban 5G. Did I say which country that was? Oh I’m sorry. I must have forget……..ISRAEL! (Article all about this below).

Yet, shocking as all this is, it may be the case those who end up being ‘spared’ could well be in for an altogether worse scenario. You see the goal is to make Jerusalem the hub of the NWO complete with TALMUDIC LAW. This is what Jana & Steven will tell you about & it’s coming from the horses mouth here. Apparently all that Satanic shit is what these depraved lunatics actually have in store for us. This is a world where child molestation & mutilation is, perish the thought, the done thing! Well, we always knew these bastards were sick. Perhaps it’s the case most of us have little idea just how sick they are. Thanks so much to Debbie Lawrence for sending me these two videos.

Jana and Steven Ben Noon on the Talmudic Noahide Laws

It’s all important but I thought I’d select a few significant segments –

10.00 – 14.40 mins, 20.45 – 28.30 mins, 39.00 – 49.00 mins, 53.00 – 56.00 mins, 1.02 – 1.10 mins, 1.16.40 – 1.20 mins, 1.24 – 1.27 mins.

Speaking of Israel not giving a damn about international law that fool Trump made me laugh the other day when he said – ISRAELIS SHOULD BE IMMUNE FROM INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT PROSECUTION.’ Only those seriously deficient in working brain cells could ever suggest anything so daft but to do so for a country like Israel……. but then I thought, hang on a minute –


Here’s the stomach churner from the Jerusalem Post. I always felt Trump was an odious man but as much as we know how embedded Zionists are in Congress, the Senate & the White House, not forgetting Hilary simply wasn’t an option, Trump nevertheless couldn’t have caved in more if he tried. He’s been an absolute disgrace. Before the election he as good as spilled the beans on 9/11. He also said ‘these wars are disastrous for America.’ We weren’t exactly spoiled for choice but to give us hope only for the turn-coat to give Netanyahu everything. Put America first eh? You & your entire family are as bad as Bush & the Clintons. You make me sick!

Since I only get a couple days on FB before I’m banned again for another 30 days, I thought I’d cram in as much as possible.

Just when you thought it could get no worse check this headline out – the psychopaths are in full flow yet these idiotic media whores think they’re immune. How can these people promote such criminality yet not consider they may be signing their own death warrants in the process?

‘Here’s why 5G is NOT allowed in Israel where it was developed.’ I

This is an excellent article in fact. Goodness knows how many times I’ve been offered a smart meter. Each time I hold back politely telling them ‘PLEASE FUCK OFF!’ Look, like my media rule ‘if you yearn the truth whatever they say imagine the exact opposite’, I use the same line of thinking for anything they advertise, most especially smart meters. If they’re trying to push something then it’s a no-brainer. It’s something they want. That means it’s no good for us! Why do you think they call them smart meters? Because they want to give the impression they save money. They don’t. What they entail is if you can’t pay, then it all goes dark! Anything advertised on TV more often than not is a Zionist scam, like all the charities. The TV & Radio are tools to enable this. Donkeys & Tigers get bugger all. I don’t even have a smart phone for it’s as good as being bugged! How can anyone trust people who lie to go to war?

Finally one last sickener but don’t worry Trump – Zionists are already above the law when it comes to pedophilia. These vermin never go to jail. Sick bastards indeed but try to comprehend that under Talmud law this will all be legal!

14 Israelis Arrested in Colombia for Running Sex Tourism Ring that Catered to Jewish Pedophiles

And of course not to forget the rip-roaring trade in organs of Palestinian, Syrian & Iraqi children –

Here’s another classic example of what Americans hear when it comes to Israel. If you think it’s as bad in the UK (& it is very bad) think again. Here Ben Shapiro does a proper job impersonating liar extraordinaire Mark Regev. What Americans don’t hear is since the Great Return March began in 2018, over 270 unarmed Palestinian have been killed. Israeli deaths – 0! Palestinian injuries – 33,000. Israeli injuries – 4! Yet this little germ Shapiro is making out the Israelis are the ones under threat. I can’t get my head round how Miko Peled keeps his cool.


  • Linda

    Poor little Cebu in the Philippines is over run with Noahide Rabbies, they are converting Christians at a massive rate into Noahide cults who are allowed to worship Israel and jews as their superior but have no benefit of being jews themselves. They aim to have 7500 billion Noahide converts.

  • linda

    Adam is all over the Noahide which has been wriitten into law in the US I believe

  • Debbie Lawrence

    Another great piece Michael, isn’t it heartwarming to find Jews that are equally horrified by the zio sociopaths that run this asylum.
    It’s beyond infuriating that so called Christians cannot discern this synagogue of Satan, Jesus description of the Talmudic Jews.
    These forked tongue vipers are leading the world to a bigger hell than we already live in.
    The Sanhedrin the same rabble that had Jesus crucified are in bed with the Vatican (this pope is trained in Noahide Laws) and they have built under the temple mount their court and have judges trained up in the Noahide Laws already. These ‘laws’ written by Talmudic Jews.
    Noah held to the 10 commandments, moral commands, not depraved ramblings of men.
    Any wonder there are guillotines in place at the Fema concentration camps.
    Like you Michael, we can only keep trying to wake the flock up.

    • Well the smartest Jews (ie the ones not so easily brainwashed) I would say are a lot smarter than these Christians who are completely brainwashed. So this is no surprise. Religion often brings the worst out in people but we are waking more & more folk up.

  • Fredi Hazeem

    Sigh. You see well, I appreciate your research, and facts. But it seems like no one cares. I want to project this on every building in NATO countries & Around the globe. However, the few who are aware are gagged, and attacked. The blind refuse to listen or see.

    I’m with you sir. Shared on VK, and MeWe. Blocked again on FB, purged on Twit and YouTube … but getting a growing base on VK.

    Will watch and/or browse the video links tomorrow. Thx for the condensed time frames.

    • Yes. It’s a joke the censorship is on Defcon 1. Even VK has screwed me. I got nearly 1000 utube subscribers & nothing from them either. The good news is they must be getting very desperate Fredi. The bad news I think they’re going to kill JC. My next piece is going to be about this.

      • Fredi Hazeem

        “‘People must see clearly the futility of maintaining the fight for social goals within the framework of civil debate. When the forces of oppression come to maintain themselves in power against established law; peace is considered already broken.'”

        (1961) ‘Guerilla Warfare,’ Ernesto Che Guevara

  • Abbas

    Thanks Michael Aydinian, this is a very informative post. I forward your interesting posts to Linkedin and Whatsapp. Keep it up, I pray for your good health, and longevity.

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