Former Cuba Leader Fidel Castro Says ‘Israel and US Fathered Isis’.


I still have to pinch myself. I can understand why they got away with 9/11; how they managed to switch the attention to Iraq; even how they took Libya – the No.1 country in Africa & just reduced it to rubble. I can understand how they did all this but what I simply cannot get over is how they not only conjured ISIS out of thin air & then serviced it with all of the state-of-the-art firepower but then they did the impossible – while using ISIS as their tool in the Zionist quest to realise Oded Yinon’s 1982 plan to create Greater Israel, the Zionist media had us believe the very terrorist organisation they created WAS NOW OUR NEW ADVERSARY!


This swine Cameron has even hinted new laws have to be brought in because effectively he’s so useless at fighting terrorism. I mean these guys can have their cake & eat it too. All these years we’ve been fighting this so-called war on terror & all it really is is a WAR OF TERROR! Zionists planned & executed 9/11. Without any evidence whatsoever, they would immediately blame Muslims so that America would use it’s military might to take out the 7 Arab/Muslim nations Israel needed to destroy in order to create Greater Israel. It’s so obvious this is the case for one reason – the only country to gain from all this mayhem is Israel but then just to put the icing on the cake General Wesley Clark spills the beans way before any of this has happened. He said the plan all along was to take out 7 countries!


So we have all the evidence under the sun. Small wonder the moment the Zionist controlled media mentioned the name ISIS I said ‘yeah. They’re terrorists alright! ISRAELI ONES!’ I mean it was so obvious there was no thinking needed yet try telling people that we’re the ones who created ISIS? In the end I got so fed up the moment ISIS was mentioned I’d say ‘what the fanatical Islamic terrorist organisation that only kills Arabs & Muslims?’ People would look at me & I’d say ‘aren’t you ever going to wonder why ISIS NEVER ATTACKS ISRAEL?’ It just doesn’t sink in. Even when you show damning evidence of ISIS terrorists receiving medical aid in Israel; Netanyahu visiting them in hospital & then to add salt into the gaping wound the Israelis own up & say…….. & get this……… ‘WE’RE DOING IT FOR HUMANITARIAN REASONS!’ The Israelis are now humanitarians BUT EVERYONE FORGETS ABOUT THE FACT THEY’RE HELPING ISIS TERRORISTS. 




Small wonder Castro’s had enough. I mean he’s telling us something that everyone should know. Apart from Zionists & Jews, if you don’t realise ISIS is an Israeli terrorist organisation then I’m sorry but you’re as good as brain dead. 


This link has got all the info you need & more. You’ve got the Wesley Clark interview & the great Ken O’Keefe, one of the few people who goes all the way rightfully pointing the finger firmly at Israel. THIS IS ALL BECAUSE OF THEM whether I’m anti-Semitic or not!


Then there’s my old mate John Miranda spelling it out on Press TV. Well done mate. If enough of us get out there, sooner or later the penny’s got to drop!




Here’s a Red Ice Creations link –

ISIS is receiving funding, aid, weapons, training, and recruits from the United States, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. Although there are some sensational stories coming out of the jewish press about an ISIS holocaust, the Islamic State has never had any intentions of attacking the jewish State. In fact, the military conflicts taking place in the Middle East, and in particular Syria, are all wrapped up in the plot to massively expand the boundaries of Israel. Saudi Arabia, which was founded by jews and is where Wahhabi ISIS originates, is already locked up, and Egypt has recently fallen into line, so only a few more loose ends need to be tied up.


G Israel


Finally if you want to learn every last detail about ISIS Brandon Martinez is your man




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