Forbidden information. 5G is a kill grid that will lead to forced vaccinations

I don’t know much about 5G. What I do know is it was developed in Israel & that means I won’t have anything to do with it. Lucky me but then I heard there’s one country that also doesn’t want it. Take a wild guess who. ISRAEL! Well, what do you know! It’s alright selling it to everyone else but they don’t want it! If that doesn’t make you just a touch suspicious then forget it. Nothing will & boy are they pushing it. Celebrity millionaires can’t wait to tell us how good 5G is. I for one will never watch another Kevin Bacon film or any celebrity who’s prepared to sell their soul. I don’t know how that bloody Carol Vorderman isn’t on the job. She plugs every other kind of garbage!

I’ve never seen or heard of Joe Imbriano before but I think he does a great job explaining what 5G is really all about….

In an article from June 2019 ‘The Illuminati are about to make their Final Move’ I wrote….

  1. no right to bear children without approval
  2. no right to travel without authorisation
  3. no right to own private property
  4. no right to privacy
  5. no right to bear arms
  6. no right to protest
  7. no right to receive an inheritance
  8. no right to choose an education or a job or even a place of residence & worst of all,
  9. no right to live!

5G isn’t the reason I still use a crumby little mobile that’s 20 years old. I’ve never trusted these I-phones. Not that it’s down to radiation frying the scant few brain cells I possess either. I just never liked the idea of being tracked. Not that I’ve got anything to hide from the NSA but who are these bastards who without any discussion or due process have awarded themselves the power to pry on every human being? What gall…. & all they give us is this drivel about protecting national security? This is total baloney! Surely the best way to protect one’s nation is to stop bombing other countries & interfering in their affairs? Any terrorism that exists is largely thanks to Israel & the foreign policies of America & the UK. If you don’t know this then you’re thick. It’s as simple as that!

Then there’s Chemtrails. A few years ago I was sent a piece which made the interesting connection between the tiny metallic particles which were being sprayed everywhere via Chemtrails & the new technologies they were developing. Apparently we ingest these particles which lie dormant in our bodies & then through 5G & other means they literally are able to activate them. Now I don’t know the gory details but after watching the Imbriano video it seems forced vaccinations are very much part of the plan. Whether this apparent bug in China is inter-linked too I’m not sure.

I’ve just received this very interesting article regarding the link between 5G & this Corana Virus. Thanks to Craig Heath for it…..


What people have got to understand is, first & foremost, there exists a hidden tier of power that has zilch to do with democracy & everything to do with the whims of a cabal of banksters whose goal is to create a New World Order where they will be despotic lords of the planet. So powerful is this Illuminati no billionaire would dare oppose them & since they control the entire media apparatus, anything they plan is always hidden from public gaze. This is why it all seems too much to believe for those who fail to ask relevant questions & so conduct no research. One thing though the ‘elite’ have made clear – crucially they desire a world where no more than 500 million humans exist.

This explains why today everything is engineered to keep the super wealthy happy. Tax loopholes; tax havens; the wholesale sell off of state assets at knockdown prices; licences handed out in order to milk the public with charges that border on daylight robbery for the Internet, Broadband & phone lines. Every so often, even laws are passed to allow companies to grab even more. Yet the media portrays billionaires as good guys. Their greedy views often dominate the air-waves. Moreover, we’re now being inundated with chronic levels of advertising on TV related to gambling. Even certain ‘charities’ seem to have all the money in the world to afford the ludicrous cost of advertising. You can be sure, most of these are scams & of course should any of these people fall foul of the law, there’s no chance any of them will ever see the inside of a court-room, let alone face prosecution.

This is why today the rule of law is fast becoming a joke. Warmongers & child molesting politicians who’ve aided the NWO merchants naturally are protected by the media. In the meantime we are witnessing an assault on freedom of speech. Whistle-blowers Julian Assange & Chelsea Manning languish in jail. Some journalists aren’t so fortunate. Michael Hastings & Serena Shim were murdered simply because, like Assange & Manning, they felt compelled to tell the truth. America’s top aviation expert Philip Marshall along with his two kids were brutally gunned down because in his book ‘The Big Bamboozle’ Marshall stated the official account of 9/11 was nonsense. The Police & the media turned their back on investigating these obvious assassinations. This is the real world.

Some of us may maintain a comfortable existence because money is not a serious issue. Media whores for instance are paid ridiculously well yet these people are slaves to their work. In fact most ordinary folk who earn decent wages, whether they know it or not, are beholding to a system that offers little. The vast majority who work at or near the minimum wage in reality are barely a click above slave labour. Worse still, ever-increasing numbers remain trapped in a cycle of poverty. Woe betide if you end up homeless. While their numbers sky-rocket, many refuse to suffer the ignominy of being rendered homeless by taking their own lives. The number of suicides for years has been significantly rising. Here the media goes schtum yet breaks it’s back to tell us how bad Jeremy Corbyn will be if he were to get in!

When I was a kid I had two vaccinations. I’m not sure but I think they were for Smallpox & Tetanus. Now there are goodness knows how many. I’ve long since felt Big Pharma has been weaponised! For over 20 years I’ve been aware genuine cures for Cancer have been deliberately suppressed. Then there’s Aspartame, a so-called substitute for sugar that never should have found it’s way into our food & drinks. There are all these bizarre additives our foods are being laced with. One can go on & on describing how the interests of ordinary folk are non-existent. We are actually paying to be poisoned.

The bad news is, slowly but surely we are being stripped of our basic rights. Soon saying anything, however justified, will be a criminal act. We now have a Prime Minister who proclaims he’s a Zionist & wants to usher in laws that render criticism of Israel, the worst human rights violator, a criminal act. Already most American states have decreed it’s illegal to support the BDS movement. Why have I mentioned Zionism? Because the very people who want to create this New World Order are the same people who were responsible for the creation of Israel. If you can’t see how so many dots connect then one day you may well be in for a nasty surprise.


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